MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Looks like polo disabled btc withdraws and deposits until they find a fix. I was hoping to get some btc cheap in fiat and really get a nice price on MAID

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derivative blockchain tokens

Polo seriously going to offer dual derivative tokens?
Derivative Maids will be useless though?

Only if there is support for them on both blockchains.

As you say that is highly unlikely and Maidsafe would only recognise one and the other is useless.

Is a switch to BCC not useful in the (very unlikely) case that Bitcoin stops completely or is very very slow?
Not on both Blockchains at the same time of course.

But I don’t see that happening.

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Could you explain this in “basic terms” :slight_smile: Thanks!!

Yes. Not only are bitcoins duplicated so are any token coins that live on the bitcoin block chain.

So… if you had 1 bitcoin and 1 maidsafe coin before the split, after the split, in addition to the original amounts above you would have 1 bitcoincash and 1 maidsafe encoded on the bitcoin cash chain.

Since Omni protocol can be applied to both chains, and. If there is a market poloniex may allow trading of these new alt coins

But! Because if the 1:1 exchange rate between safecoin and maidsafetoken only one of the block chains can ever be used.

I’m assuming for the moment Omni will stay with the original block chain, but they could launch “OmniCash” as the bitcoincash version couldn’t they?


I am skeptical that Omni would support both. It seems everyone prefers to stick with what one is most profitable to mine. I love the idea of having double the amount of maid though! :star_struck:


"I love the idea of having double the amount of maid though! :star_struck:"
What’s there to be loved? You haven’t magically made the token more valuable after all. If you double the supply you have to half the price. Amounts to the same thing.

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376 btc sell wall at .0002 on polo… wow!

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That’s why I said the “idea” not the reality, buddy.
No offense to anyone else trying to inform me on my coins being doubled but I am aware, and I thought it was obvious from my previous comment, that my coins won’t be doubled nor will they have twice the value.

“The Omni protocol reference client is Omni Core. It is forked from Bitcoin-core and will follow accordingly the same.”

It’d be nice, but you won’t see your coins doubled.


You can only buy MAID through Bitcoin. It is relevant and the split could have a major factor on MAID prices. To not be allowed to dicsuss the affect here is ridiculous, and I’m not the only one thinking this.

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Too late now. If they switched now then all the transactions since the split are lost (on BCC) and there would be a lot of very angry people who could sue the ass off them.

Yes it would be nice, but the limit is 10% of 2^32 so then Maidsafe have to choose one of the two coins, and guess what the correct one would be the original on the BTC blockchain

Please don’t duplicate posts, people would post agreement if they agreed, and there is already a topic for purely BTC talk IF you relate it to MAID in your post then its fine here. So no it is not fine to have chatter about BTC/BCC this and that unrelated to MAID. Your logic extended a fraction allows talk of ETH and many other coins since they too have an effect on MAID since the incoming money has to go somewhere and more to other coins is less to MAID. But unless you relate it to MAID then use a topic that is for that subject.


Is the BTC thread the one in off-topic?

If so I think there’s something to what Minecache says. It is an interesting conversation that everyone wants to have and be informed about at the moment. The trading thread is the most popular one in the forum - which is I guess why you police it more heavily. That’s fair enough. I do see your point. It’s a shame that the only place to discuss it off-topic though since off-topic is not displayed and most casual observers don’t search for it. I agree it is “off-topic” in a maidsafe forum, but still… community is about an active dialogue and this is current stuff that should be chatted about in a prominent thread and it does relate heavily to maid price swings etc.

I’m just giving this a dig because I think it might be a good thing for community engagement to have the dialogue more visible. Perhaps we could just have a new thread that is front page dedicated to BTC/BCH discussions? Or just change the other one from being off-topic so more eyes are on it? That might even be better giving the trading one is trust restricted. Anyway, I rarely succeed in changing people’s mind and a wise man once said it was foolish to try, so I will leave it there. :wink:


There are multiple links in this topic for the NON-MAID BTC/BCC/etc topic. That is sufficient. Otherwise every time BTC hicups we get a tangent string of posts about things non-MAID. This topic would be very much longer if we don’t enforce the topic TITLE.

Here it is again Discussions of Bitcoin, its future and other things

Maidsafecoin soon will get below 100 in coinmarketcap…

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Doesn’t matter about going below #100 since all mine’s in cold storage.

Except that I can use half the SEC (yes that coin), that I got at the crowdsale, that I just sold, to buy into such cheapness of MAID price, if it does go below rank 100 (…it won’t, even if you try lol). Freaking crazy people still buying up SEC for some reason.


Amazing… I feel happy when maid falls, sad when it rises. I’m not done with the cheap coins yet.


Sold the rest of my SEC and it keeps going higher. This is me caring: :beer:


It’s been one incredible ROI though - over 50x in terms of BTC & over 300x in terms of USD at current prices, so I think it’ll be hard for you to be too upset with your Safexit :slight_smile:

More on topic, I’m surprised Maid has not rebounded more since the fork. I wish I was earning some decent money to be able to cash in on these low prices! If anyone has a few tens of thousands of £/$/€ to lend me for a few months let me know :smiley:

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