MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Has the day come to exchange satoshis to Maid or e-Maid?
All in on MAID?
Help me decide!!!


unfortunately there is no acceptable liquidity in the exchanges, we hope that when the payment network is launched there will be movement to be included in large exchanges and it will be solved


You can still attempt to draw blood from a stone of diamond hands putting for some reason even a microscopic fraction of their worth on current exchanges. Heck if I even remember what those are. HitBTC? Some Ethereum tech? People should really really start getting in now IMO (not to cause FOMO or anything.,.,.,.,.,.just quite yet).

Who knows when the successful payment only networks will start to gain traction, but it’s sure to be a greatly accelerated/shorter duration of time compared to trying to get the full network out. Obviously Ethereum has a good bit of functionality and following while they are still updating (as any good project should eternally be), but that time for Safe as well might be nigh. This used to be a top 10 crypto project in 2015, now down to 350-ish. I think 100-ish (or even much higher if people are insane/possibly jump the gun) should be a good goal to shoot for in tandem with getting the payment network out; but of course the market is going to do what it’s going to do.


So will the maid reach approximately $1 to be in the top 100?


No it’s a long way from that.

Screenshot 2023-03-18 at 9.45.41 AM


Stop driving the price up, everyone! Ha.

I’ve been trying to essentially “go all in” with eMAID as ~90% of my holdings. I was attempting a piecemeal approach so as not to jump the price for myself too much, but the liquidity is so low I can barely exchange anything without bumping the price a minimum 6-7%. Now it’s up nearly 20% from when I’ve started. Seems I waited too long.


Make sure you use Flashbot protection. If there is a large slippage then bots will take the opportunity and put equally large buy order with higher gas fee in front of your order. Which will make your order fail and on second attemp will sell you back those same tokens at higher price. You lose a lot of extra eMAID you could have gotten if that was the case.

Flashbots is super easy to use in MetaMask and I’ve used it many times now. Important to note is that you want to make sure your gas fee is high enough. Flashbots Protection RPC will keep the transaction in their queue for 6 minutes and if it still isn’t accepted by the mainnet on Ethereum it will be dropped.
If after 10 minutes your transaction is still pending you can go to “Settings” > “Advanced” > “Reset Account” which states the following:

Reset accountResetting your account will clear your transaction history. This will not change the balances in your accounts or require you to re-enter your Secret Recovery Phrase.

It will clear transaction history if it appears stuck on MetaMask but all is fine.
Big plus is that you never will lose any gas if transaction fails! It saves you a lot in the long-term.

I put my gas base fee limit around 22~25 GWEI and miner fee at 2 GWEI. Normally always goes through and any excess that is not used will be returned “not billed”.

If it sounds scary, watch some videos about it and read more how it works on Flashbots RPC’s website:


I wouldn’t worry too much about buying around this range. Even if it drops again, it’s very likely to reach at least $1 in the next bull run even if there’s no launch, and with a launch I expect it’ll smash the previous ATH by a significant multiple.

So, if it’s highly likely to 5x from $0.20, buying under that level isn’t too much of a risk is it?

I hope to buy some more in the coming weeks, hopefully under $0.20, but we’ll see how it goes.

If maid really touch to moon, what happen then to SP500? thx


I don’t think there’s a correlation.

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I’m not overly concerned about it. Obviously I want to maximize my holdings, but you are correct, in the long run hopefully it won’t really matter all that much.

I’m not a financial advisor, but these two things are completely different strategies. Buying an S&P500 ETF is about as safe an investment play as you can make for any long term investment and crypto, especially for an unproven project, is about as risky as you can get.

If your goal is to pull out profit and put it into a safe investment, say for retirement, then yes, that’s a good thing to do with your holdings once it reaches a price you are willing to sell. It’s all about risk assessment for yourself and your faith in the project long term.


And its set the more nodes and user in safe network the more transactions can be handled? Its possible to handle fiat transactions?

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It seems to me that historically, every major(ish) new thing in this project has taken about 1 - 1.5 years to mature to a point, where the piece is ready enough to see how it fits in to the puzzle. Some haven’t fitted at all, some very well, and some have spurred further development. I’m talking about things like PARSEC, Ae, AT2, membership, consensus, CRDT, DBC, etc.

For some reason, whenever something new has been introduced, I have always expected everything to work within next 4-6 months. I have no idea where I have gotten that idea from… Needless to say, I’ve been frustrated when my expectations have not been met.

Payment only network is of course a very different thing from any of the above, but maybe they work to give some context.

Now I am expecting a first, very crude version of payment only testnet within next 1-2 months. Let’s see how far off that will be :rofl: But we have been able to send some DBC’s to each other even with data properties enabled, so I figure dropping the data should accomplish a sketchy version of the network like… yesterday?



If it were wrapped fiat sure, otherwise im not sure how fiat would exist on sn.

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Been a long time since there was a snapshot of the current market, always interesting to have a record of things to look at later on.


Current price is $0.1608 USD/MAID for a market cap of $71.571M and rank 355 on coingecko

bittrex trading at 626 sat/maid with a 24h volume of 0.32 btc for a price of $0.175 usd/maid

hitbtc trading at 588 sat/maid with a 24h volume osf 0.37 btc for a price of $0.165 usd/maid

uniswap emaid is trading at $0.166 with a 24h volume of $15,200

Currently btc is trading at around 28,000 usd/btc


From the bittrex orderbook

bittrex has 1.9568 btc waiting to buy maid at a lower price and would take 1,092,550 maid to clear the buy orders

bittrex has 987,900 maid waiting to be sold for btc at a higher price and would take 20.5 btc to clear the sell orders up to price 4900 sat/maid

bittrex has 19,320,862 total maid in their cold wallet 1DUb2YYbQA1jjaNYzVXLZ7ZioEhLXtbUru, which means about 5.1% of the maid held by the exchange are on the orderbook.

From the hitbtc orderbook

hitbtc has 0.5528 btc waiting to buy maid at a lower price and would take 221,106 maid to clear the buy orders

hitbtc has 304,282 maid waiting to be sold for btc at a higher price and would take 9.312 btc to clear the sell orders up to price 5250 sat/maid

hitbtc has 2,822,583 total maid in their cold wallet 14quvdxXj7h4kcfhhuKX39wRc6X5sodkjM, which means about 10.8% of the maid held by the exchange are on the orderbook.

emaid has 7,084,822 maid burned to emaid, see Anyone know how to view open orders for uniswap and other defi to get an idea of orderbook liquidity?


Amazing that eMAID is already nearly 3x the total HitBTC cold wallet.


The most popular places for limit orders are 1inch and matcha. If someone has placed such orders for eMAID, it is most likely through them.

Obtaining access to the database externally is possible via the 1inch Limit Order API.

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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