MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Just 5 short months ago this is what the price of MAID was


If were lucky, it might fall back down to below $0.40 take a look at that price pattern.
Past performance is no guarantee of future performance so I’m not confident enough to sell any of my coins, but will load the truck up if it does drop price. Long term, Safecoin will stay well above $1.00, its these early turbulent times that we have the opportunity to accumulate.

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I want price at 200. Not 10. Its possible if i look at what it can do. Much more then the other coins out there.

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I hope so @zoki I have a few more coins I want to accumulate before I will be happy :wink:

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I want that too. I want it so much :smiley:


Hello everyone,
As some of you might know by now. I’ve been a major shareholder in MAIDsafe, and periodically I sell a batch of shares. Right now I have someone who is looking for outside opinion about fair price.

This was a discussion that was had in the BNKTOTHEFUTURE thread somewhat speculative about how to price shares prior till they become for sale in the open market:

Would anyone like to speculate as to the current price per share?

Zoom out a bit and safecoin vs Bitcoin has turned and maidsafe is gaining. It reminds me of fractals! :slight_smile:


Exploring the topic, I found this post. So I wonder, what if at the moment of change Maid price will be lower than Safe one?

Back when the price was $.50 a few weeks ago, I began going through the process to buy safecoin before it started rising again… lo and behold by the time my bitcoin purchase was delivered MAID had risen to $1.

Now I’m trying to decide whether to buy in now before I get left behind or wait and see if it drops back down.

This may be the case, but people have been willing to buy non-blockchain coins like IOTA.

I think safecoin has not been released yet

The change will be 1:1. What I wonder is: early investors are in some way protected from the worst scenario?

Yea. Bitcoin is crap. I asked for alternatives here…

Seems Litecoin is best so far.


Bitcoin Cash is awesome too. Fast confirmation times with about $0.07 USD in fees.


I think the days of sub- dollar prices are over. Look to accumulate more on big dips as we head to higher levels.

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This is unlikely within an exchange since the exchange will only list one. At a set time you will be trading MAID then the next second it’ll be called safecoin.

The exchange will stop deposits and withdrawals while the exchange exchanges the MAID in their addresses for safecoin. Then once that is done deposits and withdrawals will only be for safecoin

Now the interesting one is differences in timing between exchanges. Well the ones trading safecoin will not accept MAID and the ones trading MAID will not accept safecoin. So no arbitrage

Conclusion: while there maybe price differences between exchanges you cannot take advantage of it.

Buy small amounts at a time and if it goes up then you might lose on some, but if it goes down then you gain on some. Hedge your bets.

@everyone Remember we have a P&T topic for all other coins now. Take advantage of it :slight_smile:


I think we will have a major dip within 3 months or less, I am not sure how quickly the recovery will be and what time frame. Just keep buying coins you believe in and buy hard on dips. I personally wish I had pulled the trigger on this coin more so in the .30’s-.40’s but I am still a buyer around the $1.00 mark because I am a LT believer this coin could be worth $100 or more down the road as long as coin dilution is not rampant at time of launch. I am one of those who sat on the sidelines and watched bitcoin go from $1.00 to $20,000 and I don’t intend to miss the next greatest innovation to hit the web.

One thing that concerns me here is how much emphasis right now is being put on marketing and all these MAID advertising posts… we don’t have a a product shipped yet, things are still being developed heavily it seems from the outside. Github repo’s have plenty of bug reports and unanswered issues so why not focus 100% on just the product until we actually have a real working network. Once we have a working network, everyone on the forum verifies that it works and thoroughly tests all use-cases this network intends to deliver under the heaviest simulated duress we can. Then and only then would I feel comfortable really advertising the product, otherwise you run the risk of user interest dropping due to complications and tons of performance problems. Just look at bitcoin right now, its performance barely keeps up with current demand and the soaring fees are a huge deterrent. Can we be the first product that when it launches actually has true scale issues resolved and blows peoples socks off? That will be something I would be proud to support. I don’t want to see a MAIDSAFE version of cryptokitties rekking the whole network :stuck_out_tongue: .

Just my thoughts,


Why do you think we have major dip in 3 months? Why don’t you think we will rise?

Bad phrasing saying we, I think the crypto market as a whole will have a correction. Too many coins with no merit skyrocketing to ridiculous valuations(and these coins will hurt the quality coins too as they pull everyone down). Also if you look at the crypto market traditionally from Dec to Jan the last 4ish years you will see a pump in DEC and a decline in Jan. So lets see how it plays out :slight_smile: .



A note on why it’s tricky to use the last (insert number here) years as a guide. Crypto growth should probably be seen as exponential, not linear. The exchange, Cryptopia, for example, has said it went from 30,000 users in January 2017 to 500,000 users on December 1, 2017 then to 1,400,000 on January 4, 2018 and, at that point, had to stop taking on new registrations and curtail some of its markets because they could not keep up with the growth.

A lot of new people entering the game and they are not coming in to sell !