MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

He clearly said he was hopeful and now he is realistic.

It saves from any false advertising claims in his realistic future.



If he didn’t ask for a username change he shouldn’t have changed it. But it made me laugh so hard you can’t even begin to imagine. If he wants he can have it changed back obviously :rofl:

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Of course it’s a joke, I immediately wrote to him that if he didn’t like it I would change it back. But I think @realistiCinvestor is a chap, and he knows how to have fun despite his realism :19eddyjohn75:

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Haha, yeah, it’s fine, made me laugh.


The price is being too realistic right now.

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Japanese technical analysis says “never catch a falling knife”

But my hands are bloody anyway so might as well buy a few and catch this one as well!!

@Southside three fooor a poooound!!


Since you were such a good sport over @Dimitar changing your username as a joke I was thinking at which point would you go back to being the hopefulinvestor?

A certain price point?


A stable test net?

As I would like to see you restored to your previous hopefulness.


I sold all my Maid (it wasn’t easy for me). I’ve been here since 2016 and learned a lot. I have decided to bet my farm on Bitcoin SV. Take all care, wishing good luck and success to maidsafe team.


Thanks for your service. I hope you kept 112 MAID, it will be very sad to have been with us for so long and not to become a millionaire …

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I sold a bunch of tokens from 2 other projects yesterday and moved them elsewhere. Should I go tell those communities? Is this crypto etiquette? Good luck anyway @Bayalu.


Be at rich there.

And good luck!


If we got to ATH without tangible evidence of progress then I would see it as a major pump and dump, that something had triggered some short lived hype. I am not sure at this stage whether a stable test net would be sufficient but it certainly would be notable progress.


I just wanted to share this. A friend of mine caught the recent uplift, but the chart looks like pure madness.

I confess, that I know little about Loopring. What I do know is that Vatalik apparently said he likes it and with a bit of hype, it was off to the races.

This was a coin that eclipsed $2 in 2018, fell to about 2c (1%!) the years after and has now bounced up over $3 again.

Why should we care? Irrespective of the merits, it shows how quick and ferocious these swings can be.

Imagine the test nets become stable enough to survive a few weeks. The light at the end of the tunnel would suddenly be flooding into our eyes. If that starts some chatter that results in smart people liking it, MAID may rocket too. The technology is just too good to ignore when it works.

So, in these days where some people are struggling to remain positive (hopeful?), we must expect the irrational. Both on the way down and on the way up. This project has always been potential dynamite and the closer we get to a fuse being lit, the more crazy things will get!


Not that I want to throw cold water on what you are saying but that example you gave me, is reminiscent of Doge, if a big name speaks in positive terms about a project then yes, absolutely a BOOM follows

True, but my friend was convinced it is good tech and presumably Vatalik doesn’t give praise lightly. The dog coins seem to be much less about the tech.

I feel the best result is hype coming from people loving the tech and the tech working well. That feels altogether more sustainable.


The run up on loopring is connected to the GameStop phenomenon.

IGameStop and Loopring seem to be involved in some sort of project where the end outcome might be a DEX for NFTs. NFT is big thing for the gaming universe and market. The problem is gas costs with ethereum. Which loopring effectively solves.

The DEX might also provide an alternative trading place for the GameStop stock, which is heavily manipulated by options, market makers and synthetic stocks. NFTs would remove the ability to manipulate because synthetic stocks are not possible. And the DEX would sidestep the two big market market makers (“monopoly”) Virtu/Citadel, and their ability to internalize trades - skewing the supply/demand function on the stock price.

In order to create a DEX, you need to stake 250,000 loopring. But there is also massive buying on Coinbase (US customers), who might be GameStop “apes”.



Keep talking…

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The SEC “GameStop” report confirmed the price run up in January this year was not a result of short positions closing. Rather just a lot of buying from Retail.

There is a massive amount of hive research “DD” into this, but it seems well accepted that short positions are so underwater that they are not even able to hedge properly when the price goes up - let alone close their positions. So when they are forced to close, possibly when their collateral for their positions (other stocks) goes down in value - then you get the Mother Of All Short Squeezes (MOASS). With a looming default of Evergrande and the entire Chinese property market, the “Evergrande Contagion” is speculated to provide a severe negative effect on the stock market. So that is one catalyst for the MOASS.

Another might be Tether, which holds “Chinese commercial paper” according to previous Department of Justice lawsuits.

A third is the DEX/NFT/Loopring/GameStop expected announcement.

A forth (not so probable in the near term I think) may be if GameStop announce a NFT dividend.

A fifth is that a sufficient amount of the 75 million or so GameStop stock has been removed from the “float”, or pool of trade able stock. This is through “apes” direct registering their GameStop stocks in their own name (DRS). Fewer stocks are then available for shorting (controlling price) the stock (which artificially increases supply of the stock - leading to the stock price going down).

/end GameStop talk.

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Am keeping a close eye on the situation. It does seem like the hedge funds are in a little bit of trouble.

I just don’t know how many more “once in a life time” financial crisis I can stand to live through.


That’s a lot of trust placed in the executives/bod at GameStop because they can issue an infinite amount of shares. Who’s the majority shareholder of GameStop now?

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