MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Well that didn’t work out…

aww we lost our top 100 spot.

The MAID-USD looks actually very promising. Yes, the MAID-BTC pair looks weak but to me, this shows that most of the attention is currently vested in BTC. At the same time, MAID has consistently been increasing on USD value which shows that there is still a growing market share, although that growth is currently lesser than BTC.

Descending Megaphone pattern found. Also completed full corrective wave, now waiting to break above point D which will set a breakout into action.


Yep! Going past 35c, into 36c, could start a new uptrend, and will break the 29c to 34c cycle. The most recent crypto bump yesterday+today seems to have already done the latter.


Yes. Hopefully we’ll see MAID back in the top 100 again soon.


edit: anyone who has seen my previous calculations knows that I can’t do math. LoL

A little math for fun. :lol:

The 112 Club is a concept that a system in which users grow will have an impact on the price of MAID:

Current number of addresses holding MAID:
20k or 0.00025% of humanity

Users growth potential:
8000 million people / 0.02 million MAID holders = 400 000%

Price growth potential:

  • for fun let’s assume that the potential for price growth is 1/10 of that for users’s growth so only 40 000%
  • Current MAID price: 0.34$
    So 0.34 Current price * 40 000% Price growth potential = 136$ MAID

Price growth potential with millionaires included:


Some hour ago, somebody bought 66k MAID around 1205 sat and all the market depth under it. It means some real volume was traded around $0.49. Than price plumeted right back.


If USD136/maid I’m a very happy man. We’re kinda left behind right now. Hope maid catch up soon.


Someone buying MAID to help provide liquidity for the ERC20 Maid market?

Looking at the market, there isn’t much cheap Maid for sale.

Someone dropping 1 BTC will move the price up over 50% to 0.00001500


Maidsafecoin price will be 2$ soon…


Let’s be honest with each other. Most community members are already deeply in and not buying much, only holding. A lot of people wait for proof of the working product and until then they don’t recommend it to their friends and family so much.

Sure, anybody with deep pockets can double the price at a whim. But similarly, somebody with 3M MAID can sell 5% of their holdings, crush the price by 30% and start slowly buying there once again.

We are probably in hands of a few sleeping whales and 1, ore 2 actively watching whales. They can do with the price whatever they want. It will look the same until the community once again gains the trust and starts recommending and putting their hand into the fire.

Once we are there, the crush-the-price-and-start-buying-slowly-again strategy will stop working. Once we are there, your 2$ are very realistic.


Looks like someone did just that on Bittrex a couple of hours again. Massive spike, then drop to near where it was. Buy side looks much stronger now though.


I think thats not possible without a working product. Only my 2 cents

This is very true. I can’t recommend anyone I care about to buy at the moment still. It is still high risk until the new shared test net is available and we can witness it working.


btw, I say this as a long term supporter and HODLer. I am prepared to take the risk, but I understand what I have got myself into. I would expect anyone else to DYOR for this sort of investment.


Looks like ranging from 850 - 1000 sats again. Maybe we will see another breakout at 1000 should there be enough momentum.

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I think you’re right about most community members not recommending the project. I myself am still happily buying on a monthly basis, but when it comes to recommending to friends I’m still seeing this is a very high risk project. We don’t have a confirmed working product, our liquidity hangs in balance of 1 legit exchange, Bittrex.

If the time comes where MAID fails and goes to zero, I know I can live with myself. We all know what we’re getting ourselves into, we know the risk, and we accept it because we believe in what we’re doing, what we can become for humanity. But most guys are just looking to get rich quick and are not willing to hear about the risks.


2$ to 5$ is realistic and soon workings products or after beta version we can see vision of maidsafecoin so high we can see maidsafecoin in top 20 table easily and we can see we need safecoin and need more exchange after the network safe… We have to trust the Process :heart_eyes: we can’t list maidsafecoin on every exchanges because it is not easy to handle… When it will swiped… 1:1 … We will be in every websites just need promotion of safecoin after instant realise…

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We need community we can discussion about maidsafecoin in others forums …

I dunno how you define “get rich quick,” but most of us HODLers on here could easily argue the opposite. However, I do recognize your good point about a promising technology, at a dirt cheap price, with unlimited potential.