MaidSafeCoin (MAID) Exchanges

List of exchanges actively trading in MaidSafeCoin(MAID).

Note: this is a WIKI so, as a community, we can all keep it up to date.


There is also Cryptopia exchange :wink:

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Thanks @anon51455536 - I left Cryptopia out of the list for the moment since the exchange has been suspended since January.

While some parings have been enabled again MAID is still showing as :
Status 324x110

Once the Market is active again (if it becomes so) then I’ll add back in.


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I found this exchange offering trade of MAID (with no KYC): (I have not tested it myself yet, it looks like orders are processed manually and funds sourced from other exchanges to give customers the best price).

Anybody tried it?


Has anybody tried this?

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