MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Thinking of buying up another big bunch of MAID…hmmm what to do Crypto God’s?


buy without raising the price … other poor people want to take a little cheap MAID, too :dragon:


I’m considering the same thing. I’m feeling we may see 5 cent range again July, August. IDK :slight_smile:


Very uncertain times.

My heart is with MAID, but they say never go with your heart :grimacing:

What to do, what to do…


It’s very simple. Don’t risk more than 10% of what you have. At least that’s what Taleb says …

I don’t think so. Markets are very thin and if this Could AT2… -article brings in any buyers, it would move the market up. Add to that the new and better vaults from home -testnet coming, and I’d say that the price is rather going up than down. At least if we get more media coverage.


Media coverage is still small and will continue to be until the network can easily be played with, no new exchanges will not help trading, ease of use For the average person to try on a network that is not yet complete. For all those reasons it’s hard to see price movement until those things are addressed. It’s coming for sure but will still be held back until something changes.


No, no…

Just because media coverage has been so small, even many techies don’t know about this project. So it is enough to get them interested, we don’t need the average person to move the price now. Any media coverage that targets the right group can have significant impact on price - like the AT2 article I linked in my previous post. Who reads ‘Computing’? I guess software / computer engineers. They tend to have decent salary. According to Coinmarketcap, the 24 hour volume of MAID was $277 389 USD, which is not very much. Monero for example has a volume of $60 885 214 USD. Now the question is…

How many engineers it takes to drive the MAID price up?


Monero is on like 100 exchanges, it’s token is the real one in which can be used now, unless I’m incorrect whatever you develop on Monero can in theory be used now. Statistically we are at a disadvantage currently, that’s all I’m saying.


Yeah I’m just trying to speculate on some other factors than past price (technical analysis) for a change.

Right now one 1 BTC buy order on Bittrex would rise the price about 50%, to 1500 satoshis. I think that ten interested engineers would easily buy that amount. :grinning: But I don’t know how much it would drop immediately after, considering that there are other exchanges etc. Any insight, anyone?

I just fail to understand how more people don’t bet on this project. They don’t know? They don’t understand?

…Or I don’t understand?


There are no new people in the crypto. All the old people have spent their money on other projects.

In order to have new people in the crypto, someone has to place ads or new bull run to come…

After I finish some of the translations on the sites, I will place ads on Facebook and we will see how many new buyers will bring $ 20 :rofl:


Yeah and let’s say someone outside cryptosphere gets interested. To buy MAID he/she first has to figure how and where* to buy, buy BTC, get verified in the exchanges etc. I remember how tiring it was to do that way back when. Just recently I had to re-verify my account on Bittrex and it was a hurdle even though I’ve been around for a while, and I have to say it was actually quite smooth compared to all the waiting times etc. in 2017.

*) And why to buy, meaning how MAID is a placeholder for safecoin, how the exsisting safecoins are not the ones to buy etc. It’s not an easy track.


As Bittrex from what I can see, the last 24h, contribute 2.5% of total volume it should in theory contribute 2.5% to any price change. Example 10% should contribute 0.1*0.025=0.0025=0.25% contribution on 10 percent price change on Bittrex.

If a price change happens on Bittrex then bots or humans on HitBTC will buy MAID and then sell on Bittrex arbitraging the price until Bittrex price = HitBTC price + fees and transfer cost. But the buying on HitBTC should raise the price on the bigger volume exchange around 0.25% in theory. Then you could argue about real volume and probably get different Numbers.


So we could test if the volume is real by making an big enough order on Bittrex and seeing if it follows calculations? (In theory, and assuming efficient arbitrage between exchanges.)

Or maybe there is historic data about such situtations?


You may be right friend, but I’m still determined to try. I’ve been seeing ads for cryptocurrencies for a while …

In theory, yes maybe. :slight_smile: I don’t know what effect the fake volume would have but I mentioned it to try and avoid possible attacks on me, and that the fake volume might have an effect.
But it could also get a little more complicated quick, the 1 BTC order will bump Bittrex volume so it has a higher affect on total market volume/price and with a much higher price there might also be an effect of more people/bots on Bittrex will place alot more sell orders which also affects the price and volume. So there might be more variables to consider.

But if you look at for example coingecko then the price is calculated by price * (volume/total market volume) and any deviation from that price should be arbitraged fairly quick.

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here’s a very clever investigation into how much volume is fake and which exchanges are the fakers. Currently FTX estimates about 75% of all reported volume is fake

I’m considering giving away MAID to new folks but only if they can answer a couple basic questions about the project. My idea being once they read a few minutes worth of literature or watch a few videos they may get hooked.

Still wondering how I do this and on which platform i announce it.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know. I am thinking 1000 +/- MAID, 100 MAID each (ten people).


I would think giving away MAID to a lot of people becomes expensive in BTC used for fees


I like how great minds think alike :crazy_face:

I gave 100 MAID to my Russian friend, who translated the purchase guide into Russian:

I plan to do the same for the other languages that are currently being translated. Maybe we can use the SAFE Club to publish translations in 10 other languages? (and you send them 100 MAID each?)

For this reason, I send them from Bittrex, so to not dox myself, and it only costs me 10 MAID fee :dragon: