MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

when alpha 2 is release price rise af! set you’re long before that happen! I hope its gonna be tomorrow


That would be great. I think tomorrow is a bit premature, but I guess with the current test being stable & most features needed for Beta 2 having been tested, it should be pretty soon!


i think should wait for few more days. so the btc settles down. that would be a good time to release alpha 2


BTC at ATH of $3100 and MAID is at 35 cents (0.00011300)


I don’t see btc settling down. It feels pretty bullish now that the pain of fork has largely passed. But even if it surges to mid $3000s or even $4000 and maid takes a related hit (in btc rather than fiat), I don’t see why it should affect dev milestones. One of the greatest things about Safe is it’s independence from all of that crypto nonsense.

Apologies if you meant “settling down” in another sense. Perhaps the general news hubbub created by fork?

As much as Alpha 2 is exciting and another significant step, it has been so incremental that I don’t see the market or the crypto community taking great note sadly. Not yet. If they’ve paid any attention at all, they’ll have seen the majority of Alpha 2 already in place. Merely denoting test 18 or 18b as Alpha 2 isn’t going to cause any earthquakes. I’d love to be wrong though!


If people are getting wiser to the fact that MAID will not be based on blockchain consensus mechanisms, then MAID might not rise along with all of the alts above it which are based on it, until MAID proves itself more and more on its own merits.

It has hit 40 on Coinmarketcap, when it was at 30 not too long ago. I said it wouldn’t go to 100 like someone said, but there’s no ignoring the trend. (Not that it’s literally going that low.) And that trend is saying that it will continue to “stagnate” (that’s the word necessary for the description of MAID slipping on Coinmarketcap).

…For now.

As @danski just said, even Alpha 2 might not do anything. It depends on how the updates are formulated, and if the right people take notice at the right time.

However, what I truly think will be good for MAID—besides Alpha 2, or particularly Data Chains, which will also be (more) important—is Testsafecoin (even more important!). Any one of these poignant developments will on one level or another cause Blockchain/Other funds to pour into MAID, bringing it to 20(?) or greater. (And in the top 5(?)-10 with Safecoin even moderately working.)


I’m not following (or understanding) here: the system behind most of the currencies from 1 to 38 have a sort of blockchain behind it. Number 39 has something different, that could be better. Let me be wise here and skip this one…

edited my post, hopefully more clear now


Anyone here sell there BCH for MAID? This could be why MAIDs moving.

Its moving down against BTC. And has dropped from 35 cents to 34.5 cents while BTC jumped from $3100 to $3222


If bitcoin price rise stabilize it’s gonna be the turn of alt to go up! like always. if we have alpha 2 on Thursday it should be a great cataclyse to make the price move up really quick. Time to set your long on Polo!! finger cross
(this is not a trading advice it’s my opinion)

I would agree that the release of Alpha 2 will do nothing for the price. It’s too early. I think we’ll have to wait for an Alpha release that runs on home vaults (proof of concept), as well as using a test version of safecoin.

Another important element will be more apps for people to play with, apps with more functionality. Once we get to that milestone and level of technology proof, I do believe we’ll see a significant increase in interest - and a price to reflect the underlying fundamental value of such a milestone.

There are only two coins I hold on to with determination - Bitcoin and Maidsafecoin - and for the same reason, pathbreaking innovation and future value.


I don’t even think Alpha one should have been released without user distributed vaults. Those are integral part of the core concept and should be implemented in a MVP. As long as the network fails to work with those, I wouldn’t consider it a decentralised network and I wouldn’t think it meets its fundamental purpose.
Having said that, the MVP frenzy pushed the MAID BTC price to an all time high. The Alpha one release, also caused a peak to, as far as I can remember, 0.00024BTC. So, historically speaking, major announcements have had a profound impact on the token price. That of course, does not guarantee anything, but it’s worth noting.

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alpha means feature incomplete. So not having home vaults is quite acceptable.

The peaks from the announcements was almost certain due to the trading group(s) and maybe a couple of whales who were playing the MAID market at the time. Someone even posted a screenshot of their conversations at the time. The old pump the announcement and dump on the release.

It seems that now some of those whales and strong hands have much less MAID and so much less effect on the price, so much so I wonder if any/many are manipulating MAID at this time. Although there is one I think that still has 10’s of millions from the crowdsale so a huge dump is not out of the question.

Personally I think its entirely appropriate for any of the alphas to not have home vaults. Its not as if we have not had them in the past, so we know its not smoke and mirrors, and one/some have run their own complete networks from home.

But hey my cat might also accidentally create SAFE V100.23.meow complete with MEOWcoin in between taking screenshots of my PC (walking on keyboard) while I make coffee .


Kind of like NVO? :joy:


Maidsafecoin does not exist in a vacuum. it is very much connected to the overall crypto scene and will breathe in and out with them. Just look at how all the altcoins plummet at the same time or vice-versa.

If the altcoin market is depressed (as it seems to be atm) then Alpha 2 release will not make much of an effect. Also since Alpha 2 is too much anticipated already the market already factors it in somewhat and will probably not create much additional buying pressure (if any at all) or actually the opposite if too many people are expecting a pump.

The situation was different with the MVP and especially the Alpha 1 release which was quite a surprise to us all and was at a time when the altcoin market was in a better place.

People (right now) are psyched up about Bitcoin.

But you know the crypto space is quite neurotic and moody and can change it´s pace quickly but I would not put much hope in it right now. Which is totally fine. I feel at least in myself that the thought of Maidsafe building the network for some more years a lot more agreeable than before. I am less impatient now regarding this project and I do sense it in this community aswell.


Real utility and long-term investment (storing value) supports price. Speculators flood in for things like releases, but they pour out again just as fast.

Humm, MAID/BTC price don’t really move. I hope traders / whales will not dump the price too much :frowning:

If they dump. You say thank you, and buy some more. The recent price range movements of maid mean nothing in the long term. Don’t trade your maid. Stock up in the sales.


This whole ico thing of all different projects will start over again on safenet once it’s up :grinning: