MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

A nice wee bump in price but I’m still not selling - cue speculation if it is testnet related or will fall back to the ~1900 level again in a few hours.

Don’t tell me you seriously considering selling anything at less than 190 000?


No - but I might buy some more at 1900 :wink:


Appreciate the comment @dask—as a non-developer, this kind of overview is really helpful. :pray:


I was just thinking about the future of Maid and the progress being made in the latest test nets and I was reminded about this fine piece of technical analysis by @Antifragile with ilistrations by @Dimitar


I was playing around with Fibonacci spirals and really tried my best to get perfect fitting lines of everything. It looks like a squeeze of the bottom support and top trend resistant trend.


So DeusNexus, based on this technical analysis, at what point is the stop/loss order made? What is the target price?

The main liquidity of MAID is against Bitcoin, if Bitcoin falls by 85% from the top it is 10k bitcoin in the game, ie. 20 cents for MAID is a good stop loss but of course if we start the network in the bear market new buyers can appear to shoot the price up… my advice is don’t trade. :dragon:

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Seems they are pretty much taking your advice - low turnover

Funny how Bittrex always seems to put the current price at $1.00 these days. The true price is ~$0.66 which is more than double the sock-munching price IIRC? Those with big bags and bigger balls may want to surf the ripples but Im still #hodling

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I know crypto is on the current downtrend. But this price drop is a little surprising. Back in the 40 cents range? Don’t all the testnets show progress? I still believe it’s a long term project but I thought the team made drastic improvements. Just seems strange to me.

It’s not the market.

It’s all to spite all the hodlers in their face!

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Now that crypto winter is here I’m going to keep warm by picking up more Maid for bargain prices on pay day!!


I’m curious if this is actually a bear market or not. It’s not typical for a bull market from a technical perspective, that’s for sure. Fundamentals don’t matter in a bear market and fundamentally things have never been better so there’s that.

Monthly on BTC is bullish still but all other timeframes it’s clearly bearish. If this is a bear market then we got over extended too fast and the four year cycle theory and maybe even stock2flow are both broken.

Unless things are more slow and controlled now and a retest of $20k is a confirmation of previous top as support and that is the technical START of the bull market.

Who knows.

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sorry, do you mean a return to 2000 sat?

I thought this was the other coins topic I was posting in but was referring to BTC as it is the general leader of bull/bear markets.

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The price bears no relationship to progress of the project - just speculative trading.

The price won’t reflect the project’s value until it actually launches.


Even then, it will be 99% speculation - as long as there are no real services and products that use the network, we will not have a real value that we can measure.

There is a fantasy here that businesses will immediately start using unproven and unregulated technology, which only shows how few people actually own businesses and have faced the madness of government regulators.

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I don’t think “legitimate” businesses will be jumping on until the trail blazers, seedy bunch, whistleblowers, everyday people utilize the network day in and day out for some time.

I do think the real turning point will be when devs build decentralized products that can compete with or exceed current services, for cheaper, with the added bonus of users having control over their data and privacy.

Sometimes a product can be inferior and as long as it’s cheaper it can grow to be semi-competitive but I do hope we aim higher than inferior. :wink:


No need to rush there is the full bear cycle untill the next BTC halfing for the team to get everything up and running and properly tested.
I read that the next halfing is in 2024 so that’s plenty time to get the network launched.

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At this point I don’t think the price is influenced by the degree of progress as much as it is influenced by the speed of progress.