MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Yes, I spent years doing that at the start, it’s extremely tiring though. We will do what a business should do and it will include an awful lot of various activities. I probably could not list them all. Some governments and agencies are aware of us as well as some of the large companies, on launch it won’t be a problem.


Do governments really want this to exist?

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I do not know about ETH, but I think that Nano never pay fee to get on any exchange, instead they won many pools. So it was quite community afford to get there. Any new tech will have huge problems to get somewhere, when exchanges must invest resources to make secure way to store coins and manage wallets.

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We see and have seen some of the possible future problems already, the need to subjective ban a lot of people on social media, for reasons similar to, because Trump managed to win previous election, EU wanting to ban encryption, early days when Bitcoin should be banned because it was only used by criminals. Just like Bitcoin, Safe-network might threaten a lot of different organizations for many different reasons, economical, control or other reasons. Future lobbying for the fundamentals of Safe might be needed a few years after launch, my thoughts.

I don’t remember which but on a tech conference a few years ago, people from Tor told that they often traveled and talked to agencies, governments and others, to tell them about the importance of their tech.

I think it might be a double edged sword, similar to nuclear technology. Governmnets might want to secure important infrastructure as water- and or electric, corporate technology and innovations but also they don’t want private communication and similar because of the security problems that brings to a country.

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No, it’s just an excuse to take money from you. We have a recent example that when they want they can act immediately without anyone filling out documents. All CEX is just blackmail for money:

Binance announced support for Uniswap’s new UNI token around 90 minutes after the DeFi platform’s governance token went live on Ethereum.

The leading cryptocurrency exchange came under sustained criticism recently for listing SUSHI just days after it was announced. SUSHI is the token of a cloned Uniswap project run by an anonymous founder who made off with $14M before returning it. Binance has previously made much of its comprehensive listing process, but that appears to have been overtaken by its desire to keep up with events in the fast moving DeFi space.

They are rightly afraid of DEXs … All we need is access to DEX - far fewer people will lose their money in CEXs, we will protect many, many people if we focus only on DEXs:

We (and the entire crypto world) have a very bad history with the exchanges:

  • MasterXchange - closed , how much MAID remained there? Unknown (do you remember that we paid them 150 MAID withdraw fee?)
  • Cryptopia - hacked , how much MAID was stolen there? Unknown (I lost “only” a few thousand…)
  • Bitker - stole MAID from the MaidSafe company, how much? around 250 000 MAID
  • Poloniex - delist MAID, how much MAID remained there? Over 10 000 000 MAID! (and let’s not forget before that they changed the fees from 10 MAID to 80 MAID!)
  • Chainrift - closed , how much MAID remained there? Unknown
  • Open Ledger DEX - closed , how much MAID remained there? Unknown
  • Altilly - exit scam , how much MAID was stolen there? Unknown

I am hoping once Shapeshift DEX introduce native btc. Omni tokens will be available to trade too.

In my opinion it will be the best option until launch.

Yes ERC20 has more users but this will be so much less hassle.


That would be a really big help and relief all round.


Yes, I understand. No one is suggesting it can be easily broken down. How can we as a community hold Maidsafe accountable to getting this done in a timely manner? I was asking for a break down so the community and the team have equal visibility of the issues. @Sotros25 Is putting time and effort in on this project after working a full time job. This includes running Twitter, getting apps and filling them out, creating surveys, and paying for advertising them. She’s always supporting action in the community. It’s frankly refreshing.

I was asking if they had knowledge deficits that would limit them getting these apps submitted because you said…

I thought you were implying that the Directors were not crypto savvy and did not understand trading. Additionally getting a legal opinion for submitting apps should not be an issue for any competent technology lawyer. I’ve worked in a field where I’d see such opinions come across my desk on a regular basis.

Because you don’t have resources on the team to work on this aspect of the business it is clear someone needs to be hired to fill this role without distracting the team and further overloading Sharon. Hire @Sotros25 to do this job. She will handle marketing and be the outward facing person to get this vital work done. She business and marketing savvy, works in technology and show motivation at every turn. Give her a chance at blowing us away with her work. She already does in fact. :smile:

David, MAID is a means to reach the world. To bring people here. A visible piece of the project individuals can hold themselves. Having only one exchange is dangerous for everyone that has put their hard earned money and and time into this project. Having a crypto project listed on major exchange is the goal of every team as it is vital for visibility in the wider crypto community. Nobody is suggesting to do anything irresponsible. The more MAID is traded the more eye balls we have on the project. Please think about this. I’m not suggesting risking development for listing on exchanges. They both can be worked on in parallel.


