Maidsafe wikipedia article should be edited (will be deleted if not)

I just saw this note at wikipedia … “The article may be deleted if this message remains in place for seven days, i.e., after 08:40, 22 September 2015 (UTC).” and thought it might be a good idea to mention it

sorry since i’m not a native speaker my english is too bad to really address this issue … but would be great if someone who is would edit the article …

I made some edits, will continue, but I don’t know if it’ll be enough to keep it alive.


I think technical details of the article should be greatly condensed. It’s hard to cite those with anything but the self-published works of MaidSafe and encyclopedias do not allow original research to be presented.

More info should be added according to what the press has published: … and, especially, cite articles from well-respected sources.

Probably someone with no involvement financially in MaidSafe should be doing edits. Otherwise it’s better to just make the case against deletion by bringing it up on the Talk page.

Really they are quite right… There is way to much content. If people want to know all the details they can go the the website – Really wikipedia wants a quick WhoWhatWhenWhereWhy synopsis…

And Until MaidSAFE is published it probably isn’t relevant enough to the public to look like anything but advertising copy.

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This is why I don’t hold much stock in wikipedia. They cut too much content. Who better to get information from than the content creators? What’s more important: Providing information or providing a quick synopsis? The phrase “too much content” doesn’t even make sense to me. If I go a collaborative encyclapedia I WANT content. I want to know what this thing is whatever it is. Yes you want to balance the scales and have opposing viewpoints as well but if none exist that’s really not possible.

MaidSafe (Massive Array of Internet Disks - Secure Access For Everyone) is an open-source program that enables a decentralized internet platform.

That’s not true. MaidSafe it’s the compagnie name. The SAFE Network (or SAFE Project) is the program. The arcticle should talk about the compagnie MaidSafe.

It seems that the creator of the wikipedia page was David himself :slight_smile: . ‘Back in the days’ the SAFE Network was also called Maidsafe.


hmhmmmm - that is true indeed - so wikipedia was right not liking the article - this article should be moved to “SAFE Network” and maidsafe should then only be a reference as outdated name of the safe network …

I will update the talk page to introduce the idea of changing the article title.


The page was created by someone from the community, not David or anyone from MaidSafe itself. Also, it was done before we settled the terminology.

But hasn’t maidsafe and the SAFE project grow significantly since it’s orginal inception? I mean we’ve got articles, podcasts and followers all over the world. And the network hasn’t even launched yet. What about all the SAFE pods, conventions and meetups? What about the interviews by third parties? Not all content is coming from Maidsafe. I mean if you want third party content look at how much maidsafecoin is selling for. That’s definitely objective evidence.

Ok my bad, read too fast that David Irvine was the original author (of Maidsafe), not the wikipedia page.

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No worries :wink: , unfortunately nobody from MaidSafe can get involved with the wikipedia entry as it’s against their rules. I did contact them a while back, although they were super nice they said it was too close and advised against it. I understand why, but sometimes it means there can be missing info, but then again gotta love wikipedia, I get a ton of info from it for sure.