Maidsafe Weekly Updates - Basic Statistics

One thing that sets the Maidsafe project apart from other crypto projects is the weekly update. The updates provide transparency, accountability and consistency from week to week, month to month, and year to year. For those that are investing, it bolsters the image of integrity and security of the Maidsafe project. Plus those people know where there money is going, and what is being done on their behalf. To provide some perspective, I have provided some statistics on Maidsafe’s weekly update. To do this, I went into the “Updates” folder, and counted every post with the word “update” and a specific date, as a weekly update. Here are some basic “update statistics.”

Number of weekly updates so far: 220
Date of first update: May 19th, 2014
Number of replies to first update: 1, and that person did NOT emphasize that they were the first to reply.
Longest break between updates: I didn’t see any update between September 8th, and November 17th, 2014. That’s a period of 70 days. Other than that, the longest breaks have been 21 days, each Christmas.

Total Number of replies: 9802, and counting
Replies per update: 44.55
Total Number of views: 833389 and counting
Views per update: 3788.13

Edit: Here are two more statistics:

Number of updates with no replies at all 4 Edit: Now 3
Last update with no replies For some reason, the update on March 9th, 2015 had no replies. I guess if you want to be first to reply to an update, you know what to do!


They missed an opportunity there then - they’d have been both the first and last :wink:


The first time “first” was used in the first post is on
Feb '15
from @Seneca :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Edit: However, we seem to have a successful time travel experience and now officially the first “first” is on 11th of August 2014 :stuck_out_tongue: