MaidSafe Weekly Infographics (by SAFE-FS)



Myself and my teams at have been making MaidSafe Weekly Update Infographics for over 3 years, to help visualize what happens with MaidSafe, and are finally making a dedicated thread to them.

Feel free to comment, as we are always open to ways to improve them!

Love to support the underlying platform for our SAFE-FS application & project. Thank you!

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January 26

Februrary 2

February 16

February 23

Sorry it’s been a while, just finished a move. Happy to be back with these!

Many updates of all sorts on the way, now that I’m settled :slight_smile: Glad to be back!


Looks like a week is missing, Feb 8 - Feb 16.

Will find it or create it ASAP :+1:


April 26 - May 2nd Infographic


Week up to May 3rd Infographic


I’m exploring some new design options with these. Let me know your guys’ thoughts.

SAFE-FS design team expanded again.

Fe 8th update and the other remainders coming soon


Februrary 8th - 15th Infographic

March 1st - 7th Infographic

March 15th - 21st Infographic

Design team expanded again. But I don’t like this style as much as the others.

Thoughts? Choose your favorites! Searching and exploring styles


I think these designs are more subtle, whereby the original styles were a bit ‘in yer face’ - these newer one are a bit easier to understand.


Hi Will,

I personally like this type of design, because the text under the picture is easy to read:


Nice @dimitar, will get one of the future ones maid like that :slight_smile:

Additional Infographics






Continue giving feedback! Happy with our new styles? I am :smiley:

Please help by posting on Reddit & all your social media!

(also being posted on MaidSafe Asia Intl forum here:


Nice designs Will, but the branding is off IMO - where is the SAFE Network? And the logo? I think Safecoin could also be a part of the overall branding.


Most Recent MaidSafe project infographics





Should be all caught up now, happy with the expanded design team.

Able to really stay on top of these