MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

I was just looking at the Omni price. In USD it looks about where it was in the crowd sale now. Obviously, way off its Bitcoin price, but at least the original crowd sale looks to be in better shape now! :slight_smile:

How much cost btc to send maidsafecoin from omni wallet in dollars value?

Seems like BTC will have a short-term correction today, let’s hope MAID can gain some sats :).

Will anyone of you implement any stop losses if you are trading MAID/BTC? I have also set up a few buy orders to pick up cheap maid if that happens. I have most of my MAID in storage, but I like to trade a portion to ride the BTC waves.

All the crypto money is flowing into BCH right now. BTC and alts are getting hammered. Figures… I just purchased an Antminer S9 not 30 minutes earlier using BCH when it was trading at $2741USD (vice the $3291 ATH just reached).

It’s almost comical to watch the crypto herd rushing to the top. Like in a split second they’re feeding from a different crypto coin.

The good news: that hungry crypto herd will come to feed at the SAFE trough sooner than later. Cheers!


BCH is listed on Coinbase

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I think this week we’re going to assist to a large BTC dip cause all the weak hands who bought last weeks are going to sell.
But IMO is better, so BTC is going to be cleaned of all the speculators which wanted just to ride the wave of easy and fast making money.
Well, same thought for MAID; we don’t need speculators, we need investors.

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All of top 30 cryptocurrencies now have a market cap of over $1bn! Whoa! :open_mouth:


Hope maidsafecoin will be top 30 soon!

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Seemingly undone again.

Hmm, so it is. And once again it drags MAID down as people don’t seem to want to risk arb’ing it.

Meh, it’s 88c on Bittrex, that’s what matters :wink:


We are bumping up against a major downtrend line on the Daily chart of Maid/Btc. If we can break through…) It’s also pushing up against the 50 day ema.

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I’ve given up reading crypto charts. It’s all too unpredictable!


Maid chart excepted, I find them easier to read than Forex or Equity Market charts.

Nice price recovery, back up at 80cents. Someone might have been taking profits and oversold and dropped us back down to 60cents?

Yeah, could be. Thin market - just a bunch of bots and a few crickets!!)


Hit 87cents last night. Wow.


Does MAID have any plans to add the coin to binance exchange?

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I would be bold enough to wish for a Bitfinex listing knowing that they trade DATA coin, currently #91 on coinmarketcap, with a cap of approx. 184 million.


I noticed that too… Odd.