Here is the problem, this in the above statement means get listed on X major exchanges where X is a number folk are happy with.

It could also mean launch or release a testnet or Fleming or get an add in the WSJ or …

I try very hard to act as a community member and the company runs in that fashion. As MaidSafe we are accountable to many folk and they hold us to account on every single aspect of every thing we do.

However nobody is the master of us.

Can you see the danger and work involved in that?

She is and doing great, but I stated when we did the loan system to rescue the project it was 100% launch, 100%, not 99% but 100%.

They are not and I don’t require them to be.

That is not the case, the opinion has to be from a competent lawyer in the jurisdiction in question.

100% launch

Yes a means, not the only means.

With this, I agree and on behalf of all our staff and shareholders I concur. I don’t want to discuss the time put in though, it’s a sore one for me.

I do :wink:

OK, let me re-iterate. Any activity requires management, many require board approval, some may require legal input. It’s not in parallel. Every single “just do this” costs across the board.

Don’t think we are not working on some of this in the background, but I am never in a million years gonna ask anyone to detail confidential discussions in public. We would never list anywhere like that.

We are working on it and we will do what we can with what we have. I will say again though and I cannot emphasise this enough, we are launching and we are focussed on that 100%. If any of the team deviate from that we fail.

So I completely understand your anxiety, but believe me we are close and none of this helps the team.

If folk don’t believe this is not being worked on I am sorry, but I am running this and if anyone else wants to and has the capability I am more that willing to let them. I can assure you it’s a job from hell though for me at times. I love the network, what it offers and knowing what it will do, but all this stuff is distracting.


We all love Safe’s ideas and that’s why we’re here. I have expressed my gratitude many times and let me do it again - thank you for everything you do David! :love:

I also want you to know that what we are discussing about tokens and exchanges is because, strange as it may sound, technology is the easiest thing to do. It depends on your work and the work of the team. What is not up to you or anyone else is whether this technology will be used.

To be used - money is an integral part of the technology. Without money there will be no Safe Network. It’s sad, but our world has not yet evolved to the level of people doing things without money, and Safe will certainly not be the first of this kind.

That’s why some of us try to point out that money is a vital part of the network’s existence, because even though the project is decentralized, you are the focus and it is important that you understand that money is an integral part of network success. Of course, everything in life is just probabilities and you may not have to do anything and the things sort out on theirs own…

Talk less focus on work… Give the new internet… We are with you don’t worry… :heart_eyes: need working products


This is the reason I support @Sotros25 effort. It’s not about chasing a dragon to me, it’s about people seeing the ticker MAID on an exchange and wondering what it is, seeing it perform well or climbing the ranks of CMC and looking into the project, or knowing the project and telling friends and an exchange where they can get in and be a part of it, to become invested and have skin in the game which often helps drive awareness.
People are driven by potential and one part of that is financial and it’s not inherently evil, otherwise the network wouldn’t even give rewards to farmers.
I don’t want to get in the way of development but man this is a bit like getting the wind knocked out of you.

Oh well, I guess. Hopefully this doesn’t sound too dramatic but someone build a damn DEX or online marketplace for launch cause we’re going to need to come out of launch swinging with this kind of set back.

I’m going to focus more on how I can help from an app angle. If I can do more then dammit I will. I hope others can too.

As much as I wish we could have both…
Keep trucking Maidsafe. The network comes first.


This cannot be emphasized enough. At this point it almost seems like negligence to suggest anyone acquire MAID.

I find the recently expressed sentiments quite disheartening and worrisome. I hope the effort to support the community’s desire to get MAID listed on more exchanges hasn’t been in vain.

No one is suggesting the devs stop developing. Their time isn’t really needed to get listed on exchanges. Some of David’s time would be—particularly if he doesn’t hire someone to manage the process. If it’s about taking time from actively managing the devs (who are all remote it seems), don’t the devs have Fridays off, thus opening up time?

Even then, investing the resources to get listed on one reputable exchange would be a sunk cost with scaling rewards. For example, once MaidSafe gets a legal opinion from a US lawyer specializing in crypto that MAID is not a security, that opinion could be leveraged to list on multiple exchanges. The hardest challenge will be getting listed on the first reputable exchange. After that, it will be come a more efficiently scalable and repeatable operation.

We can have both. I think we’re being presented with a false constraint. Why is it that if every other dApp platform, storage and web3 project in the top 200 can be listed on at least 30 exchanges on average, MaidSafe can only manage to be listed on 2? And at that, 2 of the worst exchanges out there. Something isn’t adding up here.

