MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

It will be interesting to see what will happen after erc20. I think we will definitely see more liquidity.


So the hopeful investor is looking to spread FUD in the expectation of picking up cheap coins?
You are not an investor, you are a parasite.
Ever thought of actually working for a living? Or is that beneath you ?

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You are really eager for attention aren’t you? It’s quite pathetic really but anyways I as a small investor am unable to manipulate the market, the whales are not going to be influenced by a comment in a forum. My comment comes from empirical price action and the fact that this project is now so low in the rankings.
As for work, I work full time, not that it is any of your business whatsoever but at least make your childish barbs accurate.

Seems to me you are doing a bit of projection with this crap about seeking attention. YOU are the one seeking attention with your constant FUD. If I was looking for attention, it would be quality attention I’d be after, no the warblings of some self-confessed small timer who sees his investment failing to gain the heights he envisaged and has no other solution than to bad mouth the project.
There is a block function, feel free to use it. That’s how much I care for your attention.

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I don’t see any point in getting too worked up about things that are out of our control, but to each his own.

HI does have a point, however, in that we are absolutely getting left in the dust and clinging onto a razors edge with no stable network. That has always been highly problematic.

It is also a clear indication that the project is being propped up almost exclusively by speculators, who also happen to include some of our largest benefactors I might add.

And I can only imagine how much stronger this project would be if market valuation was actually treated with the degree of seriousness that it demands. Particularly, when continued operation relies upon the liquidation of MAID assets.

Anyway, we have a lot to be excited about and things are looking good as far as development goes. Additional exchange access is being pursued and things are starting to finally come together so I suspect we are in for a wild ride.


Much of what you say is true and nothing will change until we have a stable network. Nothing. Even any extra ERC-20 action will only be short-lived baseless pump until there is a solid stable network.
That is why David and the team are 100% correct to put all resources into reaching that stable network. There are NO non-engineering resources. The sad death of Sharon Tannahill has dealt the project a serious blow and had led to David having to concentrate on areas that are “not his core strengths”.
There is light on the horizon however. The appointment of Andrew, the new financial guy will be very welcome and should let David get back to the code full-time.
Other appointments are needed and I expect them in due course. Of course its all very well shouting to bring in new talent. That talent has to be brought up to speed and that in itself is a distraction to the David or whoever gets pulled off the code to get the new folks working effectively. This is a project like no other and its not like bringing in another PHP programmer or three to push a project over the line. The suitable talent just does not (affordably) exist. Hopefully Andrew will be able to bring in some marketing/comms folk when he is up to speed.
Meantime negativity and whining about what your BTC could have bought you simply ensures that the return on your MAID just gets put back a little further. Its self destructive attention-seeking IMNSHO :rofl:


I just wanted to mention that I’ve seen a lot of Reddit threads recently about worst pump and dumps, worst crypto regrets, biggest unknown good project, etc, and MAID or Safe Network isn’t mentioned in any of them.

Some may see this as bad. They see this as a project which should be fighting for this limelight. At this stage, I disagree.

The absence of bad experiences with MAID investing and the fact that new folks to the space have never heard of it is a good thing. When the time is right, Maidsafe with the help of this community, will get to completely shape the narrative. The story will be told of patience and honesty, with the network long term goals trumping all short term gains.

So, don’t feel bad about not being part of the chatter. The team will have much more freedom and impact when the completed project hits the shores.


Price in satoshis really low atm, but seems it is making bullish divergence while price slide down which hints towards a reversal as momentum slows down. Also found these sine waves to be pretty matching somehow, the yellow highlights have been tops/bottoms or interesting trade volatility. The composite sine which is also the middle of both acts like equillibrium line when trend is getting hot (good selling points) or cold (good to enter positions).


I discovered stackswap today.

“The World’s First Complete DEX and Launchpad on the Bitcoin Network”

Obviously my first question was,
Will stackswap support OMNI tokens that exist on bitcoin like the original USDT and MAID etc?

To which the answer was,
“Atomic swap is possible but there is inherent throughput problem with HTLC. So technically it’s possible right now, but practically it’s not. We could consider it in future, but first we want to find the best solution to have the Bitcoin wallet users to directly interact with Stackswap an do all the cool defi stuff without going through centralized solutions.”

Would it really be considered an atomic swap?
Either way looks like many converging possibilities for MAID on the horizon.


Someone pumping in prep for some announcement?

(My verbiage in the form of posts, lately, sounds like like I am transitioning from staunch veteran supporter of safe tech, to simple vague one liner statements that seem troll-like for price influence. But, whereas I did seem to have a grasp of a lot of the terminology in earlier years, the new stuff leaves me baffled, on top of growing older and already having a bad brain for learning/engineering to begin with. So I might as well just shrug and sound like a troll. I still won’t touch FUD!)

ERC20 or some other thing? I.e. maybe someone is doing a pre-pump, which I hadn’t considered until now, before the eventual ERC20 announcement. Or there is no reason. Or I have now created a reason.


People can pump and dump as much as they want it doesn’t matter to the dimond hands who hang out in here on a daily basis!


The volume on Bittrex at least is low / normal for maid (~0.5btc over 24 hours) and there aren’t any big buy or sell walls near spot, so probably not someone making a big move. Just normal fluctuations I would say, I didn’t look at any other exchange though.

Maybe just a bit of a positive reaction to the last Thursday update or something? It seems to have started going up on Thursday.

We are just moving in a very tight range, best case scenario that changes in 6-12 months time. Worst case, a blow off top for bitcoin taking everything else down with it.

I’m glad you’re hopeful and not pessimistic… :sweat_smile:

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realistic is what I am

Your name says hopeful!

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I was hopeful, hopeful has turned to realistic


I fixed it for you! :love:

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Great work as always @Dimitar


Is it great work though? Did he ask for his profile to be changed? If not it shouldn’t have been changed.