MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Look at Substratum. It has price swings of 15%. It is still worth nothing

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gotta wonder if that dude dumped to get the cash to start his business :stuck_out_tongue: 5 BTC is enough to start some small businesses. Well I tried to convince him not to use his investment as a bank account but if he insists I will deff buy some cheap coins :slight_smile:

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was talking about the guy a few posts up in this thread. Although I could level the same criticism against the maidsafe company… using their crypto coins as a bank account and draining off them when they are hungry for money is not smart investing.

Better than us dumping them all immediately though? I think the “smart investors” will be so rich by definition that they would not care either way :wink: IF there were such things then we could have them continually create wealth for us to fund an infinite team of world class Engineers :smiley: :smiley:


True there is some grey area. The guy a few posts up sounds like he wants to liquidate everything right now (at a relatively low price compared to the short term average.) If he could be more like I want to start a business, and will do it when I would sell these coins for a profit anyways, then that is a lot different. It’s the “OMG I need cash right now” situations that usually end poorly for investors. That’s what I mean when I say don’t use it as a bank account.

It seems to me the Maidsafe company is not waiting until the power is getting cut off to project some crypto gains into the purpose of funding the business. At least there is like a 6 month to 1 year runway… so in other words as long as we don’t have a year long bear market the company won’t be stuck selling low to get the cash they need to pay the bills on the table today.

PS yes I think you could continually create wealth with skilled trading of a large amount of assets. The company doesn’t always need to be on the sell side. Don’t be afraid to stock back up on MAID when there are big dips. Indeed this theoretically funds infinity development given enough time to work.

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What we must remember though is MaidSafe is a trading company and not an investment company. I think we would be in big trouble legally and morally if we did every try to invest shareholder funds. I would say this also applies to tokenholder funds (if that makes sense). What we do is liquidate (from our crypto assets) what we need for the next few weeks/months and do it very slowly. We don’t make investment decisions or decide too much when to sell (except we try to avoid large dips etc.).

Hope that makes sense?


Yep that makes sense. I suppose you are kinda forced to use it like a bank account. At least avoiding large dips is a good play! I guess what I am talking about more pertains to individuals. If its your money you can definitely decide this is not my day to day expense account and I am gonna HODL til the best time to sell. I guess the whole point of the MAID token was so the company had some cash in their day to day expense account though lol. Still if you can hold out til there is at least a Fleming release date I would do that. At least you can speculate a bit on if development milestones will be reached before you need to liquidate crypto I would think.


You also need to consider the fact that many coin holders bought at less than $0.03 USD. So even selling at current prices gives them a nice ROI.


even so not looking for a point up from the short term average to liquidate a large amount makes little sense to me. What business are you going to start now that can’t be started 6 months from now with at least like 20% more money? Sure maybe this dude is indeed up huge overall but that is no reason to waste money selling on local bottoms after already HODLing that long.


FUD is in the news. Probability that BTC causes a retest of $0.10 ?

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Could be on MAID retesting recent lows given irrationality of market, but I don’t buy BTC retracting to Feb 2018 lows…

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It think we could see BTC fall to 6500 to 5000 and then start moving upward again. We do have a slowing global economy as well. If or when this happens it will be the last time we can buy affordable MAID. Of course it’s all speculation.

You hit on very important points. Being usable by non technos will be key to increasing awareness of the network. It has to be usable in way that regular people find helpful.

For example:
I dislike Kim .Com but his Mega was easy to use. You could upload a file copy a link and send the link to folks. It had basic usability from the start. He also knows how to generate hype around a product. He’s about to launch his K!M coin. Again he’s got the hype down. Not sure if he’ll deliver on a final product.

If SAFENet lives up to the hype and if it is usable by regular folks it will take off to the moon.


no one talking about that sell wall that popped up. Maybe I shouldn’t. Are we confident hence have nothing to say? :stuck_out_tongue: Its certainly a nice meaty target for someone with like 20 BTC to load up on then do a mini pump. Also there is a good chance it will vanish when challenged. I get the feeling someone is trying to squeeze out some last low prices before Fleming hype really gets going.


we are edging ever closer to that sell wall. Any predictions? I give at least a 50% chance that when it gets touched it just disappears. That’s gotta be someone trying to manipulate some lower prices to buy. Rly dumb way to sell if its someone really wanting to actually have someone buy it :stuck_out_tongue:

What sell wall?
That 8btc hurdle?


ya its not too much for even a medium sized whale to be like ok thank you for all that coin now I push the bottom up 20%+ Still I think even a significant challenge and that’s gonna just drop without any need to buy it all up to see prices above.

Its actually a pretty risky strategy… like how much did he buy below his wall? I know not all of it cause I got a lot lmao. I am sure others did to. If he throws that up and can’t buy as much before someone chomps his wall up it was a very bad gamble.

You never know. Could all be crowd sale coins.

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well true it might be a true newb to markets trying to unload. I mean even if you are in a big profit doing one big wall is not the way to do it. You want to sell some then fill in again while people are confident to buy there. Don’t throw out a big stop sign to non whales.

Received an email update from poloniex with this: “Today we are very excited to announce that Poloniex will be spinning out from Circle into a new company called Polo Digital Assets, Ltd… As part of the spinout, Circle will cease all trading operations for US customers on November 1, 2019.”


It’s unfortunate for us MAID holders here in the US.

Here is the wind down schedule:

October 18, 2019 , US persons will no longer be able to create, or complete the set-up, of a new Poloniex account.

November 1, 2019 , you will no longer be able to execute trades and should no longer deposit assets.

You will be able to access and withdraw your cryptocurrencies, through Circle until at least December 15, 2019 .