MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

I didn’t see the extra volume the other person did

Volume is <$1000 near 18. May, 9k for 19. May, and 66k for 20. May, then 4-5k for the 21st.

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Am i reading that right, maid dearer than emaid ?
Didnt see that coming.


I have been increasing the supply of eMAID to make it more attractive to buy by converting bought MAID to eMAID :slight_smile:


Keep it up!


Are you sure?

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At the time I posted it that was what I got. I used coingecko for Bittrex though and uniswap directly not nomics.


ALRIGHT GIVE IT UP FOR DBCS DYSFUNCTION TRACKING LIVENESS TESTING CRDT MUTABLE DATA IMMUTABLE DATA CHAOS ENGINEERING NODE AGE , uh SAFE NETWORK TOKEN DKG and whatever else there is. All I know is DBC comes up like 10 times per weekly update that it’s hard to even remember what other parts the network is being made to have. Anyway just felt like celebrating for no real reason except the realest reasons.

All these reasons: Safe Network Glossary and Acronyms


4792.45 USDC of eMaid available cheaper than Bittrex ($0.1722)
Thats 29204.37 eMAID in the uniswap pool between (0.153278 and 0.172819 USDC)

Anyone like a nodejs app that shows the (live) liquidity available on (uniswap, bittrex, p2pb2b),
Highlighting the cheapest place to buy & best place to sell?


That’s cool ! Can you share it ?


Coingecko has transitioned to eMaid but in the process they no longer show Bittrex.

They dont show where they are getting the price from but I dont think ignoring Bittrex is a good idea.

eMaid is great but Bittrex has supported us and it feels wrong that they are now “not supported” as the only omni option.


I agree…


They seem to have completely messed it up .

They show a mkt cap of >76m and do list the price in btc correct for bittrex.

But they also list the emaid contract address , but 2 exchange links, neither of them being uni or bittrex.

Where do you see Bittrex?

They dont list bittrex, but just under the price, they show eth price and btc price.
The btc price exactly matches trex price of 563 sats, so either emaid and maid are priced exactly, or they took that price from trex.

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Ahh ok. Would be great if they could display omni and emaid together but I dont know of any cases where they do?

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It would definately help if both emaid and maid were listed.
Maybe they are confused as to what actually happened regarding emaid.
Someone should certainly reach out to them.


Just sent them a msg, well see what they say.

"Hi, I am part of the maidsafe community, I see you have removed the maid listing and added one for emaid.

Is there any chance maid could be re added, or a shared listing could be done.

Although they both will be swapped for maidsafe network tokens when it launches , maid is still traded on bittrex and hopefully that will continue.

Emaid is just an erc version, conversion is an optional thing, so both maid and emaid will co exist until the network launches.


I look forward to your response."


Thanks for picking that up. I’ve initiated to get eMAID on both Coingecko and Coinmarketcap and will notify them about this error too. I’ll make sure it gets corrected, no worries.

While I’m at it, can you @dirvine or @JimCollinson reply to my email chain with CMC to confirm the official eMAID contract address. It’s what they asked for.