MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Hope it’s accumulation but i have a feeling the whale is back :sweat_smile:

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Doesn’t hurt to tease a bit, right? xD


Yea pumping and dumping this coin just doesn’t make any sense to me at the moment. So I wonder if this is just accumulation of a whale who has known about maidsafe for many years, has been watching it patiently, and thinks this is the right time to start buying it? Anything is possible

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I don’t usually try to speculate on motives because I think it is easy to misread. Here I have to say that this appears based on the periods of climb, fall and climb back, and the daily volumes in each (high, low, high) it looks like somebody (or more than one) have bought about 20 BTC in a patient but persistent strategy.

If you look at the depth chart, about 15 BTC are ready to sell, 10BTC above about 2500. A rush to buy up to about 15 BTC would only push the price to 2800 which was not the case before this happened. Far from it, that amount of buying would have sent MAID off the chart.

So we have some decent liquidity on the buy side now which is great for the project, although those sell orders would no doubt move upwards if buying picked up and those who have accumulated that 20BTC will be making a nice profit.

So may we have some or a trader taking an interest and/or someone speculating on the price rising if testnets continue to go well. Either is good, and the situation is very much better than it looked two to three months ago when there was much complaint, lots of gloom and doom.

We’ve been there before, and as before things have turned around and we’ve been here before too. That’s always been the nature of this project. There’s still lots to do so I don’t see the latest period as that significant, but it is noteworthy and if the testnets continue to go well and other factors remain favourable, hold onto your hats! :sun_with_face:


So we are pretty sure it is a whale then? Meaning, it could easily dump again like many times in the past. :sweat_smile:

Whatever happens… Diamonds hands until the world wakes up. Keep stacking and hold on tight for next 2+ years :wink:


Another pump and dump :sweat_smile:

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Not sure who they are dumping on unless it’s the bittrex bots. Volume is too risky for that type of game.


Hasn’t dumped from the last pump yet so not sure it is a dump n pump cycle. More likely a more attractive place to put btc while btc is faltering


Still looks like acquisition to me: high volumes on the up trend, negligible on the down trend and then here we are back near the high and stable on very low volumes (<1BTC for the last couple of days and just now a little increase and up-tick).

No sign this is pump and dump as I understand it: buy low, begin an uptrend and hope people FOMO in, then sell into that and then crash it so you can repeat.


MAID/BTC Update 1D, Chart is looking amazing as the RSI(50) which represent a broader timeframe peaks above 49 indicator value. This value seems to be the flipping point in the past where the prior support started to fail and the retest pull back from. Now with price strength trending above, it is official entering bullish territory!

All the major places to sell, where resistance could be present, are highlighted in the chart. What would be easier is to wait for the RSI(50) to peak above 54 at least (dashed line is 56) and then look what nearby targets are. Before RSI enters that territory the trend is still too immature to be considered climaxing, and taking profit too early can result in loosing a lot of potential follow-up.


Also, is it even really “pumping” if you start an uptrend by merely buying the coin and do not hype it anywhere? As Wikipedia defines pump and dump:

" Pump and dump " ( P&D ) is a form of securities fraud that involves artificially inflating the price of an owned stock through false and misleading positive statements, in order to sell the cheaply purchased stock at a higher price. Once the operators of the scheme “dump” (sell) their overvalued shares, the price falls and investors lose their money. This is most common with small cap cryptocurrencies[1] and very small corporations, i.e. “microcaps”.[2]

If it is just buying the rumors in order to sell the news… I don’t know if that’s really pumping? Just short term investing. I mean, if you buy just hoping it would inflate the price, without doing anything else to make the price go up, you are not a very good pumper, are you? I haven’t seen much of a positive statements about MAID anywhere. Then again, I have not been looking that much lately. Anyone else?

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I can show you some good examples of Pump and Dumps to get clear idea. Also note that markets that have lower liquidity more frequently are observed as manipulated but that is often due to a larger gap between the buyers and sellers.

PnD schemes almost instantly fall back to their baseline showing little to no support, if the price rallies up but slides down over couple of days then it’s already a more healthy sign.

The recent price action that we have seen in my opinion also is a combination of good looking technical overview in price structure (range breakout etc + engulfing) and stronger fundamentals of great updates that seem to make everything come together (farming/dbc, anti-entropy, stable testnets, etc).

It still amazes me how well MAID is performing while ETH and BTC are bearish and so many other altcoins. Feels like the last half year the amount of long-term holders has been and continuous to grow steadily as MaidSafe is closing in on releasing a live public product.


So it looks like someone put a buy wall of 500k@1900sats two weeks ago and it has been eaten super slowly and now there is 230k left (not a lot of sellers).
I wonder what happens once this accumulation phase is over…
It was super choppy these last few weeks - but the buy wall stood still. Impressive.


Yep. A good sign when they let it slowly fill.

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The spikiness near the right side of this graph shows a willingness to go up. Then everything after that is wavering a bit, but the floors are generally going up; and they’d be even more up if the general cryptocurrency decrease over some of this week didn’t happen (reflected by the tiny downturn at the end). Anyway it’s like the spikiness started a general uptrend insofar as MAID itself.


With respect, we are flat to down and if you think this overall market just continually levitates, you are being very optimistic. I think we are heading back towards 40 cents in the coming months which is greatly disheartening.
To be honest, I have mostly given up on this project. I will hold it and hope for the best and if it drops insanely cheap, I will buy it and sell it at a higher price but that’s about it.

Don’t sound like a very hopeful investor.
I’m a bit anxious that we haven’t had a stable test net but given the strength of the team in engineering a working product (just not stable) up to this point, I have full faith and remain optimistic that we are getting closer. As far as the core network, it’s just working out the kinks at this point really.


I’ll be stocking up on some more just as soon as payday comes!!


I’m buying monthly again, all the way up to $1 or a stable testnet with DBCs merged (in which case I think the limit will raise). It can look rough in the testnet thread, but the second DBCs are working and the net is stable, the value (not necessarily the price) is so much higher than it ever has been. Holding from 1.25 to 5c with no technical solution in sight was faith. Now it is an entirely different game. Just wait until the browser starts working again… anyone here remember SAFEMail or thankscoin? When non techies can hold that in their hands and play again, then people will start to understand.