MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

What happens ?

And with Beta the conversion to SNT was coming, or how is that relevant? And with SNT some new avenues to buy and sell?

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Can’t you just tell what happens?

EDIT: I have just withdrawn everything from Bittrex and you say HitBTC is a scam. You telling what happens would just be so much easier, you know?

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It’s just an indication of progress really. We are going as fast as we can. Keeping going means we get closer to (e)MAID → SNT and then we have the issue of on and off ramps which IMO may be interesting.


Never thought I could fill my bags so cheaply. Thanks!

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What will you do if/when they say SNT is not allowed for US residents?

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Nothing, other than continue to hold SNT (diamond hands) until it becomes available (wait and see, and support any further developments that may allow it in future (within my capacity if possible))… or just consider the entire investment worth $0 (current state due to it being illiquid), and continue to sit on it from the sidelines…

i.e. I am not dependent on it for my lively hood (have a daytime job), and I considered this a moonshot project as a high risk and high reward scenario years ago when I originally discovered this project, so I am well aware off the risks and future rewards. I am okay in living with myself regarding the decisions of investing in this coin years ago, and whether it pans out favorably or not. Will I be happy if its not allowed in the US, nope, just like anyone else in the US jurisdiction.

Will I try to go down the road of MaidSafe coin to eMAID conversion (if option is still open), and then convert to USDC via UniSwap (possibly), but that depends on Altcoinomy’s roadmap too.

I won’t be jumping to convert Maidsafe to SNT or MaidSafe to eMAID now or when SNT becomes available as part of the network. I will continue to maintain the two buckets off coins for now (MAID & eMAID), and wait and see where SNT gets listed, and what the options are.

It is what it is for now, :man_shrugging:. I am not going to worry about it for now, no need to get upset over something that hasn’t even happened yet.

Lets get the SAFE network off the ground first and live!!


Right there with ya, Shu! I believe in the team, but I am concerned with global regulation of the internet & economy that is coming. Yeah, I know the Safe Network is being developed in defiance of centralization and consolidated control. But if they can’t control it via censorship, they will find other ways to de-platform, de-monetize, and marginalize it somehow.


I just mean the majority of our work is focused on the Beta, and then the bounce from there to launch. We are very much continuing on down that line, with primary focus being access to SNT, so we consider this a wee hiccup that we will work through hopefully with minimal fuss.

And it’s worth noting that the MaidSafeCoin to SNT conversion process will be a key component of the Beta, so it may shape how we approach that a little; and may actually make somethings easier to some degree. Or at least introduces some useful constraints.


Fully agree with you here as well. It just feels like at least US folks are in a higher risk today, but global regulation is going to continue to push its agenda.

I am ‘okay’ with ‘regulated’ exchanges that require KYC specifically to go from FIAT to crypto, and vice versa, but for myself, I also like seeing those exchanges be regulated from a few extra financial governing entities (in the US) including external audits too, which some of them already are. It is the current landscape in the US, and there is no escape from it, unless you want to maintain only in SNT or crypto coins once acquired, and never swap to FIAT. At the same time, I also support and like idea of DEX like Uniswap (crypto to crypto transfers).

I am intentionally maintaining two buckets of coins (MAID and eMAID) for myself for many reasons.

I need to see the following items succeed:

  • eMAID to SNT conversion succeed
  • MAID to SNT conversion succeed
  • Altcoinomy’s roadmap and support for future eMAID conversion timelines or deadlines
  • SNT listings (the exchanges it does show up on)

Depending on if all off these succeed or not will make me evaluate the next steps (as and when to sell the token in years to come, and whether the token to be sold comes from MAID, eMAID, or SNT bucket).

And off-course it goes with out saying, the fundamentals of the SAFE network (as listed on their main web page) being achieved too!! :smiley: .


We didnt go into details discussing it.
It was just mentioned as a possible concern.

Just as 2 different maid pairs, eg, maid / btc, emaid / eth , will cause some extra mkt turbulence, as the pulls on the mkts are doubled, allowing more arb.

Add another pair and thats multiplied again.

But dependant on how ppl are trading more un natural loops can happen moving value between the pairs.

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Sorry, but it does not feel anywhere near beta to be honest. I know al lot of work is being done, but “beta pretty soon”? No. But if I’m wrong, please enlighten us with a timeframe.


Better to list maidsafecoin on new exchange bittrex is closed or hitbtc have price issues… Deal with any exchange where they will provide swap… Emaid is not a solution because its swap but maidsafecoin holder will loose their fund due to delay

I have maidsafecoin in hitbtc and their withdraw fees is 700 maid lol

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You mean like 1inch for emaid?

Hitbtc withdraw fees is 700 maid please resolve issue with their team and ask for less fees even we cant swipe when their beta will be launch

And emaid or maid both showing in coinmarketcap

Is maid and emaid both will be exchange 1:1

They are greedy, thats how they choose to do business.

You cant just tell others how to run their business.


Suggestions or feedback…

Use 1 inch, or or uni for emaid.
Use hit btc for maid.

Thats pretty much your options if you need to trade urgently.

Or otc through the forum

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Both MAID and eMAID will be swappable 1:1 with Safe Network Tokens after the Network has launched.


Anyone looking for an easy and safe way to trade eMAID.
There is a uniswap wallet app for android and iOS, it is super easy to use, it also has sandwhich attack swap protection built in. You can also buy ETH with a bank card directly in the app.