MaidSafeCoin and Trezor

I just moved some maids from an exchange to my trezor as I thought they would be better stored there, however I didnt realize that extracting the private key from my trezor address wont be easy.

I found this but seems a little complicated.

Would anyone have a tip on how to spend/transfer maidsafecoins stored on a trezor?

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I don’t have a Trezor though I do think I can ask someone nearby sometime soon about their experience :wink:

I’ve asked, and checked it out’; trezor is not functioning with maidsafecoins;

Though there are some hardware solutions I was introduced to, More on this is possible; though considering launch is imminent not sure how many of us will need a hardware solution for maidsafecoins… keep them on a paper!

This article states that it generates a seed which you can use to retrieve your private keys. Did your Trezor not come with instructions on how to do this? If you can get a hold of the private key of the address holding your MaidSafeCoins, you should be able to import them to a mastercoin-enabled wallet.

Yepp you definitely have the right idea here @eblanshey ; yet out of the box trezor is not set up to work with maidsafecoin;

If you can’t access the private key on the Trezor maybe you could do this:

  1. Install Electrum on an offline computer
  2. “Import” your Trezor wallet to Electrum by using the 12 word seed
  3. Get a hold of the specific private key(s) in the wallet which are associated with your MaidSafeCoin
  4. Use those to send the MSC
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Awesome, thanks so much

Attention, when you import the seed from your paper backup into any software, you are loosing the main advantage of TREZOR > offline level security. After loading your seed into Electrum, you should move all your coins to a new wallet on TREZOR, if you want to keep the original level of security.

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Extracting the Private Key from a TREZOR with a 70 $ Oscilloscope

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