MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Have we all complained to Bittrex about the wallet? We need to get them to sort this out.


I have, was just given the runaround, they said their devs knew about it and were working on it, but could not give specifics.


Almost 2 years later…(this was posted in December 2019)

I was RIGHT… drehb and tobbetj were WRONG…

maybe now someone who wants to make money will set up a gateway to trade MAID…'til 2023 or whenever safenet will be ready…

What were you right about?
Still don’t know what xbts is, never heard of it, people use that?


Wasn’t it bitshares that closed the gateway keeping many peoples coins?

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Not exactly… Open Ledger exit scammed, not bitshares:

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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Almost three for a pound!!

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Thank bitcoin crashing, maid has not moved…

Maidsafe made it to #5 in the rankings! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Lol, what even is that?

It’s like a newer version of snake. :slight_smile:


maidsafe is available to withdraw and deposit to bittrex again!


It’s now back up.


No sooner than it happens…a quick sell-off. :roll_eyes:

going to be like that for a while, its going back up again. Going to play yoyo until we get a release unless there is a pump or someone wants to buy a huge chunk.

Buy the dip mate :slight_smile:


Can’t here in the US. I’ll just HODL what I got, until the US gets its crypto act together and it’s time to trade or liquidate.

I found this searching for “safe network crypto” on youtube sorted by date.


This guy cracks me up. :rofl:

I give him props for his candor and perspective and he is rightly critical of the name “maid”safe because most don’t get the insider baseball reference of RAID → MAID (Massive Array of Internet Disks). So I can’t wait to move on from maidsafecoins name.

But his second critique is he says the page says “thinkerers” but it says “tinkerers”, haha. So he gets the impression the site is poorly written by a newb and might even get the sense of scammy.

I’m glad he likes the .tech site which I wish was what was more associated with the coin/token name.

He seems to like the idea but I get the sense it’s hard to fully grasp the project at first glance. I think once we have some examples of practical use cases, Safe Network app or at least clear messaging of what can be built of Safe and the benefits of privacy preserving technologically, then people might ‘get it’ more readily.

Thanks for sharing @Knosis hadnt seen this one yet.


I posted a message explaining the acronym. It looks like he has comments set for approval. Hopefully he posts my explanation.