MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

People are doing worst by a large margin and they are seeing their money disappear, a lot of people will start selling off even at huge losses…

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Fertilizer prices have gone up 400%. Fuel prices which are a major factor in farming have gone up tremendously. We won’t see these increases in food costs until this harvest. The cost of living is going up and we’ve only started. This is going to massively effect whether people can ride out this cost of high prices holding their crypto.


500 Satoshi per one MAID. Nothing to celebrate, but good price to buy some.


Cheap price :smiley:


Surprised nobody has arbitraged the difference with the uniswap contract


Is there much to gain considering the fees to swap, fees to remove maid from trex, fees to send emaid to uni, then price in the price drop on uni as your selling emaid there.

Does that leave any / much profit per coin?

For 4000 dollars you will get about $ 350 in profit.

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You could sell 25k of maid into the liquidity pool right now for 4919.78 USDC
This will push the price down to 0.1968 per eMAID

You could buy back the 25k on bittrex at market for < 4550 USDC
even with paying aback the ETH fees you would still make $360

If you were already a MAID holder with access to bittrex, you could be more efficient as well, as hopefully more people will sell into you liquidity on bittrex.

Ideally someone that already holds a position of around 250k maid, could easily make profit shifting liquidity over from bittrex.

Right now it’s cheaper for me to buy on changelly than uniswap, and the fees are stupid on changelly.
Anyone that can arbitrage please do :slight_smile:


Depends where you live, after paying a ton of taxes and taxe lawyer fees Im just going to sell once we are in Happy town.

Not dealing with crypto currency accounting until its massively worth it…


eMAID has now total supply over 2 Million!


is there anyway to see the the live trading on uniswap? I’ve not used it before.


Bookmark this link:

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Awesome. Thank you

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Any reason for the little Maid pump? Something coming in the dev update?

I dont see a pump. Where are you looking?

andddddd… it’s gone :frowning:

Massive volume increase for some reason.

I see Maid at 16 cents. Why isn’t the extra volume raising the price?

What extra volume?