MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Not necessarily, but I feel extremely limited in my ability to trade atm. Also not a big fan of KYC… Did some swapping with simpleswap in the past, but they don’t offer Maid pairs anymore.

Waaaaah!!! bought back in waay too high - and I was doing nicely just surfing along…

no clue why it says market not found…

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Seems bittrex geo locates on your IP address and determines what you can see or not see. I tried it when VPN into USA and got the market not found when searching for MAID. But when I VPN into asia it came straight up and found it.


Sounds reasonable. Works fine from Scotland for my purposes anyway


now 586 sats on Bittrex - possible ATL in real terms?
No better time to buy - unless you are brave and hang on to see will it fall further…?


Something I would recommend to anyone using DEX is Flashbots Protect. A way to protect your transactions being ‘sandwiched’ by front running bots.
Front running happens when bots see that the slippage is high while your order is waiting in the mempool to execute, they then make the exact same order but with a higher fee so that your order will fail. You hopefully try to buy again and they sell you the tokens at a higher price.

A way to avoid this is to make use of Flashbots RPC that will not put your transaction in the public mempool on ethereum but is relayed to the miners directly, so that your transaction is executed instantly and you will never lose any gas again.

FYI you don’t need to use any code as in the video above, flashbots provides easy way for people to make use of it by using the RPC as seen here:


Anyone who had the funds to buy in yesterday would be 17% up on the day…

I didn’t … :face_holding_back_tears:


I fear we will never see ten for a a pound again :frowning:


Noticed that Uniswap introduced Permit2. More can be read here:

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