MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Exactly, this has been in the making for so long, it can’t afford to have others that are direct competitors grabbing all the headlines. That will be especially true if there is substance to the hype.

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“The Safe Network: It’s its own competition.”

The only problem I can see is: say for instance the safe net works properly for a year. But is there secretly something under the hood that will make it flop on its head, one or multiple years down the road? Will people be able to spot this before then? (How long before then?) Are there different size-of-the-network hurdles that require looking at different parts of code/results? A network working for 5 years and having half a billion or more people’s data on it suddenly losing everything is kind of intensely bad. So basically “is the technology proven” but on steroids… well maybe not that much different than any other technology standing the test of time?

the simpler the algorithm the best. there are some smart people on economies that would make you wow about how simple they can design a balancing algorithm

Weekly Update? Anything? Scuttle? A Rumor? A Leak? A Tweet? Hello? Is there anybody out there?

Suspense continues gurgling up.

Complete silence doesn’t portent to anything positive in my opinion.

@RedPill22 @realistiCinvestor there was an update today. Not sure how you missed it but you can find it here

I think we did not have a total of 2 updates over the holidays which some of the team worked through. Not really fair to complain about that.


We’re not going to be really popping until this new guy comes in mid February and cleans house. The devs are crushing it. Hang tight.


Maybe take a break from the screen…?


Thanks Josh. Normally, I pick up the update link on the WorldCoinIndex coin pricing site. Didn’t see it there, so I asked the question in the forum. Wasn’t trying to foment any discord or complain given the holiday break.


HAHA! Yes, I actually did achieve less screen this holiday season. :sunglasses:

Bump this back to the top!

Let’s hope we can all get 5 maid for a pound if btc takes more of a dip!!

I forgot this thread existed, because MAID’s rise will never matter where other cryptos go. Well, it will a little. But the main event is in the network results.


Anyone expecting a Bitcoin flash crash soon?


We are almost at the end of Jan 22 and it still remains essentially an idea only.

From hopeful to realistic next stop pesemestic?

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We are quite a bit further though evidenced in the fact we can transfer 2 hour films across the network in 10 mins.

Honestly, it’s the closest it’s ever been imo.


I agree that a global autonomous quantum-resistant private secure near-instant data and communications network—harboring an unparalleled exchangeable unique currency working at network speed—which updates and prevents catastrophic loss, that that was the end January 22nd, and that 15 years of primarily innovation and coding (700,000 lines of C++ to probably now moderately less than 10,000 lines of mainly Rust and maybe other languages) but also tests and results—all happily on their way to the original vision—is an idea only. Phenomenal post!


Great condensation of information, very useful! The main thing that struck me was a scale in which Maidsafe was able to reduce the amount of previous code in C++. Hats off Maidsafe. Diamond hands.


It remains a work in progress is really what I should have said. Nonetheless, for how long it remains that way is something which truthfully you aren’t able to quantify.

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The community networks are approaching being something useful in their own right. This is the the core of what safe network does. If stability can be achieved over longer and longer periods, with more network splits, then the main area of risk is removed.

Moving to a platform which utilizes a stable network is relatively straightforward. It becomes an app creating exercise and, as such, it becomes easier to show and track progress.

Bolting on visual stuff is high impact and low cost in development terms. Getting the internals to work is the exact opposite, but is absolutely necessary.

I’m certainly enthused by the latest Dev updates and especially the community networks. Something tangible is emerging.