MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Nowhere for US customers to buy.
Market doing absolutely nothing
Bittrex wallet down
Not a good look


I hope so. But the reality is the project has been allowed to develop a bad reputation. Because of this, there is a lot new investors will have to look past. There is no social media base, crypto base, which could amplify the good news of a stable network. Nowhere for the crypto investor which is not wanted by the company to even buy MAID. Places they can buy, have major issues. They are deliberately staying away from the crypto community which they have decided is scam based. So who will jump in on the news of a stable testnet? Why would anyone know it exists amongst all of the projects putting effort into having a voice when this project puts in no effort to have a voice?

I’m not even talking about traditional marketing. There is nobody talking about Safe Network, only our tiny community. Even if the company does not want to do marketing in the traditional sense, they could at least talk about it on free platforms. But they say they are 100% focused on launch to the detriment of the image of the network. An image that will take a huge amount of effort and time to improve.

Yeah it’s not a good look and has harmed the project and investors. It will take a massive effort to undo the damage that has been done and continues to be done. From the outside it looks like they don’t give a crap. Yes internally in our tiny community we know they care but the world doesn’t see this. They see a project with no leadership, no access to markets, no willingness to care from the company creating it.

It really bothers me. I won’t stop pointing it out when it comes up. Sorry to those who can’t see the reality at hand. We don’t have to agree with the company when we can see the harm being done. We can feel the harm if you’re an investor.

Those wanting the price to take off now are hoping the crypto community comes in and invests. The company has said openly they are scammers and don’t want anything to do with the crypto market. So how will non crypto investors invest in MAID if they are not into crypto. They can’t. Can’t believe the strategy here. Blows my mind.

The company is going to do marketing when they have a product.

Any marketing done now risks being counter productive or just wasteful of resources that would be useful later.

But if you think marketing now is good, nothing is stopping you, or anyone else who agrees. Put together your plan and off you go.

Anyway, I’m not saying all marketing is useless, but a big marketing campaign by the company.

I do my own promotion and it has over time helped grow the community and awareness. I think that kind of marketing is valuable at any stage.


This is harming the image of the network. The longterm image. Imagine where Tesla would be without their CEO talking about products even years before they arrive. A company by the way that does not use traditional marketing.

Yes, you are tireless in the promotion of the network. Your efforts would me magnified a thousand times if the company was talking about what they were working on, the struggles the successes. I’m not even talking about Marketing. Just the team talking about the coming technology on free platforms would do a lot good.

What it really suggests is
a) lack of funds
b) lack of confidence
c) lack of direction
d) lack of strategy
Note, it doesn’t matter whether all some or none are in fact true, because that is the perception.

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No, that’s not the reality. The only bad thing about the reputation is that it has taken so much time. To fix that, means focus on programming. OK, maybe another “bad” thing is just the lack of reputation. Other than that, what are the bad things about the reputation?

The way things are done now is 100% right in my view.


No, better to just shut up an keep coding.


The awareness of the project is just bursting with the current strategy.

That is true and painful, but still the right way in my opinion.


What’s bad is selling the crypto community MAID as a crypto project and then abandoning the crypto community and claiming it is not a crypto project.

If it was not a crypto project why is it only crypto investors hold MAID? Why are new crypto investors being ignored? Why is it only crypto exchanges sell MAID? Yet they claim it’s not a crypto project. Really?

If they are abandoning the crypto community why haven’t they focused on creating places and advertising for non crytpo investors buy? Let me guess because it would be seen as a security supposedly. Or they are waiting for SNT. Is MAID a crypto token. Yes, no matter what they say.

Advertising a product that does not exist will have people yelling vaporwear.

It’s very much a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

I’m sure meetups and all the good stuff that gets the word out will kick off (again) once there is something that lives and breathes.


I disagree. Just look at Cardano. They have created one of the biggest communities in the space, and only just came out with smart contract capability. Yes, they have their detractors, but I’d say they think their promotion without a product has been successful.

