MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

I don’t get that…MAID dropping to 2000 doesn’t necessarily mean that MAID will be worth less by then. IMO, placing a low buy-order now (at 2000 f.i.) might only result in buying MAID for exactly the same price as it is worth today compared to USD. For months now, the USD price has been roughly 30-50 cents. When bitcoin goes up, MAID goes down satoshi-wise, but compared to USD nothing really bad happens. (which is also the case with a lot of other alts btw) I understand that daytraders with large bags of cash value every cent (sell high, buy low), but for people like me, as long as MAID doesn’t drop to 15 cents without good explanation, there’s nothing for me to worry about

Selling your MAID now for BTC and buy more MAID back later might be wise, but like I said…I choose not to be part of that craze anymore. I’m happy with buying MAID at these prices.

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But serieus who calculate in that nasty premined coin called the dollar, arent we trying to avoid it in crypto :smiley:

They are not after the 2000, but want you to sell now so the price drops lower and lower. The 2000 is the carrot to make weak or greedy ones to sell and then hope to buy back at the carrot price.

I don’t know if they are the big whales or not. Although the 2000 talk is one of a whale. It may reach that BTC value and it may not, who knows, he certainly doesn’t know for sure. But its the carrot to create selling pressure.

Yes and as was said before it is just above half of the dollar value all time high. Of course today it is some 10 times what it was 2 years ago.


Guys do you still think that safenetwork and safecoin could not release after so hard work for years?

As long as I still get paid in fiat and have to do my groceries with fiat, I value my crypto to fiat. But I get what you’re getting at. :smile:


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Could you please sell your MAID as soon as possible?


No, but they could have made more money buying Bitcoin.

10x multiples in a year are just not enough for some. Greed is a powerful driver, but fear is an even harder task master.

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Ah wait, I see it now… I was drawing up wrong conclusions. Speculating about satoshi’s has nothing to do with the USD price. I realise now that I had already answered my own question:

Somehow I thought there was more to it.

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Me too lel kekejekeke

I’m exactly the same as you I tried trading and it’s just not my thing I’d rather continue to invest in safe when it produces returns I’ll take some of those profits and reinvest in safe projects on the network.


Maidsafe lost a lot hype momentum if you now a days look on twitter for maid it’s almost gone. Sad to see that happen let’s see if it can recover if there is a bitcoin drop

Someone is still dumping like a million on this value, and cant blame them maidsafe is still overvalued a lot.
And bitcoin is on fire

Absolutes don’t exist, You seem to think so, others think it’s a very clear long term punt for the potential return (however unlikely you think it may be).

Bitcoin is on fire yeah, looks like it is, what’s your point? Our eyesight works fine, many of us are doing well out of it like your good yourself.

I’m confused are you prompting a discussion in a trading topic or just acting as a message board, I genuinely am trying to tell but can’t anymore :roll_eyes:


If you like it or not atm you cant do anything with maidsafe, and the release can be 2018 or 2019 maybe even 2020.
The main reason for the value increase is that bitcoin is going nuts and many altcoins are riding this wave,

This is a trading and price topic and all this is part of it.

40 something tips still to come remember :slight_smile:

as are others and their points of view :rofl:

Maidsafe dont need tips but a working product

For the approach they are taking yes. I am heavy on Eth but I genuinely couldn’t say to you that it’s further along on the development scale. SAFE is a unique beast and comparisons to anything else are well almost impossible. Just my two cents Bob :slight_smile:


The world needs an autonomous data network.

MaidSafe are the only people building one.

It’ll be ready when it’s ready. It’s not launching Beta this month that’s for sure.

In the meantime I’ll keep profiting off other stuff and accumulating more MAID where I can for when it eventually does release, be that in 6 months or 24. All good things come to those who wait… :wink:


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