MaidSafeCoin listing request made to

New start-up exchange based in the UK. Haven’t done my due-diligence on them yet but signed up and filled in the “request a listing” form for MaidSafeCoin. A question on the form asks “How many BTC being offered?”, to which I answered, “0 BTC” of course. The rest is down to their business sense now :slight_smile:


A quick response from ListEX…

Hello Partner
you know that ListEX have launched exchange with Fiat and crypto currency?
we have volume of over 4,000,000 $ per day
We can list your coin with this pairs
0.30 BTC pair BTC
0.50 BTC for all pairs BTC/ETH/LTC/USD/EUR/GBP
let me know which one option you want

My reply…


MAID/BTC will suffice, further pairs would degrade order book liquidity. MaidSafeCoin uses the Omni Protocol which is sub protocol of BitcoinCore. As you have Bitcoin wallet integration already, Omni would be a simple addition for your development team (contact us at if you would like to outsource development). Incidentally USDT (Tether) also uses the OmniProtocol.

I would advise charging trading fees rather than having a free promotion as free exchanges tend to be downgraded by indices and aggregators such as CoinMarketCap due to the heightened potential for wash trading and spoofing.

Listing MaidSafeCoin would represent a reliable revenue stream for ListEx through trading fees, as can be seen from the long track record of liquidity via CoinMarketCap:

I encourage you to consider adding this tier 1 token to your platform.

Best regards,"


It’s hard promoting quality when cash flushed scams abound!

yes im happy of this one. But install and implement coin is a cost for us.
You can pay with your coins if you want we accept also MAID. But you understund us, cost server and developer

To which I replied…

That’s a shame you don’t have the resources to develop the exchange out more than the basics. The community is not generally willing to pay exchange listing fees, just like Bitcoin doesn’t.

I encourage you to research the volume and longevity of trading fee revenue Poloniex has generated for themselves from having MAID/BTC listed for years. The community is generally happy to continue using Polo’ but it would be healthy for the exchange sector to have more competition generated by sustainable revenues rather than listing fees which tend to incentivise the more centralised projects.

Best regards


Good initiative. I hope the exchange has a good reputation and treats customers fair, so it won’t be any future bad exposure for Maidsafecoin. If it is possible to reach new investors and open new doors then that is a good thing. From my perspective I think it is most wanted for MAID to reach new exchanges that opens up for currently unreached geographical areas or has a large trade volume as MAID has a relative large trade volume and is not a new coin that is in urgent need for exposure. But every new costumer that can be reached is a good thing as long as they are treated in a fair way, that the exchange is based in UK is good thing when it comes to regulation aspect that gives customer their security.