MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Perhaps it is all part of the plan… move tokens to upbit to de-risk bittrex’s exposure?

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The USA is no banning crypto just making the regulation more clear.

Did you watch the senat with the SEC, idk exactly the name.

He stated we should not Ban crypto that would be stupid its for the first time in a long timeframe that young people are interrested again in “investing” but, we do need to regulate this well and serieus.

So i think like in switserland a lot rules will be made, coins need an utility and not to be deemed a security by the howey test etc.


thats why i said this is all speculation what will happen now

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I listened to the coverage on let’s talk Bitcoin. Closing the US market to the explosion of tokenisation in the name of protecting people seems unwise to me - it is a very heavy handed way to stop people from being foolish.

If the rest of the world doesn’t follow, I could imagine crypto projects drifting away from US shores. Where there is innovation in technology, there should be matching innovation in law. Frankly, I don’t see evidence of this and the same road blocks which protect the financial industry, in the name of protecting individuals, seem to be being rolled out here.

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I am fine with 1 cent maidsafe coins :slight_smile: , as long as they deliver the network value will come later. Let everyone panic for now. I bought at 1 dollar plenty too and have no regrets because I see huge value here. Ups and downs keep the market entertaining, buy the dips boysss. See the bigger picture and go long. If MAID does not deliver some sort of basic functionality equivalence to the Safe Network available to public within say 2 years then I will have my doubts that they have the brainpower to build it vs theorize about it. Because reading/talking about it vs coding something of this nature are two different beasts. Need to have like matrix movie scene numbers raining down in your brain and a messy room filled with articles and algorithms and pen markings everywhere to constitute the brilliance to make this thing heh.


Think they might be retiring MAID too here shortly? Would really drive some lower prices if so. Can only speculate if they indeed did bring everything out of cold.

Here’s the official post from the MaidSafe blog about Bittrex for those who haven’t seen it yet. Very similar to what nicklambert said here but it goes into more detail. I recommend giving it a quick read.

… we are currently having discussions with multiple exchanges and have already put plans in place to list with a large exchange out with the US. We will be working with them on promoting the new listing and we’ll make a joint announcement about this as soon as we can. MaidSafeCoin continues to be traded on Poloniex, HitBTC, Upbit, Cryptopia and CoinSpot.

For those who have coins listed on Bittrex they confirm on their website that they will give users “…up to 14 days to withdraw any delisted tokens, but in certain instances the withdrawal period may be shortened. Users should withdraw any tokens before the posted withdrawal deadline.”

I might add it ends optimistically :slight_smile:


If we have a price topic, can we also have a launch date topic then :grin:.

Bored on a Sunday and i thought i’d poke the :honeybee: nest :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Onto page 2, at least we’re number 1 now!


So sad that we are now on page 2 :frowning: I bet on this project from the beginning of my interest in crypto but this is the first time I think that maybe I’ve chosen the wrong horse… :frowning:

I really hope that MaidSafe team will soon annonce some great news so that it give Safenetwork more visibility on crypto market.

Finger crossed!

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Try to not worry about it. Being off the first page of coin market cap does nothing to reduce the progress the MaidSafe team are making (they have the funding they need).

When the network is up & running, the value of a previously required placeholder token at some point in the past will mean nothing… other than a reminder of a huge investment opportunity most people missed out on :smiley:

If you still believe in what MaidSafe are working on, you have nothing to worry about - nobody else has achieved anything close, so it’s still a very worthwhile endeavour.


We might all get the opertunity to own 10,000s maybe 100,000s soon for a reasonable buyin. :slight_smile:

Do not fear cheap coins.


It is a little disheartening, but the fiasco with the US ruling and the Bittrex yank seems to be to blame. The project itself continues making progress regardless.

I am sure there will be a pull back when the new exchange(s) are announced. We may look back on this as a golden opportunity to accumulate. It really does feel like maidsafecoin deserves a little more love at the moment.


Own 100k maid, that’s me however cutting more than 3/4 of my investments after I heard about Bittrex delisting. Like risk, but not at over 100k usd when a major exchange is delisting…

Yes I have been doing the same over the last months. Sad but as valiantly as they have been toiling away on getting it up and running unfortunately they have lost contact with the greater community. Contrary to what many in this forum profess, I do think there are many good projects and teams and ideas in development out there. Maid does not have a corner on new ideas and good, well funded dev teams. They have lost visibility and are not part of the conversation/community at conferences, meet ups etc. as they were, to some extent, at one time. They are now usurped (not technically maybe) and mostly invisible. Imo their only chance now is a beta, very user friendly product gone viral. There is tremendous excitement and money pouring in to the space and Maid is just not a visible part of that anymore, sadly. My 2year, now 1/2 bag is a long shot hold. I became too emotionally attached to the project and it should not have been my core position for so long. My hopes and heart is still with the project but expectations and time frame more realistic and lowered.

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You know, there is constant and increasing negative views on the situation and consequently MAID.

I hope everyone can agree with that.

And one of the things I’ve learned about markets is that for a very big change, most people have to be wrong.

Even people who are losing faith, if they have followed maidsafe for a while, do so because they expected it was a BIG deal but have lost patience, not least because they feel they’ve missed out on other pumps by holding maid. So they expected something big, but fewer and fewer still expect that. After all, after so many big rises in other projects, and things closing in on cryptocurrency, you’d have to be a bit mad or deluded to expect maid to moon, wouldn’t you. Where is this trend going?

Fewer and fewer people expecting maid to moon… until the majority see it negatively. Price pushed low.

Like a coiled spring.

And all this happening as Maidsafe are saying things are coming together, and we can see that, and marketing is limbering up.

Just saying.


Many here, myself included, no longer try to make estimates at least in public, and we know Maidsafe don’t want to either, but I’m surprised nobody seems to have picked up on this.

We can’t read much into this as we know it is hard to predict, although it has to be encouraging.

So it’s as interesting to me that nobody seems to pick up on it. Perhaps that’s because this building gloom is clouding the general vision.

While I’m not saying anything specific, I really don’t get all the gloom given what is actually happening, and the signs and signals from inside Maidsafe, development, marketing, and of course the community.

The market is bearish but I’m quietly bullish. Beware the bear trap!


Tbh, I preferred it before the rush of dumb money flooded into the segment. Maidsafecoin has performed well over the last few years, generally not aligning with Bitcoin fluctuations and steadily growing in value. It is worth 20x or so what it did when it was in the top 10.

I suspect that if the latest crypto bubble had not occurred, people would be happier. There would not be the market cap envy that seems to be prevalent at the moment.

Ofc, it would be great if the project was done, was delivering on its goals and was making us all rich in the process, but we aren’t there yet. The project is heading in the right direction and staying true to its goals, but it is taking longer than expected… but steady progress is being made.

If this bubble is like the last few, it will be years before the next boom. The smart money seeking short term gains has likely already gone. Of course, it could be different this time, but many projects may needs to dig deep for the long haul now.


I hope it is a sign we are not looking at years of development.

Bearish is not an issue for me, I had over 100k usd invested at one point. Lower prices are great, however getting delisted is a very dangerous thing. We only have Poloniex after Bittrex goes away. It will be the last “large volume” exchange we gave after that . The way Polo has been heading lately, it is definitely not a good leg to stand on. It has had its share of issues and it going away in the coming months /years is not that far fetched.

I don’t mind risk, but at the amounts I was holding I had to limit it. I am sure a lot of large holders are going to do the same and that is not a good sign.

I hope you are right Happy but as we old timers know, “close to launch” has been a several year, ongoing status for Maid…

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