MaidSafeCoin is now available on the Ethereum blockchain, thanks to eMAID

Hmm, I directly quoted @Sotros25 in my reply and when I hover the mouse on it the link is identical to the one you posted, so that is confusing :slight_smile:
I copy-pasted yours and it still does not load for me. I tried in my standard Brave and its Private Tab with disabled Shield & add-ons, also vanilla Firefox & Private Tab, Mullvad Browser and mobile Brave. I do get the page title “Altcoinomy - Onboarding Platform” but then it spins to infinity :frowning:

Loads for me just now using Brave on Android so looks like an issue local to you.

Where is your IP located?

Thank you very much for double checking! My IP is in Prague/CZE, I am currently not behind a VPN or other obfuscation service.


Summary: This was not an issue with Altcoinomy’s page or their KYC/Onboarding.
Explanation: As soon as I tried with my VPN enabled or via the mobile provider on my phone, the page loaded just fine. I called the ISP, who found that my external aggregate IPv4 IP was on a couple of blacklists, they had it removed and now the Alcoinomy Onboarding page loads OK via my ISP as well.
Thank you @bones and @happybeing for your input and pointers!
I am now “Waiting for Altcoinomy review”. Cheers!


Keen to see the magic at work, anyone here who could set my expecttions as to how long the Altcoinomy Review takes? I’m pretty sure I completed the Onboarding in full yesterday and this is the current status since :slight_smile: Thanks!

During week days should be 1-2 days max, also depends on the amount and if you need to schedule a video call or not. Once they send you the burn address you can send omni maid to it from the personal wallet address that you provided earlier. Then submit the transaction id on the onboarding page and wait for email that says your mint is on-going (in gnosis queue).


Cool, thank you :slight_smile:

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I have been Onboarded :raised_hands:
But… I may have screwed up.
Am I obliged to contribute/send the exact amount of Omni MAID specified during the KYC? I sort of assumed the “maximum I would consider converting” and may not want to do it in one go :thinking:
I apologize for abusing this thread for personal support but I have not yet been allowed into the private Subreddit and am not inclined to using Telefram.
Thank you for your kind advice!


There is nothing wrong IMHO in protecting yourself and doing a small test transaction first.
However, the honesty/integrity of those behind this scheme seems to be 100% and I would do the lot in one go in this particular case.


I agree on the credibility of all parties, I was merely wondering whether there is a strict “tx-amount != kyc-amount” check that would invalidate the KYC process,or the amount specified during onboarding is the cummulative maximum I have been pre-approved for in this KYC interation :thinking:


mail them and ask

I found them to be friendly and very helpful. We should remember that this facility is being provided at below-cost and we should not abuse it with multiple small transactions - however, if you ask nicely, you may well find there is some flexibility.


There is no lowest amount, people in general test with 100 MAID. You can submit another onboarding after the test.

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I have exchanged a couple of emails with Altcoinomy Support and asked about the amounts specifically: they confirmed that one can send multiple smaller transactions up to the KYC total.

I had an issue with the first bulk transaction (low fee set in wallet), so I retried with smaller amounts and both transactions now have 100+ confirmations on the Bitcoin network.

I can see my interaction in the TX queue but it is waiting for an earlier TX that is 8+ days old and, like mine, also only has “1 of 2 confirmations”. I am a bit confused about what these confirmations are – could any of you shed some light please?


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Luckily that’s not a problem if you use omniwallet. The low fee is not used, it’s just floating in the mempool because your fee is too low, only after it gets accepted your tx is added to the blockchain and the fee is subtracted + tokens send.

You can make a new transaction with same token amount and put a higher fee, e.g. on you can see the average tx fee required to be included in the next block.
Let’s say you put 0.0001 BTC as tx fee, which is around $3 at time it should broadcast a new transaction which is prioritized in the mempool and get’s accepted. Your old transaction is no longer valid since your inputs are already spend and will eventually disappear from the mempool completely because node will drop it over some time if it’s not accepted.

With the 1 of 2 confirmations, are you regarding to the Gnosis Queue on the Ethereum network?


Yep, that’s exactly what happened. I went back to OmniWallet and sent a new transaction with a higer fee (3x too high “to be sure”, actually). It was mined within minutes, then the second one as well.

When I was investigating I got a bit worried, as the OmniWallet TX did not have the RBF flag set but then I noticed the tokens had not been subtracted from the total, so I was able to just send again with a manually adjusted fee. I initially set it too generously, as I was overthinking the math and doing estimates based on the number of inputs on the first one and comparing with fees past BTC blocks – yeah, that’s just me I guess :smiley:

And yes, 1of2 on the Gnosis contract :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your constructive feedback!


basic question if I want convert from maid to emaid, then I simply get random ETH adress (not token, but normal ETH adress) and this adress put to convert site? thx

next question pls, is ok to test convert 5maid to emaid and then bigger amount? thx

Normally a small test transaction is a perfectly valid and sensible course of action when doing anything new involving crypto.
In this case however, I would argue that the process is now robust and well-proven, otherwise we would have heard all about it, AND that there is a significant cost in time and fees to for each transaction, no matter the qty of MAID, which is NOT being passed on to us users due to the generosity of those who have set this up.
Therefore it would be the decent thing to try, wherever practicable, to limit the no of conversions.

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and my first question? thx

I have converted x amount but would like to convert more in the near term. How would i proceed?

I have already maxed out my supplied “Contribution amount” which equals my initial burn. Could i just send another amount of coins to the same burn address and push the notify button once more? Or do i need to make other arrangements?

Kyc is already completed and the additional coins i’d like to convert fall within the initial tier i choose.

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Don’t just send more funds to the burn address - start the process again as normal, but you won’t likely be required to do the KYC call because you’ve already done it.

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