MaidSafe YouTube FAQs


Anybody else miss and want to see more short videos of the MaidSafe team explaining the FAQs of the SAFE Network?

I know I sure do :smile:


Their not hard to find:


I think he was referring to wanting more videos… which is not a bad idea. A lot of those FAQs might even be outdated with the refactoring and switch to Rust.

I think the plan is to eventually have comprehensive videos that explain individual libraries which would be aimed at core developers but also obviously available to those with general interest.


This is exactly what I meant.


The ‘MaidSafe Technology Overview’ video could probably be redone as ‘SAFE Network Technology Overview’ in a way that allows for a variety of languages to be overlaid.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is already in planning.


It would be great to see more explanation videos with nice animation which would graphically show what is meant. Also it would be pleasantly to hear female voice again :blush:


Shona, are you ready for your next close-up, err voice-over? :heart_eyes: