Maidsafe vs. Blockstack

I often feel the need to apologise before I start writing because I’m nowhere near as technical as many of you, from what I’ve read!

OK, so, I like most of you can’t wait for the day of a decentralized internet. If the invasion of privacy wasn’t already enough of a problem, we’ve now entered this nightmare of censorship. Maidsafe is about freeing the internet not only from central control, but I would imagine from censorship too, which is a natural consequence somewhat of a centralized structure. (They who have power use it, basically!)

My question pertains to Blockstack - I’ve recently discovered this whole decentralized platform and I’ve noticed that it’s full of apps that can be accessed with a single ID…AND…I don’t need a cryptocurrency to be able to avail myself of its services.

I was wondering if Maidsafe is aiming to be what Blockstack is? I know there are going to be huge differences, like safecoin and contributing our hard drive space, but isn’t the essence the same? If so, Blockstack seems to have built everything since 2013, and Maidsafe is taking a lot longer. (That would be down to huge funding I guess - so has Blockstack been bought by vested interests?)

I am wondering if there is any worth to using Blockstack in the interim, because I am somewhat impatient when I open the news everyday and read about more censorship.

So there’s the topic. What do you all think of Blockstack? Any users here? What are the key differences with Maidsafe? What are the drawbacks of Blockstack over Maidsafe?

Would be great to hear some opinions, especially before I dive in and sign up for a Blockstack ID. But of course I’m waiting for Maidsafe and to put all my online presence there eventually!

Thanks everyone!


I have half-answered my own question by discovering what @happybeing wrote here

The suggestion is therefore that Blockstack might just be temporary in the end, @happybeing?

This was a great read, and I’d advise everybody to check it out!

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Incase you don’t see the topic @bochaco I’ve tagged you here - any thoughts? Thanks for answering me on the other thread too :slight_smile: