MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

“Kindly let me help you or you will drown,” said the monkey putting the fish safely up a tree. -Alan Watts


Communism is a moneyless, classless, stateless society. “Communism” is coloquially associated to a socialist state run by a single party, usually called “Communist party” (hence the confusion) but the party name is the ultimate aspiration, the proper nomenclature for what you’re talking about is state socialist.
Trying not to be pedantic but it’s kind of annoying how all of these terms get mixed together until communism is just anything you don’t like.


Another possible label is “fascism” as outlined by Mussolini.


Can we please get back on topic.

Thanks Mods


I’ve been hearing much more talk of banning BTC mining in various countries given the energy required is needed for other preferred things. Could that drive the price of MAID down since it’s tied to the BTC blockchain? Or perhaps actually up since even if blockchain grinds to a halt the equivalent SAFE tokens will be available based on the last block once the network launches?

Hi @Sotros25 and @DeusNexus, maybe too soon, but is there any update on the ERC20 thing?

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I am working on a community announcement and other materials to be shared in the next few weeks. For now I’ll say that we’ve found a solution to the last major challenge.


Looking forward to that! Thank you for all your efforts :clap:


Lowest price since 28th. Feb 2021
Only 797satoshi.

Hopefully everyone has BTC too :slight_smile: I am slowly bleeding some BTC into MAID again now.


and we will see 500 and lower sooner than you think

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I never quite understood the logic of worrying over the maidbtc ratio.


and you do for maidusd ?

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Me either, if i wanted an asset that tracked btc, I’d buy and hold btc.

Bring it on - I want to buy the dip.


Bones, depends why you trade. Made most of my money trading alts; put some btc and took out a lot more when I sold.

You grow you btc stash with every trade. Trick is in picking something that appreciates against btc.

Nowadays however just holding Maid, sold what I could not afford to lose and sitting on this stash until the network goes live.

Very true.
Only reason I trade maid is to accumulate more maid.
At some points I’ve sold some of that maid to realise profit.
I trade as I’m happy to hold btc or maid, so I’m not fussed what exchange rate they’re at.
Sometimes I hold one , sometimes the other, but I try to keep most in maid so I don’t have fomo when maid rises.


Is not the last dip due to re-validation process on Bittrex exchange ? I was not logged there for long time and they push me to log in and make some KYC action again.

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I logged in within last week, didn’t re do anything , haven’t been asked to.
My orders still stood firm.

The lower maid falls against btc the more potential it has to rise against btc also