That said, if this company feels like they need to focus on the project and can’t afford (with monetary or personnel resources) then they should do that. However, the choice to not promote should absolutely not be because it’s the “wrong time.”

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This is the MAID trap, and the real reason behind the strategy to make sure it works before ramping things up again. Due to the length of development, without a product, it’s an easy kill for naysayers. Also, due to the early ICO, the war chest isn’t nearly what it was for newer projects. E.g. Cardano, Solano raised hundreds of millions and could do the tesla shtick of ‘it’s going to be glorious’ before delivering anything. And now they have investors with millions to spend on trying to ensure the gig will be perceived as working.

In this game, SAFE only can fall back on accomplishment. Once the net is working, there are enough connections to ramp up the publicity and buy pressure. Lots of WWW OGs, Bitcoin OGs, etc. are aware but IMHO are in ‘wait and see’ mode. Once it works there is a old school network in place, perhaps not the new school pump to the moon on restricted supply that is currently dominating the money funnel, but a network nonetheless.

For these reasons, I agree with the strategy that performance is everything right now.


It’s interesting isn’t it.

Skyscrapers look incredible but very few have any clue about the footings that are blasted or drilled into the bedrock and fit with steel or reinforced concrete columns to anchor the building. It’s often a long difficult process that takes a tonne of expertise that can’t be rushed without catastrophic consequences. Once the buildings finished years later and the offices are filled it’s a marvel but those footings remain there day in day out solid as always.

Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the intended end game. Almost 8 Billion of us walk on this tiny Little Rock spinning through the darkness all alone.

We desperately need the tools to freely communicate and collaborate and ultimately push each other forward. The worlds going to the gutter tbh.

Maidsafe have always indicated that with their limited resources they’ll push but only when the time is right. The end game is binary, provide the tools and off we all go together, including promotion.

The world not just the Crypto space awaits real utility in this field not just hype. Not many have delivered, those that don’t will die.


BTC will eventually have diminishing returns for those early BTC investors and though they likely would have enough money for many lifetimes they still want their wealth to grow so they can keep ahead relative to others and inflation etc. Being aware of this project and potentially still holding bags could mean this is their second passion project to evangelize.

Maybe wishful thinking but AFAIK a lot of these OGs were inline with the projects goals and very interested early on and invested. This project may not be all the hype right now but there was a time when it was and it will be again, hopefully with their support and status.


How about sell enough amount of Maidsafe for your soul. I think you cant read code. Then, nothing can help you at this stage.

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Hey Genius where can I sell it without getting screwed on the price?! If you’re in the US you are fucked it you want buy or sell. You get to use changelly which is expensive with small expensive orders at a time.

Remember it was sold to the crypto community on crypto exchanges as a crypto project. Now it is not a crypto project or for the crypto community. On only 3 crypto exchanges. One major exchange. You are locked in. People have been pointing this out for over a year. Our largest exchange has had wallets locked for an unreasonable amount of time and if you’re in the US you can’t use it anyway.

I don’t see how the price is supposed to go up if no one knows about it. People say bitcoin whales are watching it. Well what about the little guy. Those who are not crypto whales. They are ignored and not wanted by this project. Newer small crypto investors are not wanted. Incredible. If they were wanted they’d hear about the project. Why don’t they know it exists? The current strategy which I will openly oppose every time it comes up.

You have to be OG to know about it. Do you get how it sucks to have a network for the people only known about by early crypto people who themselves are not wanted by the project. Even these people would not know about it if this approach was taken early on.

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If want to sell over 1M Maidsafe, then DM me. We can get a good deal. If less than that amount, I dont have interested.


Publicity may come on its own once there is a product. You can bet, if it works, all the pedos and scum of the world will start using it.

It’s by infamy that it will gain traction with the masses most likely.

Nobody cares about traditional marketing, the world is changing and what used to work has very little effect in the world of today.

Use case will make it or break this project, if the dark market starts using it it will slowly make it to regular folks, but if it doesn’t it may end up as an empty world of possibilities with no users, time will tell.

5000 if you are interested. A friend wants to sell