MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

The buy order was, but the sell order came from nowhere.

To be fair, MAID is still just one of the sea alts losing ground to BTC. The USD value has been hovering around 20c for a while.

What does seem strange is the market volume. Nothing much for days and then huge buys or dumps. As we only been seeing this since poloniex announced the lending changes, we have to assume they are related.

If you have enough money to move the market, you can push it into your hands. Squeeze the longs, then squeeze the shorts and repeat until you have shaken all the loans out of the tree. This would force liquidation at a low/high price, depending on direction.

It is impossible to trade this market right now, imo. I’m not a regular trader either way, but these whales are disrupting price discovery and it looks like they will continue to do so until poloniex forces it to end.


Whoever picked up those MAID they got a bargain.

Weren’t we supposed to have timescales by now/very soon? (I remember hearing that we were two months away from this and I can’t find the source but I think that was about two months ago)

David stated at DigitalScotland 2019 on May 30th that we were about two months away from knowing when we might be in beta.


So in the next 20 days or so there will be an announcement of the date for beta which will be a huge thing, and may offset/reverse some of the negatives perception created from the recent staff departures, and weird market shocks that have (assumedly) come about from the removal of margin trading from poloniex.


That and we are extraordinarily close to Fleming, which I believe is really going to take a lot of people by surprise / massively de-risk the project.


Plus Fleming is now much more than a routing test. We are aiming for a full data/safecoin network with vaults from home. It is on the path to beta, so will not have 100% of the functionality, but should have close to 100% (mainly missing upgrades and possibly pruning of PARSEC etc.) of the initial features for beta.


They bought at 1600 BTC and its currently 1522 BTC. They are in loss at present

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We should look at what happens in the longer term - doubt the noise over a few hours is important.

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Same buyer as seller indeed, who doesnt want to let go of its Maidsafe position, passing it on to himself, hoping to create panic and catch a couple more Maidsafe, in order to:

  1. Primarly pay commission?
  2. Create fear to buy some more MAID, hoping that people will feel afraid enough to let go of their coins at THIS point in development?
  3. Create fear so hopefully he can close its short position that has got him hanging upside down by the balls while Poloniex keeps banging on the door?

I’d go for for :roll_eyes:… 3!


Or it just might be someone ditching their MAID. The only thing for sure is that you will never know.


I can’t wait the launch of Fleming! :grimacing: I think this will be THE “come back” of Maidsafe. A lot of OGs had a bag of MAID before and was chilling the project on Twitter. Hopefully this will bring back lot of old and new community members.


That would be option 4, but not a very likely one.

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Or just fat fingers at the wrong time.


A comment on github made it sound like things can grow quite large rather quickly, not having pruning right away won’t be an issue? I can’t remember what the issue was even about exactly, just curious.


It will be an issue, there are a few ways to do it, a crude way will probably be initially used, otherwise it’s just a huge memory leak. @Jean-Philippe and the team are on it and aware :+1:


but, but… that sounds like you’re not leaving any space for Maxwell between Fleming and Beta :flushed:



:smiley: Oh yes Maxwell will be upgrades, efficiency (pruning of PARSEC) and finalising the farming algorithm, basically. So Fleming is a “here’s a decentralised new Internet” Maxwell will be “here is a better one” and then we are in Beta when Maxwell seems solid and agreed.

I have been looking at governance recently and especially how we can decentralise code. Probably will create a blog post/forum thread, but my thinking is very much based on automate what we can. So I have been looking at cargo-crev as a code review tool for SAFE and apps. That is nice as we can review the app at a specific version etc. based on it’s address on the network as immutable data (so safe from corruption).

That may cover apps and SAFE maintenance a bit more but leaves new features/changes to algorithms etc. up in the air. As a start it may prove useful then using a similar WOT type system to evaluate polls or suggestions on potential feature upgrades of core. We have a long road to go there, but a a start I feel the time is now to sort this out.