MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

ya I was kinda thinking it would be better if we focused on freedom enhancing apps that do it in other ways besides haha screw you government there is no way to stop us. Of course as the community grows there’s gonna be people that take that approach. But ya lets wait til we are really unstoppable before we pick big fights :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure. I was thinking of phone apps. If the generic SAFE phone app is linked to activities that anger a government, it will be removed from the app store.

Android people will be able to side load it, but iphone people will be out of luck. But, apps that use SAFE for their backend will be whack-a-mole. Apple removes one, and four more will pop up in it’s place!


That would be great imo. It shows more organic and stable growth that gives technical analysts and investors more confidence rather than seeing it as a garbage pump and dump chart that only a mother could love. We should be grateful we aren’t a 2017 ICO project that have nothing but all time lows.


Maidsafecoin is like waiting for the singularity to come.

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Both are lofty goals, but Maidasafecoin will only take order-of-magnitude 1-10 more years vs. reaching Singularity 50-500 more years, which is quite a difference.

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Maidsafe decentralizes everything!
Pre-launch, we are all here as we are believers just like Dan. From a money perspective, anyone who holds tokens before launch will walk away with millions… and won’t have to sell the house to do so.

What makes this story fascinating is that Dan didn’t invest in crypto solely because of the money. He invested because he had a belief that decentralization would someday provide an alternative to the companies that now run the economy.

Buy some more…


That’s why I was here from before the crowd sale and continue to support and believe in the project. It is far bigger than just hoping SAFECoin is the next Bitcoin; it is about distributing and decentralising everything that can be.


It will force a massive ethical and moral shift in the way data is handled and stored. Once we have a live network an unstoppable paradigm will shift occur.
It’s very exciting to think that digital privacy and permanent data storage are around the corner. :slight_smile:
We will have front row seats as SafeNet makes networking history. Students will learn about this in class. :slight_smile:


Holding tokens isn’t the issue. It’s how many tokens that’s the burning question


to become a millionaire only 1000 MAID :wink: :dragon_face: :wink:


If that ever comes true during my life I will get a permanent tattoo of MaidSafe logo on my chest. And maybe save some space for selfies of MaidSafe top devs for my arms :joy:. In other words, I don’t see that happening. If we see $10-100 dollar SAFE I would be happy->shocked in that higher portion of the range.


So what’s the BTC/crypto forecast from now to months? Selling for the holidays? Rising? MAID?

You read my mind. I was wondering if we will se a December dip.

Idk, if anyone selling for holidays has enough to move the market then surely they do not need to sell?

I always think xmas bonus pump is more likely.

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May be some tax loss harvesting this year. Although I don’t mind the dips and volatility, it’s definitely better for the company/network to not have many more. If vaults from home work, then this price is laughable.


Once you have a next gen crypto demonstrating farming from home, and fast transaction speeds - you have won the game. And that’s the bare minimum financial aspect, over time as more and more functionality is built, this price will be laughable. I expect my sides to start splitting on the launch of Fleming. :smiley:


I am a little scared by current market depth. If someone is like I need 3-5 BTC right now then suddenly we are looking at much lower prices. Got my buy orders in in case that happens but really prefer it does not for the bag I have lol.

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Polo future plans are good for us, I hope.

The exchange is also expanding to China. “China is one of the major markets Poloniex is going to really focus on,” said Sun. Poloniex is purchasing the domain pwang. com for the expansion, a Mandarin moniker for Poloniex. The new domain will allow Chinese users to comply with the country’s know-your-customer requirements by accepting Chinese governmental identification.

Poloniex plans to spend more than $100 million to build out infrastructure and grow its user base.



I always wonder what the rock bottom price supported by the community would be, if prices dropped so far I’m sure there are many of us that are waiting to mop up as many cheap coins as we can.