MaidSafeCoin Holdings Survey

How much do you hold / have invested / believe.

  • 0-1k MSC
  • 1k-10k MSC
  • 10k-50k MSC
  • 50k-100k MSC
  • 100k-250k MSC
  • 250k-500k MSC
  • 500k-1M MSC
  • 1M+ MSC

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Where’s the options for not enough? :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know if anyone watches distribution slowly improving, but it’s been pretty steady for a long time.

If you keep an eye on this statistics page you can watch the number of wallets with 100k+ slowly falling. Each week it drops by 3 or 4, but this week it has fallen by 9 so far; we’re down to 481 wallet with >100k.

It’s a really good sign to see distribution improving and the coins becoming more widely disbursed. I like to check up on it every time I get annoyed at a price dump to remind myself that things are always improving and evolving in our fledgling market.

Just saw the drop from 490 last week and thought I’d share. :grin:

N.B. Of course, the reduction in big wallets might also be because so much has moved to polo recently too, but either way it’s all good for the push toward better distribution.


I split mine up with <100k across different btc addresses. Sorry to fuck with your metric :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Interesting. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this data, but if it’s valid, then there is a shocking inequality among the frequency distribution of bitcoin holders. The term “the 1%” has come to have all sorts of negative connotations. For bitcoin that’s anyone holding between 15 and 89 coins. So, far from living up to its promise of banking the unbanked and saving the poor, bitcoin, so far could be more accurately described as the currency with a Gini coefficient of close to 1.


Be interesting to see that graph for MAID. I wonder how skewed the graph for Bitcoin is because of very early miners who no longer have their keys.

If what @Jabba said about MAID distribution continues then that is very good news compared with Bitcoin. Yes @danski I realise the distribution is upset by split amounts, but really all that means there is a distribution but less and bigger players then the raw figures show.

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