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I felt we needed a place to help people looking to buy MaidSafeCoin and join our community.

I think crypto to crypto is best, and exchanges are hard and go down sometimes, give high fees ($200+!) etc, so a p2p option should exist on this forum.

It needs escrows though. So if any trusted community members want to provide this for a fee you decide, post below and I’ll add you to this OP. I did an escrow a few years ago. So far we have:

  • @WhiteOutMashups crypto escrow (2% fee, handle most any cryptos)
  • @Future is providing escrows also (same 2% fee, BTC, ETH, LTC --> MAID)
  • @beekeeper (2% under $5k worth, 1.5% for $5k+ mostly ETH --> MAID)
  • @Sascha (2% escrow fee)
  • @harvindar (free if he’s in a good mood :slight_smile: )
  • Add your names below! Long history helps

Let’s try this out. Good to give people options


I love the idea and would like to help.
However, could you please explain how does it work?


OK just name a price for your escrow service and I’ll add it to the OP

Then people can look at your profile, and judge if they’d like to message you for your escrow services

There might not be many people looking to do this, but at least we have a system available

2% is ok

What about using this post for escrows requests?

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ok I’ll add you.

And yes posting here is fine. Good to be as open as possible if people want to

You can write me down, 2% under 5k usd. 1.5% over 5k usd.


Great thanks gotcha.

And happy SAFE Network anniversary!

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Thanks :slight_smile: time’s moving quickly, here for 2 years now, many more to come hopefully!

Shame there’s still quite high network fees involved, so they’ll have to be passed on to the buyer?/seller? 50/50?

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Yeah will be passed on

Maybe an idea to have preferred cryptos for escrow? I for one would much rather deal with eth vs btc on the receiving end. Much quicker and cheaper for everyone.

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Yes and LTC too.
But how does escrow work (I mean fees etc…)?
Keep the example: I ask you Maid and i’ll give you LTC

More like; seller sends you maid, buyer sends you alts. When you have both you send maid to buyer and alt to seller. They would both have to agree on what alt /btc they want to use and what rate.


And who are the fees applied to? 2% to both buyer and seller?
And what about transactions’ costs?

A. and B. agree on 2k maid for 1 eth. You take 40 maid + 0.02 eth as a fee and send funds, all tx costs will be taken off the amount you send. So fees will be on buyer and seller side.


Thank you! :wink: (+20 char)

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Hey Will. This means helping people to buy for a small fee or selling our coins for a fee? I dont mind helping people buy. Often do it for free if they trust me with their money :joy:

@whiteoutmashups you rock!

Is it possible to wire transfer to buy MAIDSAFE using USD, Euro, or GBP?

I wouldn’t really ever accept that. Super risky

Maybe someone else here would

I see, thanks though.

Yea it’s been super difficult from where I stand to get into the crypto market. The fees are at 12-15%.

I’ve never done it before and I’m not sure how it works exactly, but I wouldn’t mind helping out. I guess a fee of 2% is reasonable, and I don’t see why I couldn’t handle most any crypto that’s not an obvious scam - i.e. nothing to do with “natural/alternative” medicine or pyramid schemes.