Maidsafecoin , I don't understand?

I was reading on the website that I can get Safecoin by giving some CPU,Bandwidth,Space etc … but I can’t seem to find any information’s about how to get started and share my space to get coins ? and is there is any wallet please ?

According to , the coin have already decent value and IT means it got produced but I don’t understand how I start earning ? (without buying)

The network isn’t live yet, so we’re not able to farm (receiving Safecoin by giving some CPU,Bandwidth,Space) yet.

The Maidsafecoins you mention are temporary coins and can be exchanged on a 1:1 ratio for Safecoin when the network is live, more info on safecoin here:

So for now you can buy them and keep them at or by using a paper wallet, if you want to use a paper wallet and learn how to buy and store them check this video How to buy maidsafecoins using bitcoins on


Hello , thanks for your answer . I guess it make sense .
and when the network should be live ? is there is any date ? at least estimated date for the final release ?

and I was reading on the FAQ that the space is not like Dropbox which means , when you buy it , you buy it forever … if I wipe my PC , or my PC stop working etc … how the guy who payed for my PC will use “my space forever” if I wiped , or something happened to my PC etc … ? I don’t find this logic at all

No estimate for the official release, Maidsafe (the company that develops the network) tries to release upgrades or new features whenever those are ready.

If you provide resources you will never have one person’s files on you computer, it might be thousands of chunks from hundred different files (all the data will be cut in pieces and spread across the network) from hundred different uploaders. If you stop providing resources you’ll stop earning safecoin and the chunks will find new locations.

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Thanks for your answer once again , I guess it make even more sense :smiley:

Other then that , I’m wondering what the goverment/banks/ISPs will feel about this TRIO “Bitcoin + Maidsafe + OpenBazaar” , the ultimate Decentralization .


If you change Bitcoin to Safecoin, it will even make them more happy :smile:


I have another question and I’d appreciate if someone could answer me here .
when using SAFE NETWORK , are you going to be using normal browsers ? (Chrome , Firefox etc …) and is SAFE NETWORK better then Tor actually ?
and how MAIDSAFE companies from selling our data exactly ? because I don’t get that part either . If those companies get those data when we sign up or something , how SAFE NETWORK will prevent this

You will be able to use regular browsers and maybe someone will create a SAFE only browser :slight_smile: You can use regular browsers right now with the release from last week. Nobody can sell your data because only you know and can read the data you uploaded, Maidsafe won’t even know who the users are or how much data there is on the network.

When you search for ‘launcher’ you will see that apps can be designed in a way that the application makers wouldn’t have access to your credentials.

Search for the TOR vs SAFE Network on this forum please, not able to link you to the exact topics right now but there are multiple threads which discuss this.

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thanks :smile: once again !

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Just safecoin and safe exchange on safenet + mass adoption = ample disruption :wink:


Hi to all,
Maidsafecoin is valued at a price, than SafeCoin will be launched (will see when) and from what I’ve understood the parity will be 1:1. 1MaidSafeCoin - 1 SafeCoin

My question and what I don’t rely understand is this… and someone will probably willing to explain:
Now Maidsafecoin has a value on the market and when SafeCoin is launched then what will be it’s value?

Other question is … why don’t you keep the MaidsafeCoin witch is representing the real investment of the users in the real business and you create other coin named SafeCoin that is 0 value now and I think this will be launched at an undervalue of the people’s investment in the real MaidSafeCoin?(hope not undervalued)

Why don’t use MaidSafeCoin from start?
All I’m sayng is that the new coin SafeCoin will be a undervaluedCoin.

Could you explain this?

Also I can buy now SFE SafeCoin direcly from and the price is x1000 less. will Maidsafecoin be transformed in the same SFE SafeCoin that already is now ?

Thank you

Don’t buy. This is a scam.

As @ejinte says that so-called safecoin from C-CEX is not and cannot be the SAFECoin that doesn’t even exist at the moment. SAFECoin will be a coin that only exists on the SAFE network and not on any blockchain or omni-protocol as MAIDSAFECoin is.

The reason for not keeping both when SAFECoin goes live on the live SAFEnetwork (when they launch sometime in the future) is that the original crowdsale terms were that the MAIDSAFEcoin would be only a token and exchanged 1:1 for SAFEcoin

Now as to the value when exchanged that will actually be determined by market forces. It is expected that the value for both MAIDSAFEcoin and SAFEcoin will remain similar or the same until the full transfer occurs and there is no more MAIDSAFEcoin remaining.

But as now the value will fluctuate even before the exchange to SAFEcoin is complete, the value will be determined by the market place and all the factors involved in that including speculation.

@highlow This is an important part to know: When you exchange 1 MAID for 1 Safecoin, the MAID will be destroyed and the Safecoin will be created. In the end there will be no more MAID left (only if someone forgot to exchange it).

I think that it is plausible that at launch SAFE coin will trade at a slight discount to MAIDsafe coin, simply because there will be some learning curve required to do the conversion. Effectively, people may be willing to pay a small fee to have someone else do the conversion. I think it is also likely however that exchanges will provide some tools for doing the conversion, particularly if the price and volume begin to build. This would decrease any spread in value between the two coins.
People are unlikely to just hold on to the MAIDsafe coins because their utility with be very minimal when compared to SAFE coin. SAFE coin will have instant confidential transactions, in addition to the utility of serving as a payment method for storage on the SAFE network. As a store of speculative value, sure, MAIDsafe coins are equivalent to SAFE coins, but probably most will opt to exercise the greater utility of the SAFE coins.

thank you all for clarifying this aspect.
anyway the idea of having data in the “wold’s safeNet” and being backed up by a crypto coin that will be hunted from every part of the world is amassing. anyone can contribute with their computers and storage to earn coins.
I have already 2 computers that I’m not using them for games… for sure I’ll put them to work.

Not only storage, but you will be able to run services on the safe network and this part is also awesome. I’ve just run my first webpage on SafeNetwork.

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