MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

That will be good (if it gets done by then)

Too bad just did it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That would depend very much on the motive of the commenter, and the response from people.

Whaddya mean???. Some of the use cases are bleeding obvious. What is needed are app developers to use the infrastructure and develop the required apps

Why app developers will ever create apps without revenue? First we need live network before everyone start create their apps

I get your point, but lifes not all about money.
Some people have other priorities.


You must have missed this


Before investing I have been keeping a track of the value of MAIDsafecoin for the past couple of months. It’s not looking very promising tbh… but then again, neither does the stock market XD!

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A couple of months? Some of us have been keeping an eye on it for years


Do you mean that the price is down?
I would have thought that was the ideal time to invest .
If it got cheaper still, would that be a worse time to buy in, in your opinion?
Or perhaps you like investing as the price is in an upward trend, when its less of a bargain?
If you have faith in the team, and trust they will deliver, i would think it was a good time to buy in.

Please explain your logic…


It’s not looking good because live product is far far away

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This is a long game and SAFE is for patient investors, although I do think at this price it’s worth a little speculation as well :wink: There isn’t much more out there with the same risk/reward profile, and there really aren’t that many plays that serve as a hedge against the whole blockchain/DAG concept. For me, once again, it is that time of the month and a few thousand more taken off the market until launch. Still dreaming about a chance to back up the truck if bitcoin really craps the bed.


Please divine far far away

Reminds me of the passionate maker of the Belgian RPG Divine Divinity. He also had some difficult moments, but it went well in the end.

Not sure about anyone else, but my slump—having been led by my intuition telling me not to be as excited about the project over these wintery times—has been lifting just lately, the past couple days. Sure, the road to public test nets is being driven on a bit longer than I internally in my mind predicted. But this will still be the biggest year for the project, in terms of a working public product. The updates haven’t been focused on the “milestones” terminology like I assumed they would, but the heavy duty components comprising such milestones still see informative updates; just it’s a bit harder to keep track of for me.

I will continue waiting to see the next few updates and hopefully have a better picture of where things are again, to be able to know/predict the price again—to say it is somewhere beyond this ‘rut’. And to say the Network is “far far away” is a near epitome of disingenuity, unless one is comparing a day to a year instead of comparing a year to a decade. It’s still only a matter of a year and some months before something super significant happens, in my informed opinion. There’s no longer any leeway of a ‘mostly incomplete’ status upon logically analyzing how… “far” things have certainly come.

Yes in years past the project’s research meant that the requirements were expanding, but with parsec it is now a pretty much known value and the road to beta is one of hard work of coding (Implement the requirements). So while it might not be quick they are not researching the requirements and this means that the hump has been passed.

So now its code - test - code - test - code - test and “soon” enough its beta. Lets see what alpha 3 and 4 bring us this year (my personal timing prediction)


And do interviews on popular crypto channels, and more and more marketing, and hire more staff, all of which is no coincidence: MAIDSAFE can see the finish line; even if it may appear shrouded in the mist for the impatient faithful.


Do you think there will be a public tesnet (or 10) before Fleming?

There will be a number I’m sure and one was even alluded to in the last couple of updates if I remember correctly.


God bless the hodlers in these times…

Looks like we’re only on HitBTC and Polo these days, and is HitBTC still falsely reporting it’s volume? Did any final answer come from the discussions on that?

Polo seems like the only time tested trusted exchange these days, would be great if there was at least a backup exchange but alas. I no longer think that would affect the price, but would be a nice security against anything going wrong with Polo, knock on wood.

Really just gotta get this network live, that’s the only thing that can help price. I’m really in that boat now that everything has crashed 90%+


After the Safe Fleming post today, my perfect scenario is that Bitcoin falls to $1000 in the next 6 months, we can back the truck up and fill up on Maid at ludicrous prices (they are pretty well there now) and sit back and wait for a couple of years. Exciting times

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