MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Buy it all back up! You are crazy not to IMO.

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Right. Like I said if at launch you can put in either Omni or erc20 then no harm no fowl. The Omni holders are likely hodling in cold storage and won’t know or care that they could exchange for erc20 and it wouldn’t matter anyways because they’re not trading and just waiting to exchange on launch. Besides do these people have email addresses that Maidsafe has? Or are they just following the project? I think they can fend just fine and there is really nothing to lose and much more to gain.


Im just gonna drink coffee all day and keep posting memes.


Its a tiny amount of dust, my main investment is off exchange, cold storage.

Meh, I’m off to bed. Solvable problems get solved. Night! :grinning:


Verify with your own research of course, but there are no other good options now that Poloniex is out. Enough analysis out there to attest to HitBTC being beyond doubt a scam exchange and that their volume numbers faked.

Unfortunately I was turned off by just a little bit of background checking around Bittrex. It is run by homeland security and deep state contractors (One reference there are a few others if you dig and follow names). Nothing wrong with that of course who better to have a handle on security. However “coincidentally” Bittrex is also where a few high profile stolen cryptocurrency heists have been cashed out and the trail of the perpetrators has ended: [1], [2], [3], [4].
Ok maybe not a show stopper just bad luck and Bittrex going to court to defend the identity of the hackers is good for account privacy yes(?). Then things like this give you pause so you dig some more and start turning up lots of stories like this and this.

I also really hope all this helps the team reassess the decision to move over to ERC20 or not. There are number of benefits beyond access to a much wider array of exchange options as I pointed out over on this post.

After launching an ERC20 version of MaidSafeCoin, MaidSafe could become a liquidity provider on UniSwap earning a rate of return on their holdings and in the process attracting a wide range of other exchanges to list it, the most exciting of which are some quality trustless DEXs.


Just remember guys…


Recently I learned about this, it’s very cool…


Is there nothing against having pre-network tokens on two protocols allowing Omni cold storage and erc20 cold storage both to be exchanged on a live network?



Hold on to your lunch, here we go again.

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Good point. I don’t think so. I would just delist all Omni MAID, list ERC20 MAID, and have a web tool to accept and burn the omni MAID to convert to ERC20 MAID.

That way you only have the ERC20 MAID on exchanges.

Just have to have the price history and ticker updated to market cap sites, and get trading view to add one of the exchanges the new MAID is on. You want to be on trading view.

This is also a good time to rebrand Safecoin with a new ticker if that whole copyright stuff still isn’t settled. Might want to start seriously start thinking about better and catchier names for SAFE’s token.


We are going to see an interesting price movement as people wake up to their emails. Its going to take 24 hours to get an agreement on the price. I think a lot more turbulence on its way. If you are a trader, probably an opportunity.


The only reason I ask, and it’s far above my head, was that it always seemed like when the discussion of erc20 switch was brought up, one of the main battle points was that there was no way to know that all the Omni tokens had been burned. Could it also be harder to keep track of total float with two protocols? Either way I like the idea much better than doing nothing with no longer seems like an option.

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Wow that’s some serious speculation going on atm, back up 18%…I’m staying out of this, but someone is making big bucks…

If the Omni MAID is delisted then I think everything would be fine. I’m not certain how you can’t be sure that the tokens were or weren’t burned. Pretty sure burning any bitcoin or asset on top of it is pretty straight forward.

  • A) Hold OMNI MAID till lunch
  • B) With help of community bring easy going tool to switch OMNI MAID to ERC20 MAID to trade and than switch back to OMNI MAID to switch to SafeCoin.

If it is less work for devs…


I think MAID is doing well under the circumstances.


Look at the underlying network token OMNI, its falled to -45% and has stayed there.
MAID has bounced.
I hope Omni network stayes alive longenough for us to claim our SAFECoins.


Im off to do stuff for the day.
My wife and kids are overseas. Work has stopped briefly, I got stuff to do around the house, gym, presents, wrapping, seeing my mother etc.

My couch philosophy regarding this news:

This project has been around for how many years now…? Right.
This project is culminating.
Shit runs down hill. Not the other way.
Remember what forges greatness.Pressure creates diamonds. And explosions. Fire refines gold.
Criminals exist. They operate in the dark. Not the light.
Magical stuff happens around this time of year.
When one door closes another one opens.
Time is an illusion. You want to time travel? Its called memory. One year from now, what will you think about this? Your future self and current self are the same person. What does future you say?
Don’t be emotional. Emotions and milk are for babies. Steady hands.
We’re on a spinning rock flying through space, we don’t really know how we got here and we don’t really know where we are going. What even is all this? Exactly.

See ya’s all a bit later.

And remember.


Very sad news… We said many times that we need decent exchanges

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Is that a risk worth taking which there is an alternative that brings liquidity and more exposure to the project? Although to be fair Omni core did just get a major upgrade thanks to Tether so it is not dead.

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