MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

I feel confident in guesstimating that this wasn’t a one-off announcement, but rather a first powerful attack in what will be a blitzkrieg of successive winning.


We just reached $0.50 again :star_struck:


upvoted all, thanks!

You are right. Obviously MAIDSAFE is very humble, and have been working on PARSEC for a very long time, without really telling anybody about it. At the same time they have hired a new marketing team. A company as humble as this one would not be hiring a marketing team unless they already had plans to move forward as they are doing now.

I think the network will be completed sooner than we think, some people might be surprised by this, but I wouldn’t .


I bet they’ve got more than just a long-term thinking marketing team.



Might want to bear in mind what @marcin says here - I wasn’t aware of this but apparently Reddit can punish you if you advise people to upvote.


Yeah r/cryptocurrency and others have become really strict about vote brigading. Esp given MaidSafe’s well-earned reputation for being humble + acting w/ integrity, I’d be really careful not to cross any lines on Reddit.


They’ve got the Hand of God? That’ll come in handy


Also, for some of the late-comers to crypto. A case study in history.

Did anybody else buy in when it was at like 4 cents a piece?


I bought at the pre-sale. 2 cents. Still hodling and not planning to touch it. Probably leave it for my kids.

Edit: learnt the lesson with ETH, which I also bought at the pre-sale (40 cents), but sold way too early.


I wasn’t smart enough to diversify when it first came out.

Bought the majority of mine for less than 2 cents or something.
Averaged my trades at appx. 5500 (±300) satoshi mark in 2014 Nov. or Dec.

edit: lol I should’ve packed up and gone home until now, with this trade:
… MAID/BTC | Sell | 25000 satoshi | 165153 MAID | 41.20570722 BTC | 2016-03-07.
But I quickly bought back my MAID—since the above sell was just a joke to me, because… I knew MAID would ultimately deliver, just didn’t know now would be the time!

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Trying to load up more maid but poloniex have now frozen my account without warning. Can we please get on some better exchanges? :frowning:

Trying cryptopia now

Cryptopia has bad rep but I actually really like it. It’s a good non-Dex where you can get in early. Having said this Maid deserves to be on Binance etc. (I hope we don’t go back to Bittrex it actually tries it’s hardest to lose customers).

Cryptopia works for me, so far. I’am done with Poloniex (for now). I’ve made a mistake and send some Maid to my Poloniex BTC address. Naive as I was I thought that transferring those to my Poloniex Maid address should be no problem for Poloniex. They have all the private keys, so yeah it’s kind of some work for them but it can be done. So I’ve opened a ticket (offering a service fee) and after 3 months! I’ve got an answer that it’s not possible because it’s “extremely complicated and involves significant cost, time, and risk”.

So if Poloniex works it’s nice but when it comes to support it’s a nightmare. I had also some issues at Cryptopia but could resolve them in a 2 week (It’s a lot time in crypto but compared to Poloniex better) frame. I do not know if Cryptopia would resolve this but I would have know earlier and that’s something.

Should maid go crazy :slight_smile: I’ll definitely reopen my ticket at Poloniex and ask them to escalate.

Can we just not get rid of those exchanges and replace them with some contracts :).


HitBtc still works. Bought yesterday some. Yes high withdrawal fee, so buy big amounts and be patient. The good thing, no account verification and no limits. But yes, we need something better.

Poloniex works like expected bought some Maidsafecoins on thursday, had no problems there.


@Msafe just make sure you do not deposit or withdraw Ethereum or ERC20 tokens. That is a murder. I also had a problem with Dash once.

Although reading their reddit, it seems Cryptopia got their act together, somewhat.

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I don’t normally take much notice of this stuff, but blimey…