MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Like I said originally, your idea could be the best I’ve seen so far.
Again, I never mentioned stealing, that was all you.
As for snapshot airdrop, may well have been used many times, but in a distribution scenario, not the scenario that essentially a rollback, again not really comparable.
Edit. Like I said originally, it probably needs much debate.


What do people think will happen by the end of the month when Polo trading is halted? Not sure how easy it is to predict, but then again I can’t think regarding this matter, inadvertently at this time… hence asking here. I haven’t been keeping track of trading/volume/transfer patterns to be able to tell. Plus I can’t view Bittrex. Maybe MaidSafe will surprise us more towards New Year with a new exchange(s)? Maybe nothing will happen. Maybe people are less willing to divulge genuine predictions over the years due to being better at keeping secrets themselves.

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Low liquidity will bring further price suppression because big fish want to get in their hands even the little remaining MAID on the market before alpha 3…

Nice. So all we need is alpha 3… (hehe)


85 MAID in my Polo still. 80 MAID transaction fee. I could let someone live for 3 years somewhere if the fee was only 10-15ish, once the price per MAID reaches $500. But instead I get a couple months worth of living out of it. And I gotta submit ID/verif to faceless people if I want to trade my handful of bucks sitting in BTC into MAID, to hold a nice bit more MAID than a measly 5. Meanwhile, terrorists only exist when progress from projects like these gets halted. Why. Oh hey, a new exchange.

Edit: new idea! I’ll transfer my tiny amount of BTC to ChainRift (new exchange) and trade into MAID!
Yay, solutions. …Oops, spoke too soon. My “account is frozen” on Polo. Yay, nothing!


MAID listed on ChainRift:


never heard of ChainRift…. sounds like another rando exchange that doesn’t have a lot of trust yet. For me that would be a wait and see how it goes exchange. Will it attract volume anywhere near what we are used to on polo? Will people try it and be happy or does it have issues? If I hear back that’s all good I would edge in and maybe play with a small bag there. No chance I would dive in with the amount of volume I was doing on polo right away though.


Have you checked Chainrift on Coingecko? It probably won’t replace Poloniex volume. Currently Chainrift shows $2000 all markets daily volume.

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ya that’s my main concern. No point in getting what I would call a “medium sized bag” because even if you undercut everyone and hogged all the volume there is still not a big enough market.

It would be good if some active traders from our forum can place some trades so that some volume can be reached on Chainrift to get things rolling. Even if there might only be about break even. I get the feeling that a few market makers are needed.

That might work but I think it will have to be like a “build it up” type of thing. Like I was saying before going in with the volume I used to do on polo would just hemorrhage the whole market at first then I would have this bag I would never be able to trade.

Like I am not promoting that we should kill the concept of competition and only go with exchanges that are already the big guy and not give anyone else a chance. Just giving that chance I think means over months gradually inputting more.

Start small that is good and wise. Just thought of that my Polomaid app could be built as a market maker placing automatic trades ± 0.xx% of current price on multiple exchanges, maybe it is possible to sell as a service to new exchanges. Just thinking out loud as it would require probably very much time to code.

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I can think of easy ways to manipulate a bot with that ruleset. I would advise against it. If you want to MM just figure out what the real price range is and put up some big walls on the edges.

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In other news looks like someone is making a last minute exit. I would still say HODLing til now if you don’t want to HODL for a while is actually extremely bullish. IMO we are at a point where you have to ask “is this a price that negates the cost of being locked in for a while.” If its not you really should stop sitting on your hands. For me I would say 500-800 is how low it would have to be for me say ok fine I will forget about daytrading cause its just such a good price (not investment advice)

maybe I would buy a bit higher. Right now its all proportional to how well chainrift takes off. Watching the volume there and the price on polo. I would say we are at least close to a cross over. Show me a bit more volume on chainrift and 1k seems maybe reasonable to buy back in for a small bag at least. (again not investment advice so much as an overview of how my brain is wired lol)

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Being locked in for a long while is ok for me. Only surplus funds, so accumulating at the lowest price possible. If it takes 2-3 years to ripe the benefits or if it goes lower no skin off my back.


I have some cognitive dissonance about being locked in since I decided not to participate in the loan arrangement. It sorta makes me feel like since I didn’t do that I should really not buy much unless the price is 33% lower. I know that’s kinda connecting two things that have nothing to do with each other though lol. At least with chainrift now it doesn’t seem like it would be totally frozen until final though.

I get ya, but you don’t know if you will get locked in. As a trader, you know that is always a risk.

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at least nice to see that volume on chainrift going up. Its still too low for how much of a bag I would otherwise buy to be fully liquid though. Small bags can still move though so I am picking some back up (and actually at a nice discount from where I exited before thinking there would be no new exchange)

Any chance bigger traders who had a history at Poloniex’s MAID will still have a hankering for influencing the trades over at ChainRift (and any other exchanges? are other exchanges important/jive with MAID’s team/efforts?). Tomorrow is the final hour for trades over at Polo, so to speak.