MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Seems we finally had that volume breakout on Uniswap. Bittrex pushing higher with increasing volume on intraday.

A humble attempt at Wyckoff distribution. Fake it until you make it, right?


Hi all.

Forgive the rather vague nature of this question but…

How do you feel the e-maid offering is doing now that it has been live for a while now?

I haven’t participated yet 'cause I wanted to see how it worked first before looking to get involved.

I don’t use Uniswap but seems easy enough. I have a p2b,b2b account from years ago but the emaid volume on there is non-existant now (read about the reasons on Telegram) so won’t be using that I guess.

Anyhoo. Would be interested to get an idea of how anyone feels about emaid’s current state of play.



It’s really easy and I advice to just try small amount first to check out how metamask/swapping works.
Especially now that Ethereum moved from PoW to PoS fees have gone down a lot. On average I pay around $1 per transaction now which is much better then $6-8 I used to pay when they had PoW.


I’m just noting that the Merge didn’t lower the fees - fees are down because of the bear market and reduced network usage. We will see a reduction in fees at the network level with sharding sometime in the future.

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There is an Arbitrum eMaid/Eth pair in Uniswap for those who want to avoid high Ethereum fees.
eMaid token in Arbitrum: MaidSafeCoin (eMAID) Token Tracker | Arbiscan
Bridge from Ethereum to Arbitrum:

There may be an Arbitrum airdrop soon. Bridging some eth to Arbitrum network and using Uniswap can give you additional profit from the airdrop.
The BIGGEST Airdrop EVER!!? It Will Mint New Millionaires!!

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A guy who hasnt posted in 5 yrs now suddenly wants us to put our money into

Thats fine, thats totally fine.


These bridges burn mostly with the users on it, play at your own risk


How do you validate the contract that exists on the bridge?

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Usually every bridge come with the “smartcontract” code that you can lookup on etherscan or whatever

If the people who write smartcontracts can still loose million$ sometimes even after audits, reading and truly understanding them is probably the next level… And just because you see a smartcontracts code doesn’t have to mean that’s what’s truly happening in the ui you see. But things only get more complex and difficult, not crypto related but probably already happening…

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In truth he is most likely right and most likely Arbitrum will also give free money as Optimism did (they gave me 500$ because I had donated to Gitcoin developers).

The connection between Optimism and Arbitrum is that they are both Ethereum Layer 2 solutions.

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The techradar article that I linked above already shows that even if you got 2FA enabled on your phone your currency is not SAFE. Bridges are not a SAFE playground, even if you get $10K from arbitrum, it and all your crypto could vanish in the future due to a hack you don’t even know about.

MAID should be bought and kept in cold storage with mulitsig! MAID on a mobile, computer, or exchange is basically not your MAID, don’t take my word for it but in time you’ll find out.


Yes, yes - no point of risking MAID moving there. My thought was that they would probably give free money - one could easily send $10 ETH there and put liquidity in there UniSwap against USDC for the chance to get an airdrop:

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