MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Bitcoin crash?

Whole thing built on funny money? thoughts?

Nearly all markets are crashing. Crypto seems to follow the same trend but in more extremes. It goes down faster during bear markets and up faster in bull markets.


I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when we have the eMaid trading against USDC :slight_smile:

I’m hoping this is the last chance to get me some more cheap maid :wink:


There is no liquidity you go try to buy a few thousand maid and the price will be back up.

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Might have to wait for eMaid on a dex anyway as Bittrex want to know what brand of toilet roll I use before allowing me to deposit any more cash :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


IMO, what’s happening now is a slow-motion result of the FED rate hike. Investment firms that were leveraged in, have re-evaluated (or are in process of) the cost of their leverage and many are pulling out of leveraged positions in all markets. This is also why the dollar has been moving higher - when you sell assets for dollars, market liquidity for dollars decreases. These dollars will be used to pay back lenders, which will then extinguish the dollars, cementing the dollar price rise.

Secondary effects however are people leaving markets simply because of fear (not because they are leveraged). Most markets they are leaving are bigger than the crypto market … and some of that capital will find it’s way into the crypto market, once the dollar rise settles down and people holding dollars realize that interest earned on parking those dollar is still far lower than inflation.

So it will take some time, but within a month or two I expect the crypto market to recover most losses.

… of course, by June? I think the FED may raise rates more and the cycle may start again … We will see.


I think it will be a blood bath mid term and slow grind up to through mid 2023 personally. FED will hike continually to tame inflation and before 2024 election then it’s a good time to ease on policy to make things seem on the mend again. Then we go full bull from 2024-2025


Check the 2020 covid-19 crash and compare it with gold and stock.
NASDAQ 19.2. - 16.3. -28% and went back 4.6.2020
Bitcoin 19.2. - 13.3. -60% and went back 31.5.2020
Gold 9.3. - 19.3. -13% and went back 9.4.2020

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But if the Fed doesn’t reverse course things could really plummet…that is if they are serious about fighting inflation.

But of course they will reverse course when the pain gets too much… And we go again

They are and have been reversing course. They are raising the interest rates, and plan to continue doing so. That’s what this big selloff is all about.

Of course.

I mean when they reverse course from that… Cut rates and restart QE :blush:

My bad, I misread your statement.

I don’t think they will cut rates any time soon. Inflation is close to becoming out of control.


I don’t think crypto will go much below 1.5 trillion market cap. It’s a major psychological resistance point that had finally been surpassed after many attempts in the not too distant past, and has become the floor many times. This time won’t be much different.

Is there an eMAID market yet? I want eMAID!



EMAID will be listed on Uniswap by the end of the week.
Crazy market has kept us very busy over the last week. :disappointed:


That’s great. Not sure it’s the best week to launch on a dex though :confused:

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Wowwwwww that’s amazing!!


Well……about 12-13% below that now and no real signs of stopping.

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Well crypto is finite overall so there’s no reason for crypto to drop other than to mimic the stock market as a collective group of people out of habit until people come to their senses and see what really happens/what its actual worth is.

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