MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Aaaand we’re out of top forty!
Boy is it not depressing to see MaidSafe sinking down the chart so slowly and steadily!

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i’d love to see that :smiley:

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why depressing? when u know its a great project and the results will be awesome, these minor bumps doesnt matter …


From investing perspective we have to realise we are coming from a 10M $ market cap but yeah it could be much higher if you compare it with some other projects.
No matter it’s still not bad.

Have a look at $LBRY . They released open beta 31st of last month. Check the price now. They didnt get the results as they were expecting ( price wise) because of the market situation imho. Even from investment pov if u want to see a good gain then its not the right time. All is dev’s decision. Whenever they think its the right time they will do it .

I can assure you that the Maidsafe team are not looking at the price or market to determine when a release/test is done. Its when the release is ready. This coin is not about the market price but utility. Yes I know there was a little promotion around the BTTF share release, but that was special event and not about the coin.

I can say this because the price does not affect them and because its a utility coin the real value will occur when SAFEcoin is being tested and beyond.


Because I don’t know. And let’s face it, neither do you, nor anyone else. What you have is faith, not knowledge.

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Actually we have working testnets. Test17 was a good example of the network working and as the bugs are swatted it keeps improving.

So no its not just faith, but examining what has been done, what is known possible and assurance from past achievements that the full features are possible


these prices against BTC are depressing.
I have been in vacations and coming back end of the week to try to pump the price a little, lol.
In all seriousness, sellers are strong. And with little visibility net new money not flowing into MAID right now. :frowning:

Yeah, we stuck here, soon we will reach 100 in coinmarketcap…

Rankings don’t matter. BTC will keep climbing and it’ll drag the value of Alts with it over the long term. When SAFE has ‘utility’ it has a good shot at being one of the few things to survive this crypto-boom. No one will give a damn who was where in the market cap rankings in a few years, and they will look totally different, just as they do now to a few years ago.


No offense and disrespect, but I don’t get it when you guys say this will happen and that will happen and MaidSafe will launch, and it will cost $1000 and everything will be blue skies and roses. You don’t know that!
How could you? Are you a time traveler, or do you maybe, hide a magic crystal ball somewhere?
All we do is speculate, so let’s admit it, and admit that there is a good chance we are wrong.


This is a development and, as such, nobody knows what will happen the next months. The important for my, and most of this forum users, is that, comparing to other development, the Safe network has a potential that is light years away from the rest of cryptoworld solutions.

But if you think that the Safe network will be a failure I don’t understand why you lose your time here.


I remember myself mining bonuscoin muhahah :money_mouth_face: but at least bought into maidsafe when it was 9M marketcap…


I do not.
What makes you think I do? Where did I give the slightest indication that I think that MaidSafe will be a failure?
Again, how do I know? I do not have a magic crystal ball either.
All I am advocating for is sober mindedness and realism. Acknowledge the fact that we’re speculating and name it for what it is. Realise that our sentiment might be obscuring our ability to be objective. Don’t confuse your hopes and believes with knowledge.
I am a supporter of the project just as much as you are. I have most of my crypto in MaidSafe. Not too long ago it was only MaidSafe.
Don’t point your guns at me please, I am one of yours, only I like to keep my feet on the ground.


I’m pretty sure I didn’t say anything like that?! All I said was that rankings are transient and immaterial now. I said that ‘utility’ gave safecoin

and I said the rankings will look totally different. Obviously they will, whether or not SAFE is anywhere near the top is another matter.

I think you’ve read too much between the lines in what I actually said tbh. No offence taken though. I agree with you that anyone who claims to be sure of anything in the future is obviously deluding themselves. No one is certain of anything. I don’t claim to know how things will turn out, but like everyone else I have an ever-changing idea of what I think might happen.

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And we have no idea when it will launch. No one can even say which decade it will be.

No one can say what decade Eth or BTC will scale either, it doesn’t stop them being interesting.

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So if it’s all based on potential, why are Eth,

BTC and others valued the way they are. There must be something missing