MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Exactly. I hope at least the team patent their technologies and not trying to be “Mr nice man” “open source” BS. This is a very competitive space, and if there are breakthroughs in technology immediately it will be copied and be grasped by the big guys. Many open source projects such as Microsoft, Windows or My SQL are all bound by a number of rights and patents that are not included under the MIT license


It is a competitive space, with lots of companies trying to be in the right place to monopolise it. If you want to back that horse, I suggest you look elsewhere. Maidsafe have never been about big profit. They are about big ideas and world and society changing technology.

For me, supporting the safe network has two angles. One is winning though profit and the other is winning through changing the world for the better. If both come true, awesome.

There are plenty of companies in the space who are just here to profit. Maybe make sure you back some of them, if that is your primary motive. If you can look past short term gains, imo, maid will change the world and your bank balance too in the process. Doing things the other way around isn’t half as fulfilling anyway!


I agree with the premise. The issue is you need to have a massive amount of money to defend patents. Just patenting the tech will not stop it from being copied or stolen. You need to have a war chest of cash and an army of lawyers.
So the open source way might be superior in some ways. Maybe there could be delays in release of source code to keep Safe ahead of the clones. Then again that means less eyes looking at the code which could leave fatal bugs in place.
If the network is design in such a way that bugs can’t do much damage then maybe the delayed release of code could act as a break to cloners. There will be clones and we should make them work to copy if they aren’t really innovating.

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That is a big part of the challenge. Granted they should make the code simple enough for anyone to come along and pick it up but it is far different from most projects and Maidsafe devs know each portion of the code pretty intimately. That advantage of being able to innovate and iterate faster means that clones usually don’t stand a chance and users know that too so usually stay with the original.


I agree. More important is to have a large dev base building stuff for the network. That is what smart investors look for before investing in a network, not how many patents there is. Better to put massive amounts of that theoretical patent protection money into marketing to devs, and or developing apps for the network. That’s why the Bamboo Garden fund is so brilliant to get the Safe Network kick started.


A valid question. You can make money by trading other cryptos including Bitcoin. In the meantime you hodl Maidsafe and pray it can deliver the impossible


Kinda sad when you think about it.


It is a bit sad but we are under the radar.

when the team get the network to where it needs to be and energy can be diverted to marketing and promotion this baby is going to fly back up that table to where we should be!!


Demand and Supply!

General people cant ride on that kinds of strategy price pump :slight_smile:

Let’s follow true value not speedy pump game. With time, everything goes where it should be.


Unfortunately I think marketing has to be on the back burner indefinitely until nature takes its course and billions of people use the safe net in a shorter number of years. (You know, if everything goes perfectly.) Otherwise every billionaire and their mother will be [even more] motivated to do something against it. Not sure how early that the early stages will be before stability to where that doesn’t matter; but, to try to walk through it: there will be more test net failures, which still won’t be marketed – and the real one will just creep up on everyone when least expected. Then wait until the time is right to start marketing once the risk of overthrow is gone by the very design of the network preventing it.


I agree, but I think there is a much greater risk from government, especially the more authoritarian ones. I am of the firm opinion that the network needs to launch and be on an unstoppable trajectory before any marketing efforts are made. No one wants to see this shot out of the air before it even gets off the ground.

Good price movement today on all fronts.


Let’s think some more deeply.

SAFE is protocol. And protocol is some kinds of language. Who marketing English ? People learn English because learning En is good for them. SAFE is same, people will voluntarily use SAFE Protocol if they can make money, have fun, or gain deep knowledge through this protocol. This is the game of decentralized protocl. And the game is not end yet. Clearly, blockchain is not the answer. :slight_smile: only exchanges, ICO and some gambling apps get money from blockchain. That is all.

From an investor’s point of view, it is most advantageous to invest in an incomparable monopoly. Right? I think Safe has no competitors. BTC ? ETH ? Blockchain is not solution. They are NOT competitors. Only this team focused on turely decentralized protocol not making spot money. So no other team can match the knowledge accumulated over these decades.

So, I dont care about marketing and price. The important thing is that the number of messaging has been reduced to 1/2000. ☆.☆


Am very happy to sit on a lower under the radar price…
I’m not at all disappointed by the price, it’s done better than any savings account I have.

Governments, and the usual private company suspects, stamping on individual freedoms, deleting posts under “fake news” category only later to be proved correct. Scary times.

People should not have a policeman in their front room, people should not have the palm of governments placed on their mouths and people should not have their statement re-written by 3rd parties and people should not be afraid to challenge, or make fun off, any type of oppressive authority.

Imagine being some authoritarian goon and watching your abusive grip on a population evaporate over night? I can’t wait to see this.

Organizations will be lining up to give awards to the safenet team, Noble, Amnesty, and many more.
Sounds like i’m over-egging the SAFEnetwork - I don’t think I am.

I think it’s worth sitting on a low coin price.


I was thinking to buy some before it was on big exchanges, but that mean to buy SHIB worth of $1000 to have some left after buy and sell, due to high ETH fees. Which was over mine budget for that risk.
Anyway there is alredy all kind of dogs coins , ONLY this one has also better looking website.

We bought into the project in the hope that it can be completed. If it can, then we are off to the races, as long as the project remains unfinished then this price action is incredibly bearish.
In the big picture, in the biggest bull run of our life time, it’s down about 50 percent.

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Hey! stay hopeful :wink:


You need a few good exchanges for liquidity and a decent level of awareness for decent price movement. :relaxed:


Agreed, I’m at a point where I will wait until the network is up. Have plenty of maid in my vault, no need to accumulate more, now I just need a time machine or get myself into a coma until maid is complete and out in the wild :joy:.


Who is ready for a bull run when ERC20 hits?
This can’t be jinxed and be a bear [run?] thing instead, because the ERC20 is too powerful for that!!

I think investors will be pleased to play around with the new field, and get in on some buying action they were delaying—let alone completely new investors entering/buying. Unless some whale(s) want(s) to sell for no real reason? at that point?

I think it will be a bull run, and go back down, maybe not where it is now, but somewhere not too substantial. (Unless maybe someone can provide a reason why it will provide a new floor instead of go where it is now -ish. Maybe a reason being the influx of new investors, actually!?)
The next one will be when some extraordinary developments start happening during test nets; or, when overall crypto starts to go insane even more, that MAID can only follow it, even if just a little bit. Then, of course, nearer release / realization[of one of the test nets basically being some level of Beta or fuller completion] time.

It’s basically the closest potential, time-wise i.e. nearest to today, for bullish trading – without being from influential developments from Maidsafe themselves.


Once there is an erc20 I think we should wrap it and put it on Tezos. Fees on ethereum make it so unprofitable.

I really want SN DBCs. Real SN DBCs. But I love the effort for erc20 MAID.

Anyone know when eth2.0 is supposed to be fully implemented?? Thought that was supposed to happen a little while ago already and lower fees, speed up transactions, etc.