MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Hihihi today I got a student to buy over 50 MAID :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We gonna get listed!!!


If every forum member can get 100 people each to buy a small amount in MAID, we could hit our 1M mark. Bittrex withdraw fee would give a 10 MAID haircut, so… It would also help to launch MAID on for instance Algorand, for cheap transaction fees and more flexibility.


I hope internet friends count because as I get older my circle is starting to be whittled down. :sweat_smile:

Definitely a worthy goal. I’ve gotten a few people on board but I am a little reluctant to get new people without something more tangible for them. Otherwise I get concerned we may have more of the same of people feeling trapped and concerned the price isn’t appreciating enough. Not enough focus on the token, etc etc

As soon as we have a test net running for two weeks straight I’m getting a SN tattoo (second to @Dimitar shakes fist) and I’ll hit the road as an evangelist.


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Hey fellow MAID’ers. Apologies as I am cheating a bit by asking this vice doing my own research. Can someone point me via link, or explain to me, how one would convert their current sack-o-MaidSafeCoins to SafeCoin Tokens (or whatever Safe Token entity is chosen), given that the coins are currently kept in a wallet? Asking for a friend… :sunglasses:

I think I can explain this one.

There isn’t any.

Not until there is a stable network. Hope for 2022, but could take longer. All hail 2023, the final frontier.

There’s been a history of incorrect predictions as to when the network will be stable. There is always a fluctuation between having public test-networks and developers tweaking code themselves outside of those test-networks. You will want to keep an eye out for a time where there is nothing but constant public test-nets; this is the time where any of them could become the stable network. However, I do think that there is a difference between “Maxwell” and “Fleming” and such releases—with the “Fleming” release being the current goal. Thus maybe there will be: many test-nets, and then Maxwell will be worked on, and then many more test-nets, then finally the stable network.

Just please don’t use proprietary formats like .pdf, if you can avoid it.

Apologies Audity, I worded my question poorly. WHEN the time comes for converting tokens, what is the mechanical, step-by-step process of the transaction? OR has the process even been developed yet? Have heard so much talk about coin-to-token conversions like it’s a standard crypto process and they do it [or it happens] all the time. For example,

  1. Disclose my coin holding to MaidSafe.
  2. Go through coin-holding account verification by MaidSafe.
  3. Share wallet key with MaidSafe
  4. Transfer MaidSafeCoins to MaidSafe
  5. Wait for MaidSafe to transfer new SafeCoin Tokens into my wallet.

How is the coin converted to a token?

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Every time I think there will be no more chances to get cheep maid we get one more dip to pick up another bargain!!

Maybe I’m being ever optimistic but a successful test net may give us an opertunity to decouple from bit coin and go on our own way price wise.


That’s only for @Sascha - the rest of us will be delighted to scratch around and take advantage if possible of inexpensive MAID. - No me, been ordered to keep all my dosh for the winter festivities…


Well I blew some of the Christmas budget on more maid at these fantastic prices.

Now just woundering if the wife would be happy with one earing this christmas and the second one next christmas?


Nearly 4 for a pound now looks like I might have to cancel Christmas altogether this year :joy:


if it gets to 4 for a pound I might have to cancel new year as well!!!

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There I was thinking I snagged a Black Friday Promo, should’ve known they always inflate the non-discounted price :joy:

I cancelled Xmas once I learnt it was just Saturnalia rebranded to get the pagans onboard, Saturnalia was a horrible celebration , mocking ppl and then slaughtering them.

But I have no children, and currently no woman to please, or else I’m sure I’d give in.


Could he a number one in the making “I’m dreaming of a white Saturnalia”


Bugger yer effette southern Saturnalia, I’m having a Cool Celtic Yule.

With mead and quaffing (which is like glugging but less gets spilt), story-telling and the Enlightenment of Virgins. Also Budvar.

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Man the current Internet is great. Why would I want to have control of my own future? Just be a statistic. Better not buy MAID so that I can be a slave and offer my body mind soul spirit and essence to partake in a global market of fake bank money and infinite government regulation, double speak, and be a part of the feeling of virtual wholesomeness that comes from feeling almost the exact same good way that I should about my own real opinions and otherwise being in control of my future but instead shifting it to go along with the herd that’s all under said banks and government and utterly betray everything about myself without caring too much… maybe.

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Someone on telegram offered me 2,5$ for a maidsafe coin. :thinking:

I refused