MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

It could be a prime example of fake it until you make it, it seems likely that it started out sus but I think that is now in the past. Faked it, made it, now legit. Thats my take.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


There’s an abundance of misinformation circulating within mainstream crypto media channels. However, a more reliable source of insight lies in the ongoing cross-examinations within the courtroom. CW has not admited to forging key documents at all. Observing these proceedings closely reveals a clearer picture. While the final ruling remains in the hands of the judge, the current trajectory, especially evident on this fourth and final day of the cross-examination of CW, suggests a favorable outcome for him.

stop it Craig.

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I am not saying there can be only one, they can perfectly co-exist, where BSV will be the more transparent network and SN the more private network.I prefer SN over BSV, but am invested in both :+1:t2:

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How much adoption does BSV have?

Take a look at the projects showcased on BSV Blockchain :: Projects. It is an impressive demonstration of real-world usage. This is hardly surprising given that Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain designed to truly scale.

Visit to see Bitcoin SV’s data throughput, consistently surpassing other Bitcoin variants. Current speeds are 50,000 tps and Terranode testing is showing a promising 1.5 million tps, it demonstrates remarkable capacity for handling substantial data. And… We are not even talking about how cheap it is to transact on BSV.

These are the reasons why it is being adopted.

I prioritize objective analysis, focusing on the technical capabilities and capacities of the cryptocurrencies I invest in, rather than their public image or popular opinion. BSV just like MAID are the most groundbreaking projects I have encountered.

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It is based on 0 confirmation and needs big miners like as server. So it is not totally different with Safe.

Like what?

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Simply click on the already provided links and read the content, so you can avoid asking for information already provided :wink:

I did and couldn’t see any real world usage.

Guess it depends on how one defines “real”.

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Yeah, that is the easy way out :+1:t2:

Guys if you want to talk about non-maidsafe related tokens there are dedicated threads for. :blush:


LOL. I didn’t want to. Just got fed up with the shilling for “real world” uses of shitcoins.

Cheap MAID.


Looks like some bot was keeping a price at 25c level (look at the volume), now it’s gone:


Price is taking a beating at the moment. When moon? :wink:



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Bot is back, at $0,20 :slight_smile:


I just did a purchase for $2000 to see what would happen. It shortly went up to $0.26 to immediately be pushed down to $0.20 again. This seems to happen every time that someone tries to push the price up as you can see on the daily graph:

Someone doesn’t want this to go up?