MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

If not when.

And yes that could be an issue but issues could occur with emaid.

I simply dont think ifs buts and maybes are a good reason to switch to emaid, i could do the same for omni, but honestly why bother.

The ppl have spoken through action, many are happy with omni maid, or else more would have converted.
Its really that simple.

Youve all had what

Not alot to boast about is it.

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Personally, all crypto is terrible and the difference between MAID and eMAID is not that big.

I never use any crypto for anything else than trading. All of them suck in all “everyday” -type of use. And every time I need to learn to use some new crypto stuff for whatever reason, I am terrified by the possibility that either I make a mistake somewhere, or I get screwed by someone else.

With OMNI I can manage. It’s not handy in any way, if we set the bar of “handy” anywhere in the range that is considered to be normal range outside cryptoworld. Over the years I have just accumulated barely enough skills and experience, that I can store and move my coins without getting overly anxious about it all. I get anxious, but it is tolerable. I have scattered my coins over several addresses to reduce the impact of my possible mistakes etc.

Now, to learn how to manage with eMAID in the wisest way, to develope my own practices to protect me from my own stupidity, is just an uphill battle, filled with dread of crucial mistakes. And it doesn’t make it much easier if I get good instructions here form this forum. I still would double check everything form different sources etc. It’s a hell of a job to educate myself enough.

Before the eMAID thing was set up, there was a survey asking if people would be interested about the possibility to have ERC20 version of the token. I replied “Yes!”, and that is still true. The possibility is absolutely 100% positive to me too, but to actually make that transition… it’s another story.


For sure everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to use MAID or eMAID.


I still haven’t made the step necessary to retrieve my ERC20 PDC because of this (or well also/mainly? because of the gas fee that I heard about). (So all my Omni PDC is burned as of like a year ago, and waiting for me to transfer to my own Eth wallet, which I don’t remember anything about anymore, for now.)

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