So far, over 600 people have taken the survey I fielded. The majority believe that token price and listing on a broad range of exchanges is either important or very important. Only 8% say price isn’t important. Less than 6% say listing on a broad range of exchanges isn’t important. 70% of people who took the survey identify as consumers—so this isn’t just about those who consider themselves traders/investors. For MaidSafe and the Safe Network to have relevance, getting listed on additional exchanges is imperative.

In terms of which exchanges, so far the most requested is Bitfinex. People also would be happy with Bitstamp, Binance, Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, Bittrex, KuCoin, and Huobi. Just listing on a few of these exchanges would greatly change the narrative and keep MAID relevant, rather than sailing out of the top 200.

Today we heard that the next release could be in 6 weeks or 6 months. I don’t think investing time to get listed on an exchange or two is what’s going to determine when the next release comes out, but it could give people hope in the meantime.


I realize Maidsafe has a legal fiduciary responsibility to their investors, first. It’s the same in the US. I would argue getting access to good exchanges is in the best interest of the investors.

If there is no exposure or access to MAID, the whole project is in danger regardless of how good the end product may be. It seems like Maidsafe is working under the “Field of Dreams” mantra. “If we build it, they will come.”

That’s the hope, but it leaves a lot up in the air. I realize Maidsafe wasted a lot of time and money on marketing when they weren’t ready over the past few years. If the story now is that we are a few weeks to a few months away from a near feature complete product (even if buggy), we are now behind the 8 ball in marketing. Now is the time to beat the drum for MAID and get it accessible. After all, doesn’t Maidsafe still hold a good deal of MAID for funding? It only helps the company to drive up the price.

Hopefully those US references and idioms translate, but I assume they can be understood in context.


Aye and keep it that way :slight_smile:


Folks I am astonished to be honest. Our priority is launch, that is it. We are doing work and negotiating with people to get listed. We have taken the communities work and are running with it.

Seriously confused here, do you want more, do we want instant list in top exchanges right now!! did I miss the batman light? Are you not entertained yet?

Do folk want us to ignore the community effort here?

Here we are being told listing helps the project (no shit Sherlock) and we are doing work there building on the community effort. That’s the deal in this project, we include everyone.

The effort of providing all the evidence and data as well as negotiating with each of these exchanges is being seriously undervalued.

I don’t get it, folks, I have missed this one, there are folk who are close to lecturing us on just how simple this all is, it’s almost nothing, all the works done.

We had people full time working to try and get listed on exchanges for over a year, we know how important and time consuming it is. (don’t expect these negotiations to be quick BTW our experience is many months)

To simplify this and say just hire folk to get listed and do it now is offensive and missing the mark by a long long way. We get approached by many folks per week, listing consultants! Folk are making careers out of this stuff. Plus the exchanges want a Director to negotiate with, we cannot hire a listing director off the street easily (see how silly this is getting)

I think people need to calm down to a frenzy at least. We are doing work, it’s company confidential (for the exchanges) and somebody needs to tell me what’s missing here.

Listing is not though and will not be our priority, launch is and I cannot repeat that enough.

I was working on a pretty important thing last evening and I need to get me head back into it again, hopefully, I can over the weekend, but this whole conversation feels wrong on so many levels. Full of misconceptions, accusations, lectures and mistrust. I don’t work in that area folk and we as a community are better than that.

For the avoidance of doubt, last year after a helluva kicking I spent the whole xmas and new year holidays (And more) working closely with @frabrunelle to get us on an exchange. We put up our own liquidity and more. 100% of focus during those holidays was an exchange listing. I think it should be very clear what we would give to list. Right when I for one needed a break to recharge it was all list and man the effort is not zero, even when the listing is green lighted by both parties.


I can imagine the stress and presure you must be under David.

I think the community has to take a step back and admit that our stress is way less of a burden, than the stress the Maidsafe team is experiencing.

Sotros is busy getting Maid listed on several exchanges while Maidsafe is very busy getting an amazing testnet ready.

I am sure that Maidsafe will commit to pay a reasonable fee to give Maidsafe the visibility it deserves adding a good exchange.

So lets relax and count our blessings.

All efforts will bear fruit soon.

PS also dont forget what Deus Nexus is doing for Maid to get us on DEXs by creating the bridge to ETH, i see bright lights everywhere :star_struck:


I read it differently. I think the next testnet will be ASAP and after that there is minimum of 6 weeks to beta.


You read it correctly :smiley: