MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Ripple? Are we on the same page?

Sure, and Ripple only has everything to do with the centralized banking system.


It could drop to zero I’m not selling!!!



When did Nick do the internal talk at Google? I’m just wondering if started going up after or before that.


Today I discovered goindeep, despite being a legendary crypto blogger with a focus on how awesome SAFE is, has some more serious ideas than me. If you are interested in his in his Action Group idea going ahead, show him some love on here:

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When I see the price of substratum I get really frustrated. Do substratum have a better marketing than Maidsafe or is it because it is a blockchain product.

Why? It’s just a silly little number, both projects are completely different and not anywhere near their respective endgames and therefore their real value.

Btw, yes is the honest answer to the last part. It’s fine though it won’t matter too much if SAFE does what it’s meant to.


Safecoin is just not on the radar. People who would laugh any crypto and not talk about it, now… can’t stop talking about it.

One friends workplace is now buzzing with bitcoin, litecoin, ripple, etherium talk. They are drawn to the large price movements - when asked about the philosophy behind each coin they are mostly clueless. These type of investors/gamblers won’t be reached by any type of marketing other that straight fiat to coin buying route.


I feel a bit conflicted to see us over $1 and out of the top 70 now.

One interview on CNN or a fiat pair on a big exchange would cause some insane price movement in this environment. BBC4 interviews are great, but they don’t really reach the crypto crowd, nor does an in-forum community engagement programme.

Price does affect our credibility with developers looking for opportunities, it probably won’t make or break SAFE, but it could certainly give it an easier run to have a lot of money swilling around and a lot more eyes on us.

Fingers crossed MaidSafe marketing have some plans that will create some waves. It is painful to see us dropping like a stone down the rankings, even though we all know this is one of the most insane and ill-informed investment manias of all time :wink: It would be nice to see SAFE taking advantage of the situation instead of just feeling frustrated by it.


Hey Jabba, fwiw it’s worth you make some good points here that are correct but when I sit down and re-read @happybeing killer post from a day or two ago I can’t help but realising the dude is right in more ways than one…

Always look for ways forward yes completely agree with everybody there, but maybe just important to never forget exactly what SAFE promises/hopes to actually be.

Is piggy backing off this mania really all that it’s cracked up to be??? Now there’s a Pandora’s box that goes waaay beyond people wallets :wink:


Well, it would be quite powerful if this community suddenly had hundreds of millions to reinvest in Apps like they have with ETH, IOTA etc. I’m not saying I disagree completely. As I said, I do think SAFE is disruptive enough that it does not need all the interest and money yet. I can’t help feeling like there is an easy way to improve its chances with more resources too though. There’s a load of money just sitting on the table here and so much confusion no one understands the implications for anything they are investing in.

Meh, if it were me I’d be calling up CNN and getting an interview there or something . Antecedent project to BTC that solves problems it didn’t even know it had before it was ever thought of… seems like an easy sell. Then it’s easier to pitch to big exchanges off the back of the media attention.

I just feel a bit frustrated to see it dropping down with all this retarded rubbish pumping to insane highs. It is getting really painful to watch. :confounded:


I opened a ticket at binance and asked if it is possible to add Maidsafecoins to their exchange, but no answer until now. What I think is that there will be a lot of other coins added before maidsafecoins.

Edit: Answer from the Binance customer service.

Due to the overwhelming surge in user registrations and trading activity, it has taken longer than usual to respond to your ticket. We have updated our FAQs with more details. You can try search for the relevant FAQ in Majority of our users are able to find resolution through this method.

If you still require customer support agent to assist you, please submit a new request. Remember to be precise in picking the Issue Type as this will greatly expedite the support process.

We have a large number of requests waiting and are working around the clock to resolve them as fast as we can. We appreciate your continued support and understanding.

Sincerely Binance JP Support - Michele

Sorry if this sounds a bit dumb, but if Safecoin had no value or better yet wasn’t required (like the previous system Maidsafe had in mind) would this all be as important?

I agree with what most of you say but people have got into the habit of conflating SAFE solely with crypto, it happens a lot and well i guess I’m taking a position where I think that isn’t necessarily always a great thing.

I’m likely wrong, but I’m just trying to take a step back from the madness for the moment and see the other side of the rainbow…or mirage, because it is there and should always be kept in mind :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure how that could work? SAFE has to incentivise human behaviours like farming. It also needs to incentivise involvement and app development. Incentives are powerful and useful things. I agree that the end game here is digital emancipation, but we can’t do that without using incentives to get there. The incentives are currently pushing App developers into other projects with much less chance of working. I think that is important. It’s wasting their time and not advancing the real agenda that matters, SAFE. :wink: :v:


Sorry should have made it clearer meant the old quid pro quo idea. But yes your still right.

Maybe all this talk (excluding attracting developers) is all still a touch early? Any co-incidence those at the heart have still got the gear stick in low gear? I’m genuinely fascinated how this will all play out, but think Maidsafe are treading a cautious but correct path :+1:


Got my first price query from someone who already is in crypto. They came back to me and pointed me at this and questioned my price quotes. I think I was originally quite clear maidsafe tokens need to be bought.

This imitation coin I think is doing damage even amoungst people with some grounding in crypto coins.


@Jabba has a good point that devs would be more interested, and to some extent that projects would be easier to fund, if the ranking/gains were higher, and the HODL’ers richer.

Alhough the gains are already very large if you start from the crowdsale, or bought at the low which followed.

My earlier post wasn’t to say this doesn’t matter, but mainly to explain why I don’t accept what some have said: that this project must be in the top X or it could fail. There was little to no justification, mainly FUD amplified by a poll (not for the first time recently :wink: … Brexit… Trump… ). Anyway, nobody has argued with me on that point, or indeed any of my logic, so perhaps I’ve won them round! :wink:

But I do love the marketing activity that this desire to put MAID out there is generating. It’s bloody marvelous to see people here getting stuck in, and all the different ways people put real value into this project.

Recently we’ve seen @goindeep get into his stride with several articles and now a brilliant infographic, and @mav’s latest contribution overnight? These people are an inspiration - just following what interests them and in doing so, contributing enormous value. And many others here - all of whom I value and admire.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves this and draws strength and energy from it. Surely we all do, and not least the Maidsafe team in Ayr and around the planet. Every bit helps - David always wanted to decentralise as much as possible, including the people here, and we see the wisdom of that every day.

And you don’t need to be technical to get stuck in, or to have any special skills, honest enthusiasm and comment all helps and is important.

So if you feel the urge to boost this project think about what interests you and follow that. I can’t wait to see what else folk have to offer, or what’s been happening out of sight.

And I have another take on all those devs currently beavering away to build apps on other higher profile projects… Just as the money will rush away from most of them to a better home, so will the devs. I wonder which project they will look to join.

All those dodgy projects are an enormous training ground for developers of decentralised, secure applications, and a furnace of ideas ready to put into action on the SAFEnetwork platform when those crypto projects lose their momentum.


You are right mostly @happybeing (maybe not on Trump or Brexit lol)

My 2 cents has always been why we cant attract more developers to do pro bono work or volunteer? Surely there is a way. Students, people that want the experience in return for a good reference, international students etc. Where there is a will there is a way. Surely there is a way.

I also am a true believer that we need to market it more. I’ve had many upon many of people tell me they had never heard of Maidsafe and some of them in the Cryptosphere.

Personally I purposefully sat idle for some time because I knew the timing was not ripe. I am sensing that tide is now turning and believe me also, there is a lot more being done and planned by myself and others.

I’m really wrangling for a marketing action group personally simply to get more organisation into it like for example you mentioned that info graphic I am trying to make, that is a perfect example where an action group would come in. Person A writes the article, Person B edits and proof reads, Person C does the graphics and then the collective posts, links and shares it on the web.

Nevertheless 2018 is going to be a big year for Maidsafe. I’d almost bet my little share on it :wink:


I think the reason we are falling is project just has been going on for so long, people start to doubt if there is any progression at all. Think about it maid is just a token build on top of one of the worst services(omni) And nothing more. So it’s sad we are falling but I think at this point we are just bleeding out. People are just thinking project never will be done and leave. The only reason we increase in fiat value right now is because very crypto craze you all talk about.
Sorry it’s a little bit like a rant. But it’s what I think is real. I think at this point it is better of for community to develop some key applications for the network instead of just spreading the word out. Remember the app that makes safe act like a hard drive in windows, something like that working on a test net may bring more trust. At this point trust in safe network =maid price in my opinion.