MaidSafe Weekly Infographics (by SAFE-FS)



Myself and my teams at have been making MaidSafe Weekly Update Infographics for over 3 years, to help visualize what happens with MaidSafe, and are finally making a dedicated thread to them.

Feel free to comment, as we are always open to ways to improve them!

Love to support the underlying platform for our SAFE-FS application & project. Thank you!

MaidSafe Asia Forums

January 26

Februrary 2

February 16

February 23

Sorry it’s been a while, just finished a move. Happy to be back with these!

Many updates of all sorts on the way, now that I’m settled :slight_smile: Glad to be back!


Looks like a week is missing, Feb 8 - Feb 16.

Will find it or create it ASAP :+1:


April 26 - May 2nd Infographic


Week up to May 3rd Infographic


I’m exploring some new design options with these. Let me know your guys’ thoughts.

SAFE-FS design team expanded again.

Fe 8th update and the other remainders coming soon


Februrary 8th - 15th Infographic

March 1st - 7th Infographic

March 15th - 21st Infographic

Design team expanded again. But I don’t like this style as much as the others.

Thoughts? Choose your favorites! Searching and exploring styles


I think these designs are more subtle, whereby the original styles were a bit ‘in yer face’ - these newer one are a bit easier to understand.


Hi Will,

I personally like this type of design, because the text under the picture is easy to read:


Nice @dimitar, will get one of the future ones maid like that :slight_smile:

Additional Infographics






Continue giving feedback! Happy with our new styles? I am :smiley:

Please help by posting on Reddit & all your social media!

(also being posted on MaidSafe Asia Intl forum here:


Nice designs Will, but the branding is off IMO - where is the SAFE Network? And the logo? I think Safecoin could also be a part of the overall branding.


Most Recent MaidSafe project infographics





Should be all caught up now, happy with the expanded design team.

Able to really stay on top of these


Translated Infographics



That’s just a preview. Full updates here with all images:

Expanded our capability to redesign these with many languages into the actual images themselves. Please help us share them on social media! Thank you

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Still no SAFE Network branding …


You could say this is for ‘Maidsafe Asia’. And it is Maidsafe doing the work, so “This Week In Maidsafe” is still valid.

But I agree the longer we keep calling the network Maidsafe the longer the confusion will continue. And if no change before launch then a lot of people will think they are two separate networks.


yeah, since I’m paying for these I guess I’ve decided to make this choice.

It just makes more sense to everyone I show it to.

SAFE might have more development teams creating it in 3-5 years or so, but for the long time before that, it’s still a MaidSafe project and that is how most people recognise it.

This will be my last reply to this type of point thanks

You’re welcome to fund your own marketing efforts as well please, anything to help the network take off


So much for the unified front. It is too bad some people just don’t understand the importance a brand plays in a products success. I believe the Safenet brand can survive these missteps by people funding there own sidehustles.



Catching up with these.

Most recent one :point_up_2:


thanks for the good work Will! :slight_smile: