MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Personally not, but my argument for backups to Bittrex has always been to prevent the situation of no liquidity that we are now in.

Not something the community could team up at achieving?

Call it crypto or cryptonite. Heck call it Hector if you want. Just give me a network and a maid worth USD50. :sweat_smile:


I’m not sure, I’ve thought about it back in the days but I don’t think thats an ideal solution.

We would require around $10.000 worth of btc, and 10.000 to 20.000 MAID for the liquidity. This will be returned after the marketmaking period expires but there is no guarantee it will be the same amount (could be more, but realistically could be less too since they don’t have access to every exchange).

Then there is the monthly cost of marketmaking service, which of the top of my head was a several thousands a month too.

Now I can probably get us a month or 2 for free because of the issues we had at launch. But I doubt the community would be willing to crowdfund such amount for liquidity (why trust me if you can directly put the liquidity on p2pb2b yourself)

I don’t know, it seems a bit far fetched. If the community seems willing, I can see what I can do.


Perhaps thats all we need to kickstart the use of P2PB2B.
Previously nobody had the incentive to change from Bittrex, now is a golden opportunity for them to gain market share if they are interested.


If Maid takes “years” to launch, there will only be crickets chirping on this forum.


Advertisement and partnerships won’t attract investors this late in the game, this space only thrives on hype and new things.

Actually this is quite true. There might have been some bumps in price based on advertisement in the past, but it must have been so minuscule that it didn’t matter. All the ones that have mattered were “hype” and new things.

As for what “hype” constitutes, I think it’s kind of random? Like the devs get excited about something that seems like a really good discovery, like PARSEC, and AT2. But where did those go? PARSEC is gone completely, and AT2 is much lower on the totem pole compared to all the new stuff (DBC, CRDT, and several other things working together that I completely don’t understand because my brain has always been small AS HECK, or I’ve given up on intricately learning them since there have been so many new constructs). I think there may be less “hype” things like PARSEC, since it’s ultimately led to cul-de-sac. Whatever hype constitutes now should still raise the price, but the parameters will be much different, like more exchanges, test networks, test networks that prove new things, or unknowns.

There will certainly still be “new things”, which actually needs another definition alongside “hype”, maybe even more so. I interpreted it as “new tests”, which even those need new proofs. Now I’m typing in circles, but hopefully sheds perspective, particularly in the big paragraph here.

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P2PB2B has about 4 times the daily volume of Bittrex so it certainly sees more traffic. I think we just need to start trading there. The reviews of the exchange I’ve read are mixed, but it seems to have a higher rating than Bittrex. I think in the beginning due to the teething issues we probably judge them too harshly.


I think it’s an issue with a lot of crypto projects have. The neverendless dev cycle, the constant thirst for something new, but never achieving it, always a feet away without ever reaching it. The endless partnerships that mean nothing whatsoever. The HYPE surrounding a technology that is laughable to any real DBA.

For many projects the end goal is like Alexander the Great Conquering the world:

“For he wept, as there were no more worlds to conquer”

For a lot of projects the neverending dev cycle is what keeps them relevant and keeps them from releasing something so underwhelming that most investors would go away. It’s the hype and the constant chase that keep them alive. For some projects releasing a final version is death.

MAID on the other hand has something that is actually much needed. The world wants… scratch that NEEDS a network that allows anonymity and champions peoples rights and freedoms. It’s not about building digital cats or creating a crypto database that would work 100x better with MySQL, it’s about changing the status quo and freeing information.

If they pull it off, and yes it’s a big IF, it will revolutionize how people interact. That is the premise, in this case releasing the network will be what makes MAID Safe great!


For a project to be “decoupled” with all the Blockchain projects, it must have an extra value besides speculative trading. That extra value has to be based on utility. If no one uses Maid it will never be “decoupled” from the speculative sphere in which all the blockchain market is infected with.


Exactly, at this point a release with a working design is what is required to get the price to increase. Not hype, not partnerships, but a release that just works.


The hype these days, compared to the past, comes more and more from release/proofs becoming a reality; yes. I would imagine then by default it would go up a lot from there, at least out of the top-whatever this is even at now.

Though, even then, cryptocurrencies going up means that people have more Online Funds to play with and put into this project, regardless of coupling or decoupling. I mean, that could have been happening this past month, but it hasn’t likely because of MAID’s natural ‘corrections’ or what have you from the last hike—i.e. MAID could be more like at 30-something cents right now if crypto was still at 1.5 Trillion.

In general, I’ve avoided looking at the charts and coin rankings for quite some time now as the surrounding conditions (no testnets, no increased token access, etc.) have been bleak. I looked today, and wish I hadn’t. It’s hard to believe MAID is almost out of the top 200. Not so long ago, the air felt very different. After the P2PB2B listing and April testnets, MAID bounced to a rank in the mid-80s. If just that rank had been held, MAID would be trading at ~$2.70 today. I wonder what could be done to turn things around, assuming there is a desire to do so.


Rank 193 if going by coinmarketcap instead of coingecko.

edit: oh somehow I read you said 250, which would be coingecko’s. Weird.

I don’t think a lot can be done, no amount of publicity or partnerships will change our current standings.

Our only hope is for the testnet to be coming soon and be resoundly positive. A network, even in beta, that shows promise will change everything.

We just need that spark that ignites the fire…


Isn’t there some kind of potential progress on the erc20 conversion?

Other than that, it’s just a worse repeat of 2017. Despite progress (and I personally see a lot) CMC is just littered with utter garbage projects that are nothing but marketing hype. It’s hard to believe some of them even manage to get listed but I guess if the whole point is to rug pull a community then there is plenty of time to fill out forms and money to go towards listing fees rather than development of anything besides a flashy website.

I’m glad we’re not like that but yet being from the era we are, could be or should be doing better.

I won’t get negative on this project now though. After all this time and still with a decent amount of work ahead, things seem to really be coming along.

I don’t think there is anything we couldn’t recover from with a live network tbh. Look at where we came from, where we have been but more importantly where we are and choose to go.

We will break the definition of timelines and timelessness with a timeless network.


An effort is still being made. Right now, the last major hurdle is still a big one: ironing out the technical details of the migration. There are two potential paths forward, but alignment and a final decision is needed. I’ll be following up on one of those potential paths tomorrow. The path to ERC20 has honestly taken longer than I thought it would, but I remain hopeful.


Thanks for the efforts @sotros. Now we know why the team didn’t want the extra task of the conversion as it would eat up valuable development time.


From genesis to now there is no time line.

That is always same. And if you too hard to hold, you can sell it. It is your choice. :slight_smile:

The price is not predictable, never. We only can see the value.

The value of project still goes up and it is near the goal. But the price goes down. It is good chance to buy.

I hold enough Maidsafe, but I could buy more if the price goes lower.

High value, but low price is “Chance”, not “disaster”.


I thought we would get a testnet in August but I was wrong yet again. I think it is a way off yet

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